British Citizen Commits “Suicide” in Pattaya, Thailand

British Citizen Commits Suicide in Pattaya, Thailand

Here we go again – yet another foreigner who commits “suicide” in Thailand. Golden Gate Bridge has nothing on Pattaya. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Man worked his whole life and now that he’s retired, he wants to live it so he does it by flying all the way to Thailand to kill himself. Right!

The victim was a British citizen by the name of Durell Timothy Bertram. He was 63 year old. He was thrown out of… I mean committed suicide by jumping from an apartment on the 9th floor at approximately 5.30 am on December 8, 2012. He lived in a condo in South Pattaya.

The victim landed in the only area around the apartment building that is not monitored by a CCTV camera. The police reportedly found suicide letters in his apartment. They were inside sealed envelopes – he must not have had time to mail them off. Apparently, according to the suicide letters, the reason why this 63 year old man who flew all the way to Thailand killed himself was stress in life.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “British Citizen Commits “Suicide” in Pattaya, Thailand”

    1. Some suiciders prefer to die in specific locales. They might say things like “hey, I feel like jumping into some Chinese traffic today” or “man, I can’t wait to have my bowels removed by one of those killer koalas indigenous to that one place in australia.”
      If I was going to kill myself I would want to do it far from my home. Maybe in a deep ocean trench, down in a bubble-submarine thing, then open the hatch and let the pressure and giant squids go to town on my meats and bones, squishing out what soul I have left into the dark, then floating around to be absorbed by a whale shark in need of a soul. Then I would become the first whale shark to do a backflip over a cruise ship. On fire. With a full-on whale boner. Or would it be hard whale dork? Or just hardened dork?

      1. As disgusted as I am with what happened to this poor man, your comment made me LOL, startling some noxious fumes outta the dog, and now I keep replaying this mental image of the man jumping with his fists aloft, with a human beat-box audience in the background, his belly flopping out of his shirt with every launch.
        Damn you! >:P
        God I need some sleep.

  1. Why should someone travels thousands of miles away from home just to go and commit suicide in that fucking country? If really he wanted to commit suicide he could have already done it in his country.

    THAILAND, INDONESIA or what ever they call their messed up countries sucks!

  2. This happens so often there are bets placed on foreigner oreinted Thai forums, which province or nationality are usually the what people bet against each other on.

    I live in Thailand for business and have yet to have any major issue with a Thai… I live in the heart of Bangkok which is a good deal safer than say Pattaya or Chiang Mai.

    My condo in BKK is on the 33rd floor :/ one day I may be a “a bangkok balcony flyer”

  3. He’s looks like he’s got all the true makings of a fat old perve. He was probably looking forward to a leisurely retirement, idling his days away having sex with underage boys. I can’t say I think the world is worse of with one less pead.

  4. Three types of Caucasian Men go to Thai Land:

    1 – The Caucasian Molesting Pedophile who likes little girls and/or boys.

    2 – The Caucasian Male so disillusioned with the destruction of the modern day Caucasian woman (Race-Mixing, Infidelity, Promiscuity, etc) they go-to Asia looking for love in all the wrong places (Avoid Thai’s and Malaysians (Muslims) 100%)

    3 – The Tourist with Friends/Family. Enjoying the sites/culture etc.

    I’m guessing this guy fit into either 1 or 2. I won’t speculate further on which one. Both would probably upset local Thai men.

  5. hope he got to bust one last nut before he died. it’s very important to die with your nads empty of DEMON SEED cuz the urge to skeet would cause you to return as one of them zombies. all you dudes could atest to how powerful the urge to skeet is. Thailand is world famous for it’s skeeting opportunities.

    1. Why can’t you buy both Thailand & Indonesia, & then convert them to the “real true religion”. They can make better states in your kingdom of WADIYA. lol

      Don’t forget to say your prayers. Allah Akbar….Alahhamudu bilai rasururai etcect

  6. Although Thailand’s people are violent and usually push off traveler’s death’s as suicides, England for whatever reason has a huge involvement with mental stability issues. So it’s reallyy questionable to me.

  7. 3-4 years ago I was hanging about in around the Jao Praya river in Bangkok, I noticed a rope dangling on the Ram8 bridge with something on the end. Didnt think too much about it. Turns out some Italian boy lover jumped off the bridge with a noose around his neck right in front of a couple of tourist. The noose decapitated him and his body fell into the river. The head was still on the noose holding on by a flap of skin.

    Turns out he lost all his money here, could have worked here since its so fucking easy to get any job certificate from the local peddler down at Kaosan street.

    It’s said he wrote something on the ledge with a liquid marker before he jumped. Went there to take a look myself, it said in English something like “I want to be like you, but I can never be”.

    Just thought I’d share my own tourist suicide story, lol

    1. Pattaya… Pattaya… where tourist love to go and commit suicide…

      Pattaya… Pattaya… whores will rip u off all ur money like the way they strip ur cloths…

      Pattaya… Pattaya… where all the scumbags are searching for lone tourist…

      Pattaya… Pattaya… “phooyin”(means woman) loves u for ur money…

      Pattaya… Pattaya…. a land of milking all ur money…

      Pattaya… Pattaya…is a burial place for all the thrill seeking tourists…

  8. Its now the 4th year anniversary of this 63 year young British national who soared 9 floors early 12/8/12 free falling from a life of friends & pleasure to a broken eternity of darkness.

    Gone and missed, but not forgotten.

  9. Its 6 years since sunlight turned to darkness, a eternal darkness for this handsome 63 year old Gay British National who had made the Asian Paradise called Pattaya home. While it took only seconds for final flight to end in death, he can rest in peace his memory is not forgotten.

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