Raining Bitches in Jerusalem on CCTV

Raining Bitches in Jerusalem on CCTV

Raining Bitches in Jerusalem on CCTV

On CCTV, it’s raining bitches in (Jews-Rule-All-Them) Jerusalem, Israel. Look closely, you’ll see both shoes pop off the suicider’s feet.

Instant shock or pre-dead, the stiffness of the kitchen deserter long hair accompanies the long fall outside a parking garage.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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54 thoughts on “Raining Bitches in Jerusalem on CCTV”

    1. HaHa @hopingfornemesis… We do know how being owner of a only lonely heart hurts ………
      This only lonely heart owner kept failing every night to wrap herself in long sheets of white satin
      humming along cryingly ……………..
      “Handsomeness I’d always missed
      With these eyes before,
      Just what the truth was
      I couldn’t say anymore.
      ‘Cause I’d loved you,
      Yes, I’d loved you,
      Oh, how, I’d loved you.
      Gazed at those people,
      Some hand in hand,
      Just what I was going thru
      They couldn’t understand.
      Some tried to tell me
      Thoughts, they couldn’t defend,

      Just what you want to be
      You will be in the end,

      And I’d loved you,
      Yes, I’d loved you,
      Oh, how, I’d loved you.
      Oh, how, I’d loved you.

      Tried tampering Nights in White Satin (The Night)
      The Moody Blues

        1. just @blucon ‘s style of commenting, thats what you “..just read,..”
          The guy is a bit wacky, yet never abusive, and defo always upbeat. A long time member with the corresponding respect.
          If you dont like “What the fuck * I just read”, then dont read his comments?
          Optimist aint your thing anyway….. you never stop telling us all do you?

          1. Hey there bud @karmen40 ..how do ya do ? ,
            Its been a long while & at times it appears ya’re gone AWOL ….as much of ya is neither seen here nor there . I hope all is well with ya and your folks .
            By the way what’s up man and what keeps ya so caught up that you hardly have time for your chums around here .
            Spare a little of your precious time cause its always fun having ya here.
            Be seeing ya .

    1. thanks. my bad playa “Jew Suicide Jumper Falls To Death” that’s what I initially meant to say… Her hair is as stiff as her body..after falling to death.. a long fall..hair is long..can’t tell if dead or shocked.. BTW Usually, am all disoriented before and after quickies.

    1. It wasn’t the fall, it was the sudden stop at the bottom.
      Man .. Concrete doesn’t budge an inch.
      It just uses human body as a sandwich spread of some kind..
      Oh well, at least now she doesn’t have to attend Sin-o-gogue and do Kosha shit!!..

        1. @hopingfornemesis
          Yer know, if i described the content to you…. it wouldnt sound scary at all. But i suppose we all have a different lifetime – containing regrets, mistakes, longings, etc that distort, and manifest as nightmares yes.
          But the more disturbing/annoying/frightening dreams are not actually nightmares at all… I dream frequently about my younger days, good times i had, people i once knew and wish i still did… so vivid that i am there – totally not aware it is a dream…
          …. then to wake up as a 48 year old man with most of my life behind me – completely aware that the good times i recalled in my dream will never be matched – and its like a huge sickly kick in the guts, and that intense feeling lasts for a hour or so… or until i manage to distract my thoughts away from it.
          YES, im gonna wake up being my age EVERY day – but the preceding dream makes it much more of a sickly deppressing shock.

    1. I remember being told that as a kid about jumpers…. dead before they hit terra. Heart attack, shock, holding of breath were some of the reasons i was told [as a kid]
      Cant say i have researched it as an adult.

  1. Good, another dead jew means the world is now a slightly better place. This jewess cannot go around seducing powerful people and marrying herself into power so that her people can sneak in. I hate when I end up getting messages from a chick on tinder and I get excited and I find out shes a jew, I un-match that immediately. These annoying jew whores are everywhere, there is literally no escape from them in America.

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