Alleged Drug Dealer Killed by Gunshot, 28 Bullets Precisely

Alleged Drug Dealer Killed by Gunshot, 28 Bullets Precisely

Run druggy, run! Man gets a 3 second head start and still manages to lose the race.

In Brazil, an alleged drug dealer sprints down a dark scary street. There is a man gunning for his death. The man with a cap gun sounding gun shoots him repeatedly, making his head twitch to the rhythm of the sick clicks.

The killer checks the man’s pockets, presumably to check his I.D. to inform his next of kin of his premeditated death.

How many bullets can one gun have, wow! I count 28!

The aftermath of shooting looks like melted cottage cheese.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for this very dashing video:

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90 thoughts on “Alleged Drug Dealer Killed by Gunshot, 28 Bullets Precisely”

      1. @seraphimserenata
        In Some Countries You can purchase some long ass clips like for an uzi type machine gun, that can have like 20, or so rounds. But in this case he must’ve had to clips with like 14 rounds each in them seeing that it looks or sounded, lol, like he emptied both on his squashed, and fucked-up Peter Pumpkin Head. *CAUSE HE MADE TOO MANY ENEMY’S LISTEN BELOW*

        1. I’m glad to hear that you are doing well brother, cause my thoughts are with you often my good T.O. Neighbor, and friend. As for myself in pain as Always/Usual but as you know Yourself, & well you learn to roll with the punches, sort of speak. thanks for asking bro.
          Take care my man. 🙂

          1. @Brokeback

            Sorry for the long write-up brother, but i miss talking to you, so i’m making it count, lol.

            You’re right brother, we do have-it incredibly good as opposed to yea,,, 🙁 But my quality of life since my Heart-Attack,,, and then my Accident is just to much to bare sometimes, especially on cold, and high humidity/Dampness days like we’ve had since November.

            And unfortunately that’s all that we seam to be having this winter,,, tons of snow, and bitter cold that keeps-on breaking records for lengths and duration’s of uncut cold spells. 🙁 And brother,,, it seams that as soon as we are done, cleaning-up the walkway, front, back porch & shoveling the darn driveway,,, BOOM!!! Another damn storm hits Again. And it’s playing catch-up time from one snow storm to the next and has been this way all winter so far.

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            So with our Newly, & Quickly acquired home in Kanata, We had so much to do Broke that it was truly crazy. So before i Had time to go up to the Camper/Property to pick-up & Reinstall the plow on one of our A.T.V,s For the winter which i usually do every middle to end of November every year in the garage at home, we got our first dumping of snow then, in late November.

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            So Next Year, (if i survive), lol, we’ll be ok. 🙂

  1. gun can have lots of bullets… extended magazine can help 😛

    i m still surprised by the sound… the guy scream like crazy at beginning in that little corner (no idea wtf he say)… but most of the shot that happen in an opened street sound like some pellets gun.. wtf. shots should reverb way more than the guy voice at the beginning, even more in an open area like this. (maybe he use a silencer, wich can explain the low sound coming out of the gun)

  2. What Caliber do you guys think that he was shooting???
    I Say That it was either A 222 Cal.,,, A 25 Cal.,,, Or A 32 Cal.,,, But Not Much Larger than that with that minimal kick that it had. But it was bigger Than A 22 Cal.,,, And Smaller Than A .38 Cal.,,, that i am Positive about. What Do You Guys Think 9mm. perhaps? ?

      1. Thanks for noting bro?? or thanks for nothing, lol?? and if so what do you mean, as my brain is not as quick as it use to be. It (my wit) what little i had before my heart-attack is a little slower at picking up shit, lol. 😉

        And if it’s really thanks for nothing then what did you want brother,, A Kiss Perhaps? lol, ?
        Bwa, ha, ha! 😉

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          1. @CasualObserver,
            That harsh reply of mine was my way of trying to be funny brother, and as you can tell Now,,, i suck at it. 😉 I Was just trying to make conversation,,, and again because like I Said (I Really Suck At It) it backfired on me Yet again.

            Maybe that’s why people don’t talk to me much anymore? I’m Trying To Keep-Up With All Of You Witty, Quick, & Funny Guys/Gals,,, But I’m Just and Old Man Trying to fit in with all of you Younger Smarter People.

            Oh no,,, not my room again??? ok,,, i’ll go as long as
            I Can i bring either the Chihuahua, or the cute little
            toothless dogie with me For company, or so i can
            play Catch with Him/Her Whatever?

  3. Yea, but just The Semi-Automatics The Old Style Guns Called “Revolvers” that i prefer over any semi’s because they are much heavier for the most part which makes them more stable when aiming far, and therefore much more accurate, especially if it’s Not A Snubbed-Nose. I Had A Colt 45,,, a 38 Special both with long barrels, and brother man were they ever accurate. I Could easily hit a tin can at 300 + feet with my 38 Special. It was an R.C.M.P. Service Revolver, and it was mint. My Father who was A Vanier Police Officer also had the Long nosed 38 Special Service Revolver which i truly believe was one of the best, and most accurate revolvers Smith & Wesson Ever made during that Era. Millions, and Millions of them were sold worldwide.

    Here is small historical write-up
    About The Legendary Smith & wesson 38 Special
    from RANGE 365

    Back in 1899, Smith & Wesson introduced the .38 Military & Police revolver, commonly called the .38 M&P. The revolver and cartridge were both new innovations of Smith & Wesson and immediately became one of the most-popular revolvers of the 20th century. Over six million have been manufactured, and they are still in production to this day.
    The .38 M&P was not only the most popular revolver of the last century, it was also the foundation for what would later become the .357 Magnum revolver in 1935. In 1940 the revolver in its Victory Model configuration saved Smith & Wesson from bankruptcy.

    The revolver and its cartridge, the venerable .38 Special, were designed to answer a need by the U.S. military for greater stopping power than the then-used .38 Long Colt. S&W set about designing a cartridge with a bullet that weighed 158 grains and had enough power to be 300 fps faster and deliver 100 foot pounds of energy more than the .38 Long Colt. The resulting cartridge, the .38 Special, is one of the most-popular revolver cartridges of all time.

    And here is the link to view this 38, the most accurate handgun that i ever shot, and i shot many for A Canadian Boy, cause i spent lots of time when younger in The N-Y State Area Purchasing lots of em at pawnshops. The very first time that i purchased one i was nervous cause he could tell from my accent that i was canadian. So i asked him what do i need to purchase this handgun, as i pulled my wallet out expecting him to ask for my F.A.C. (Firearms Acquisition Certification) which i had but it did not allow us Canadians to purchase handguns with it just Long Guns. So i ask him what do i need to purchase he says cash my friend, just cold, hard cash, lol. Well boy-O-Boy let me tell ya’s,,, lol, that was the start of a beautiful relationship that started in the Mid-Eighties right-up to 9/11 where everything changed and many pawn shops making the bulk of their cash selling over the counter handguns to many thousands of Canadians on a monthly basis mostly to bikers, & the like, that were easily brought-in back then through Indian/Native Reserves that were half on the Canadian Side, and half on the American side like in Cornwall for example.

    But i was never stupid enough, or Smart enough, i guess you can say, lol, cause of the amount of money that these Biker Types were making by smuggling them into Canada. But for one handgun it was a mandatory 10 years in the Pen, so Fuck That Noise, when i wanted to go have some good clean fun, i’d head-up stateside and shoot 2000 sometimes 3000 rounds of varying types of guns in a friends Uncles 350 Acre Farmland. Fuck those were the good old days, nobody shooting wjen drinking, always good safe times. 🙂 to bring any back to Canada. Fuck That as the penalties were too severe, they stayed at a friends house just outside Watertown N-Y and another buddy who lived 20 minutes outside Syracuse N-Y.

      1. Hey @Dildoe
        It’s funny you mention the Ruger , Because they are a beautiful pieces For-Sure my man, and very well built indeed. That’s why they were a little pricier than the Smith & Wesson i believe. And i say it’s funny because it sounds A lot like Luger/Ruger, lol, so it always remind of The WW#2 German Luger That i once Had/Owned. It was actually The 2nd. handgun that i ever owned, and my one and only Semi-Auto.

        Do you still own Revolvers/Handguns today brother??

          1. @dildoe
            You guys got it going-on over there man,,, You’s are so lucky to have that much more freedom than we do, Well except for Pot i guess! So you can just walk-out in Texas with your 45 strapped to your belt, as long as everybody can see it then it’s all good. Cool 🙂

            Yea, it’s a pain in the ass process to obtain your permit. But it’s every time that you want to take-it to a shooting range, you have to fill out paperwork, stating in detail where you are going to, and how long will you be, there, & so on then you must carry it (the paper) with you,,, yea,,, it’s not that hard to get it bro, it’s all the bullshit every single time that you want to take-it out that annoys Da-Fuck Outta you.

            So i have my license for my rifles, and shotguns, and all that jazz. So nope no more handguns, but i do miss shooting targets with em, man we had a blast (pun intended), lol . But when i was a young man, in the mid 80’s,,, i just crossed over to N-Y State and bought them at Pawn shops in Syracuse, and Watertown N-Y. Back then it was Zero Paperwork,,, well that not totally true it was paperwork but there called greenbacks, lol, and no questions asked. And everything was ok t’ill 9/11 then it was store closed.

          2. I have a niece that lives near Watertown, and my son is going to college in Buffalo, NY. If I ever get up that way I’ll give you a shout on BG. Maybe you could school me on the legal smoke situation in Canada. Cheers brother.
            Btw my address on BG is @fred1212

          3. @Dildoe
            Absolutely Brother.
            And because we reside just one hour away from the Ogdensburg border crossing, which is about 45 minutes from Watertown N-Y., if we include the 15 or so minutes sometimes required to get through the border (if Crossing on a summer weekend,) then it would only take a 2 hours drive max to get from Watertown to My House in Kanata.

            And because our youngest Son has finished University last June, and has got an apartment with his girlfriend, we have 3 extra furnished bedrooms for guests, and get together s. So You, and Yours would be welcome to come spend a weekend with my Wife, & I if you wish. As Brother Dre loves to BBQ Have a few drinks,,, blunts ,,, and just overall good laughs and good times.

            All you need to do is get to the border, and i would either meet you on the Canadian side, or give you incredibly simple directions, and an hour later Cathy and I Would Be Spoiling You Both would with great food,,, The Best hash, along with good hash making techniques.

            Also, i would take you’s on a couple tours of huge factories, and many stores where you can purchase the very best smoke as many hashes are now imported straight from Amsterdam, stuff like Afghani hash,,, Red-Lebanese (my all time favorite, and Green Moroccan,,, Yummy Brother! I Can guaranty you’s that we would have a great time. 🙂

          4. Gee that’s the kindest invite I can remember. I’m retired now and plan a trip to ny this summer. I would need a passport first, as I don’t own one.
            My other wish is to invite you to Corpus Christi Tx. And maybe show you some other sites, San Antonio, and Austin are fairly close. Corpus is in south Tx on the gulf. You may have heard of Padre Island, also Galveston, and the Johnson space center with rockets incl a entire Saturn V are on display.
            The law does frown on smoke, but it’s plentiful.
            If all Canucks are like you it sounds great. Let’s kick it around more over the next couple of months.
            Btw it’s been in the 70’s this week with sun. I don’t know the conversion, but any way you look at it, it’s perfect.
            As an aside, I’m sure Canadian BBQ is fantastic, but you haven’t lived until you’ve been to a Texas BBQ cook off, the term “fanatical” comes to mind to describe these events.
            Talk to later Mr. Dre
            Remember my BG address is:

          5. @fred1212

            I Keep forgetting about your username above,,, darn memory of mine. 🙁
            But yes, i have heard of all the towns and space centers in Texas. Although i have never been, i would love to visit this very beautiful, and Large State for sure. I Am happy that you’s are getting some nice weather at least somebody is, lol.

            Yea for us here in Ottawa it’s been nothing but a miserably cold Winter so far with below seasonal averages, and snow fall that has broken many records so far, and with 6 weeks left of Old Man Winter To Go, it could not pass quickly enough.

            But yes i have heard of Padre Island as it has beautiful beaches, and a Tropical feel to it am i right? Or am i mistaking-it for some other Island? As for The Texas BBQ I Can imagine as we went to one of our favorite restaurants last week called The Lone Star Texas Bar, and Grill, and had some of their meskite chicken fajita’s and ahhh brother it is heaven, as i love Texas BBQ Style Food Yum—my Big-Time!

            I Can imagine how much better it would be, and taste while eating it right there on a Beach/Cove-Side Restaurant With Jumbo Texas Gulf-Shrimp to go Along With-It.
            Ahhhh-Man,,, i gotta stop as my mouth is watering so bad, that i will have to settle for a crappy snack instead, lol. But yes,,, we should most-definitely talk about-it some more in a few months because i am also leaving on a trip this Summer for three weeks, or even maybe a full month to visit Mark in Europe.

            So Maybe In Late Summer Early Fall would work, as some of my breeds of plants will be ready for harvesting in Late August, Early September, so it would be a bonus for ya!
            Also i would have some nice Feminized B C Red Seeds for You to bring back home with you bro! 🙂

            Cheers For Now!

    1. Wow, hearing all this gun talk reminded me of when my dad would let me shoot from one of his 22 rifles when I was eleven years old. My dad had a decent gun collection. Once when my mom, sister, and I went to visit my grandparents my dad went out shooting. He had a 357 with I think there called hand loaded bullets. I forget. Anyway the backfire was so bad the back of the gun sliced open my dad’s forehead. I guess the bullet had more gunpowder in it. When we got home my dad just had this huge dressing he did himself on his head. I didn’t have too much sympathy for him as he was a real dick most of the time. Oh the memories.

      1. Good, and Bad Memories all bunched-up together eh my good brother? Yea,,, i hear you as my Dad was sometimes an ass himself also, and being that in those days messages, or thoughts were usually delivered in the form of kicks, or punches, it sucked to be born between The Late 40’s & the mid 70’s as the mindset was about the same for all Parents during that period.

        And because they were brought-up with kicks, & punches themselves,,, there was this sense of normalcy when dishing-out discipline to their own children. But that was only until “We” were smart enough to not repeat the same mistakes with our children That our Fathers Did. But now, i try to think of the good times we shared together even though they were few, and far between.

        I Love shooting guns at targets @Nic it is just a great sport if you are always super safe about-it, and keep your guns locked away from your kids, or even anybody for that matter when everybody is having a good time and the booze, and joints come-out.

        1. Yeah my dad kept almost all guns locked up. Once I was helping my mom told and put away laundry and found the 357 in one of my dad’s socks in his sock drawer! It was locked and loaded. The safety hopefully was on, didn’t know how to check. Was smart enough not to touch the gun.

  4. There are 2 different guns, the dumbass who wrote the title cannot even spot 2 different guys, the first guy with grey jacket shot 17 bullets, the second one with red jacket shot like 10 or 11 more bullets

  5. Echoing steps , dark alleys , mean street lights, shady corners …………. gentsmen the hunt has just begun and the one on the run seconds ahead of his killer has the distance between the two breathlessly squeeze .
    The former seems to have gone awry because he knows Death is trailing him red eyed , licking its lips wanting blood some how anyhow .
    And suddenly the minute stops and there is a volley of gun shots heard but the killer appears frenzied .The promise he made to Death seems fulfilled.
    Trigger happy silhouette will seek another hunt another
    night .
    A little away from the scene a bat just flew by while the crickets chirped happily as the whiff of the spent lead still hangs in the air

  6. ALLEGED. A key-word in ALL BESTGORE VIDEOS from world’s SHITTIEST places like latino countries, hindu diarrhea pound, and ofcourse middle-hellist.

    No proofs, no witnesses (except fake ones) no court process… Jesus Alla Buddha Christ…these fuckin BIPEDAL humanoids are still in ancient times. Not even medieval one but fuckin B.C times. This is flabbergasting.

    I would never, EVER set my foot on these savage lands. Alleged..fuck.
    We should STOP exporting EVERYTHING to these shitholes and stop IMPORTING EVERYTHING.
    Dont go there, stop tourism to these hellholes.

    Starve these zombies and then let’s take their land. So much land to explore and exploit. Oil, Ore, endless fields we can plant potatoes and corn to feed people and cannabis for bio fuel.

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