Budd Dwyer Suicide Video Footage

Budd Dwyer Suicide - Death Picture

Budd Dwyer Suicide took place during press conference in front of many people and TV cameras. Not being able to handle his corruption and conviction charges, Budd Dwyer pulled out a .357 magnum hand gun from a paper bag, scaring present media representatives but asked them to calm down or else someone would get hurt. The rest went down very quickly. Budd Dwyer committed swift suicide by putting the loaded gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger immediately. The shot took his life as he slid down leaning against the wall, while the camera zooms in to capture the footage of loads of blood spewing out of his nose and mouth. Budd Dwyer death was recorded in real time and below is the original, uncut video footage of it.

R. Budd Dwyer was actually a successful politician. He was intelligent, started out as a school teacher who loved his wife and kids. The political career became his nightmare and eventually cost his life as he committed suicide on live TV.

As he speaks his last words before he shoots a bullet in his head, Budd Dwyer sounds like a man who simply got pushed on the edge, not quite like an emo kid who likes to cut, talks about death a lot and wants to die by committing suicide. Bud Dwyer wanted to live, but had no other choice but to take his own life.

The exact truth behind Budd Dwyer Suicide may never be known. He took it with him to his grave. He was obviously troubled, maybe confused, and hopeless. He worked hard to achieve something in politics and was about to lose it all due to accusations of corruption.

The bio of Robert “Budd” Dwyer is simple. He was born on November 21, 1939 and became a treasurer for the state of Pennsylvania. Televised press conference during which he committed suicide took place on January 22, 1987 at the state capitol in Harrisburg. Members of media gathered around expecting his to resign form office of treasurer, but instead they saw him put a revolver in his mouth and shoot himself to death.

To the last second of his life, Budd Dwyer claim to be innocent and an honest man. He was facing a up to 55 years in prison and an additional $300,000 fine as he was convicted of receiving kickbacks.

By killing himself before he was released from office, Budd Dwyer secured full survivor benefits for his family – over $1.28 million. Before he pulled the revolver form the envelope, he left his wife a suicide note.

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        1. Awesome! LOL Dude looks like he is melting. Like when Dorothy threw the water on the Wicked Witch. Too bad the dude was dead. It would have been great if he started to chant “I’m melting, melting”

          1. @DanielRay
            You wrote that comment on my birthday – July 26. This is kinda cool because I really like that name – Danielray…….might even call my son that when I have one. If I don’t have a son and only daughters, I will have to buy a dog to use the name.

      1. If there was only a number, one that is short and easy to remember that can contact all of those people by just calling one easy to remember number…. In my mind i picture a lady with big glasses like the secretary from the original ghostbusters, filing through a Rolodex looking for Dr Jones and Police officer James, finally the ambulance service phone number.

  1. How very sad. I feel very sorry for Mr Dwyer and his family. It was a terrible situation.
    On another note, it was almost fascinating to watch a suicide (as sick as that sounds), it never occured to me blood would come pouring out of someones nose like that.
    I think this video is both tragic and interesting.

  2. I’ve watched this sad video many,many times(Its almost like an addiction watching this) and each time I watch it, I find new things being said each time.(yes I know I’m weird. I was 11 when this happened, and I am now just finding this…

    1. Hahahha I thought I was the only one that had to watch the video over and over again… I had to and I don’t understand why but it’s like you can’t get enough! I had to pay attention to every detail (even when he pulled the trigger and his hair gets all messed up)… for me it’s like, the more tragic it is, the more interesting and addicting it becomes :p

  3. I’m glad Jenny said that it was “fascinating.” That was my exact sentiment. I knew the Filter song was about a politician, but I did not know who, nor did I have a strong desire to learn. I came across his name completely by accident. I like to WikiPedia a lot of stuff, and I was doing just that. I started off while watching an episode of the Simpsons and came across that. I was on Norm MacDonalds WikiPedia and his name was on Norm’s profile, so I started reading up on him. For a couple of days I decided not to watch the video, but it was eating at me and I had to watch it. I couldn’t describe the need to see it. What is it about a car wreck that makes us stop and stare? When watching NASCAR the most replays over and over again are of car crashes. Hockeys most shown replays are fights. Boxing and MMA is huge, as is wrestling to a lesser extent. Although choreographed, it is still violent nonetheless. We watch television shows and news reports with explicit violence, and on top of that we fork over our money to go to the movies to watch the same thing. It “entertains” us. Why is that? I hope I’m not coming off pompous, I watch the same gory shows and movies as anybody else, but what is it about violence that attracts and “entertains” us? I don’t understand why we are drawn to this. I am currently in school for journalism but I am now thinking about doubling up and studying psychology. Why is our brain, besides the overly simplistic human curiousity, drawn to this? As Jenny said, it is simply fascinating.

    1. because this is something that we dont see every day…it is not something that you or i would think of doing and the fact that it was not only done, but filmed is so outrageously interesting! for the majority, we do the same thing, day in and day out…wake up, go to school, work, or whatever, come home, eat, watch tv, do homework, go to bed…and this just puts a lil ding in our day! i dont look @ this every day, but i have to admit, it breaks up my day! as far as psychological goes …i truly beleive it all goes back to childhood,,,everyone was not raised the same..i had both parents and my father thought i was the bees knees, so i take no crap from nobody and i am not a woman that needs a man! but i have friends that didnt grow up like that and they are constantly doing stupid stuff to prove to the world that they matter! good luck journalist!

      1. You silly woman @scorpi71kab
        That is NOT what bud was talking about. What you explained there, did they not say exactly that in the intro? Jeeeezus. He is talking about shooting himself on live TV in front of journalists and work colleagues. That is an awful thing to do to your family. Sometimes I wonder how people like you manage to make it through life…….pppffftt

  4. OMG I watched this when I was 6 and it was haunting then and it is still haunting now I was at my aunts house after her mom Died and me and my cousins were watching tv when the Press conference came on there was no time to change the channel

    1. I understand how you feel. I watched a guy on a freeway blow his head off on the news when i was in the 2nd grade and its haunted me since and I am now in my mid twenties. It was like at the end of a police standoff or chase or something but i remember vividly his head flying back and all the blood pouring so quickly.

    1. His life would still have been a shambles. No benefits from his current job, no real chance of getting another similar position with the charges he had against him. He had a family to provide for, which is why he did what he did.

  5. I find interesting this video…
    I actually felt some of the sadness that man felt when he was about to kill himself.
    I guess some troubles just seem so pitch dark…
    I hope he’s on a better place.
    I find interesting, that it actually penetrated the respiratory canal, (The canal that conects nose and lungs) blood trhu nose is not common on this kind of suicides…

    May he rest in a better place.

    1. at the tax payers expense. his willingness to do such a thing proved he was that sort of shitbag all along, pertaining to the charges. you people deserve every fucking that you get. too stupid not to find a way to admire the type of person who fucks you in the ass every day. YAY! – thank you, sir, – may I have another?!

  6. yes….that was cool. who knows if the filter song is really about this event or cobain’s. the song’s lyrics make sense when placed in cobain’s situation, but not so much dwyer’s. whatever…still badass

  7. cant belivee some ppl enjoyed this…i do find it interesting but not in a good way, it was just interesting to see live footage of this and other stuff because the media sugarcoats stuff and this shows you what the world really is like…

  8. WOW! I never knew anything about this until I came across it on the net. I’ve been reading about the situation all night…quite interesting! Even more interesting is how Filters song is about Dwyer. Again….WOW

  9. Man….Call a doctor, and ambulance, and the police? I think they better call somebody with a mop! What a mess! I wish there was more of the video of the aftermath.

  10. that is the most shocking video ive ever seen.

    Its amazing the damage a bullet can do to the human body. The blood pouring outta budd’s nose is horrific!

    The guy above got it right – police fire and ambulance arent going to be much use, a janitor with a mop would be more appropriate! I know its not something to laugh about but you have to or this kind of thing would drive you mad… one minute hes there handing out notes… 1 second later hes in a bloody mess on the carpet with what looks like a hosepipe spraying blood outta his nose! christ!

  11. Apparently the shot ruptured his nasal cavity and thats why the blood came out his nose. The heart can go on beating for quite awhile, possibly because that part of the brain may not have been damaged. Also, the brain has a large amount of blood flowing through it because it is the most important organ in the body.

    1. Right about the nasal cavity, but the rhythm of the heart is an action independant of the brain. The brain only regulates the heart rate, but the hearts rhythm is due to its sinoatrial node and is totally automatic, i.e, it keeps beating even after being completely separated from the nervous system and though it needs plenty of oxygen, it can keep beating for several minutes w/o breathing.

  12. alright so. The first time i actually heard about this guy I was looking at the “Chris Benoit Double Murder Suicide” case on Wikipedia. Then i went to see a list of people who comitted Suicide, wich surprisingly was alot, A Few was Seppuku. anyway, I found him and idk why but i clicked him and went to youtube with it since i read it was on “National TV” he had 55 years in jail and a $300,000 bail For something he didnt do apparently, as he claimed. The letter for his wife was A Suicide Note(Wich I want to read ever so badly). Well, Thats all i know right now. Might make a school report on it. haha. It’ll be a good one since i already know so much from one youtube video.

  13. OH and just another thing..Yeah, whats a ambulance,a fire dude,and a policeman gonna do? Get a boddy bag, drag his ass to the nerist cemetary, dig a ditch, and throw him in it, then burry him, Put a big rock and spray paint on it “Robert “Budd” Dwyer; Killed Him Self On National TV and scared hundres of tiny possible children who were watching it” haha….yeah death isnt really a big deal for me, especally suicide, I’ll joke about it for months, no, years.

  14. What a hoax! This thing was all staged and the audience was in on it. As Treasurer, Bud had access to the funds to stage this whole thing. He’s probably drinking Mai Tais on some beach somewhere. Give it up, Bud, you big bullshitter you!

  15. “Please leave the room if this may offend you.” “This will hurt someone.” The man acted professionally until the very end.

    Normally in these situations, the suicial person would be shouting and cussing people out before pulling the trigger.

  16. wadddupppp lol i luv the guy in the backfround whos lik e’oh shit’ ‘oh fuck’ ‘oh no he pulled the triger’ its fuckin funny why did this guy even kill himself hess gt a family and kidss.wtta dikfacee. he couldve had sex with his wife that niight or hooked up with a 13 yr old asian prostotute.

  17. I remember hearing about this when it happenned.
    I must’ve been about 20 or so and in college at the time.
    You can see that the guy is still alive for a short time
    after he collapses and falls to the floor.
    If you look closely you can see his eyes looking about
    as if he is trying to assess his surroundings.
    Then his shoulders sink down and he slumps over —
    finally dead at last.
    I always thought you die instantly from a head shot
    like that.
    Whew, what a way to check out.
    And on national tv yet.

  18. Disturbing, i think thats the word that best suits the lack of personal emotion here. I watch it but its almost as though its just a movie and not a shot of a real person dying. I wonder how many of us are so desensitized by modern entertainment that we watch this and fail to see the human connection. I cannt seem to wrap my mind around the concept. I do feel for the family and their loss, but i can see also how a man could feel the need to go so far as to protect his family when no other options seem apparent. I think he planned it to the end, though why he chose a televised ending is beyond me. It would seem he had a message to pass on before he went, but in an excited state just before the trigger, i think he did it just so he wouldnt change his mind or be stopped by anyone else. So the last thought is lost on the lips of the dead.

  19. Headshots bleed alot. The surrounding people were fortunate the bullet didn’t blow out an exit wound, thus blowing out a portion of skull and generally brain matter also. It does look like there was some damage to the top of his head, but it could have been much worse. None of us is sick for looking at this sort of thing – it is human nature to look at a ‘train wreck’. Sick would be becoming sexually aroused by it. It was his choice, but it is still very unfortunate.

  20. Happened a year before I was born. I find it very interesting and everything that came about because of it. The blood… it’s definitely shocking, but at the same time, he just blasted a hole in his head. :/ Very tragic ending.

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