Brazilian Policeman Parks on Side of Highway and Dives Under Passing Truck

Brazilian Policeman Parks on Side of Highway and Dives Under Passing Truck

On January 26, 2017, a sergeant with the Brazilian Military Police parked his car on the side of the BR-060 highway in the direction of Brasília from Goiânia, and committed suicide by throwing himself under the wheels of a passing truck.

The truck driver tried to avoid the suicidal man, but there was only so much he could do given the size of his vehicle and other traffic on the road.

The sergeant’s suicide was a success, though it is not known at this time what drove him to taking his own life.

This section of the BR-060 highway is near Restaurante Comunitário de Samambaia Norte (the Community Restaurant of North Samambaia). Here’s the CCTV footage of his dive:

Aftermath filmed by passersby:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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103 thoughts on “Brazilian Policeman Parks on Side of Highway and Dives Under Passing Truck”

    1. Problem not solved but just got more complicated. Imagine being the truck driver that now will suffer from PTSD because of the ignorant PIG that didn’t have the balls to eat a bullet. What a dick.

    1. Brandi, hell yeah the police have guns, and why he chose not to that instead is mystery? It seems to me, it would take more nerve to jump in front of an 18 wheeler and run your ass over than just simply putting a bullet in your brain. He was clearly disturbed at that moment, until we get more background we can only speculate.

    2. @brand-wall Yeah , this guy willingly died like a bug .It is far less painfull than having your guts all over the road .And you look like an insect that has been stepped on and squashed after being run over by a truck , which is humiliating . I just don’t get people that commit suecide like this !

  1. before all the bullshit starts, I don’t condone suicide but at least he had the decency to not take anyone with him, he could of easily drove head first onto on coming traffic or shot a few people before turning the gun on himself

    1. This is not decency nor is it not involving anyone else. As a trucker myself, I promise you he ruined that drivers year. And shit, this is Brazil. They may have thrown him in jail for killing the cop, and we all know how that would’ve ended.

      I vote for pulling the service weapon and offing yourself like a man. Leave everyone else alone…

      1. Yeah I gotta feel for the driver. My father drives lorries himself, and his coworkers have quit in the past from hitting suicidal people or animals. I remember his mate had his arm removed after a gypsy horse and her baby ran into the road tryna to escape from the Romani gypsies that tied em up. It can be a rough job.

      1. Yeah I got a story about a driver that use the deliver furniture to Ethan allens storage warehouse. It wasn’t suicide it was more drunken idiot. The trucks use to drive across the country so they would arrive most of the time 10 hours before the warehouse opened to accept delivery. The driver parked out front on the road and put his hazards on. It was a quiet road mostly factories and sometimes cars racing through CAUSE cops were rare on this road. Well as he was parked a car w an idiot driver and beautiful young woman as the passanger were flying up the street at PROB 80 mph +. Truck was parked on the right side of the road and there’s a left lane that cars can pass. The car was on the same side as the truck and I’m only assuming he didn’t see the truck till the last second. At that speed he tried to cut the wheel to avoid the truck and hit the passenger side. Car went from 80 mph to a dead stop and cut the whole passenger side right from the bott of the windshield and yes decapitating the female it ejecting the drunk driver which they found a 100 yards ahead. Alive!! The driver got out to see why what happened. When he saw the headless girl he past out and had to be rushed to the hospital. He never returned to work and retired The victim was the daughter of a surgeon and when I pass there you always see a pic of her that was put up by her dad. The driver was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and did 5 years in a BEAUTIFUL NJ state facility. Wish he spent it in Brazil. Over state and cross country truck drivers def have scarring stories being they are always driving.

        1. Long time lurker here, just logged on to ask you a question.

          That story is eerily similar to the one that happened to someone I know. Happened in Middlesex on South Clinton Ave. – a road in an industrial area, frequented by racing and seldom a cop present. Is this the same event?

          Anyway, what’s up everyone? Glad to be here! Love the site V.

          As for fucking liberals, Muslim’s, anyone that likes Obama or HRottenClinton, pedophiles, rapists, BLM, Antifascist fags, nasty women(that don’t put out and like to march), Streisand, Madonna, Rosie O’D, Zionist pricks, pussy whipped bitches, government and religion in general. All above mentioned can go fuck themselves!


        2. @Kevin

          “…decapitating the female (and) ejecting the drunk driver which they found a 100 yards ahead. Alive!!”

          It’s disturbing how often the person who caused the accident and kills others manages to survive. I can’t imagine waking up to what must have been a horrible racket and jolt to stumble out of the truck’s cab bleary-eyed and see what happened. Also, so long as it’s not an off-topic rant, those of us who made it past the sixth grade don’t mind reading the occasional extra-long post.

      2. Yeah, that shit has definitely got to fuck up the people that are the unfortunate ones who are behind the wheel. 2 of my cousins have been train engineers for decades and they won’t even discuss the things that they have seen when the subject has been hinted. My aunt (the mother of the 2) did once tell me though that they have had the full experience though in their time: cars getting stuck on the tracks, loaded cars trying to “beat” the train, people including kids of all ages jumping in front of the train or standing/laying on the tracks etc. They both run on the fast tracks and unfortunately by the time they see any sort of an issue ahead on the tracks, the train just cannot make its complete stop in time.
        And these are Army and Navy vets who have served time in wars. You’d have to be a pretty cold person for something like that not to bother you. Choosing to go out that way most definitely has major impact on someone else.

        1. @kls

          “by the time they see any sort of an issue ahead on the tracks, the train just cannot make its complete stop”

          Remember, kids, ‘When in doubt, wait it out.’ because when a car battles a train the car NEVER wins. (Although it makes for a great BG post.)

    2. @B0R099 Decency?? Did you not notice the motorcyclist on the truck’s left side that was a couple of feet away from being wiped out? If the driver had lost control of the truck, the body count could have risen if he hit other vehicles. Not to say the affect on the driver of the truck. Not what I call decency.

  2. I always surmise those that choose a seemingly more than necessary painful suicide, are oftentimes punishing themselves for whatever they feel they deserve. Maybe those who have caused suffering and pain to others, are inflicting pain and suffering to themselves in death. Kinda like karma, balancing yin and yang, etc.

      1. It’s Brazil, there are so many options – bullet to the brain, jump from a height, dive into the Amazon, hang from a ceiling fan in your favela, get sent to prison (a one way trip for many). I guess that the easiest available method was to die beneath the wheels of truck.

        1. I was thinking of that too, capetown. Driving around he decided to end things, and when opportunity knocked he ran right thru. No second thoughts. Just pull on over, casually walk to edge of the road, and dive for it. He worked with what he had at the moment.

          Kinda curious since he’s quite resourceful, if he was in an airplane, with the same issues weighing heavily on his mind, would he casually step out in a freefall to his death?

          -I’ve always had recurring dreams that I could fly. Truly an amazing phenomenal feeling. I’m terrified of heights, and never been on a plane. Therefore, if I were to exit out, I think a freefall would be my choice. Kinda like an F you to my fears, and seeing, breathing, feeling all of the untainted beauty on Earth that would surround me in those last moments. Priceless.

    1. That is why I wish I could live like the Groundhog Day movie where Bill Murray’s character was stuck in a time loop and eventually killed himself numerous of times using different methods. I would jump from the tallest building I could find or burn myself alive all to see what it would be like. There’s so many options.

    2. @divineinsanity Well , you have a point right there when you think about it .He was tring to punish him self for something that he has done , or it was the easiest solution .I have also read a long time ago an article that some people have fetish fantasies of being run over by a vehicle . In eighter way I am always for less painfull ways to commit soucides 😀 ! And I would never kill my self unless I am uncurrebly ill or in pain or something like that 🙂 !

  3. He had enough of this life & all the bad in it! Being a cop in Brazil has got to be one of the worlds shittiest, and scary job with all the corruption, and every second guy being an armed Da-Silva.

  4. I have to give it to the readers on here. A good portion of the entertainment on this site is most certainly from the clever commenters on here. Kudos to you all! And I must agree, being a Brazilian cop has got to be one of the jobs I personally would most dread and I’m sure that they are WAY underpaid for the bullshit they have to deal with day in and day out. Poor fucker probably thought that this was his only way out.

    1. Yea one time at school, I got into a fight with some goth punk who grabbed a caterpillar off a tree and threw on the ground and crushed it with his foot. What pissed me off the most was when the fucker kept stomping on it and that’s when I got up and punched him a few times until the teachers broke it up.

  5. Any man in any country that drives a car that colour N€€DS some therapy…

    Stats that cops- military & civilian- have the highest rate of suicides among any profession are complete hogwash…. the % is altered askew by the MSM propaganda machine… never believe a newspaper…

  6. Os deuses do Olimpo me abandonaram…
    Não, não há esperança…

    Ao contrário dos criminosos, eu fico triste em ver um policial morrendo ou ainda mais tirando a própria vida. Mas as coisas aqui não estão fáceis mesmo, pelo menos para mim… 🙁

        1. Haha, fuckin hell, downers and ale, a heady mix indeed. On my part, chuck weed in with that and I’d fail,’cos I’d have a greeny on… puke my arse up !
          Similar to what I’d do, not that I plan to mind, but benzos on top of a dozen pints, followed by a walk/stumble into the reservoir, is probably the way I’d go.

  7. Fuckin pig! Its a good thing to..shit he had alotta balls to leap under a truck..shit theres a chance it coulda jus crippled him..he shoulda swallowed a bullet in his car like a normal suicidal person…but at least he commited to the act..i give it a 10 for style points!

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