CCTV – Suicide Action and Aftermath

CCTV - Suicide Action and Aftermath

Not sure of location.

There is a dog closely behind a man bound and determined to die, no pussy footing about it. CCTV captures the moment suicidal man quits being a pussy and takes a leap under a bus tire. Bloody goo leaks out of his mind, as seen on the pictures below.

Props to Best Gore member @perfectlycylindricalturd for the video:

Pics of Aftermath:

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    1. very true. i think about suicide a lot, but i would never do something like that, because of the fear of failing and staying alive. knowing how tough i am, i’d never try anything related to vehicles or jumping off something. i’ve seen too many who fail in worst possible way. there are lot worse things than death and i’d like to avoid all of them.

  1. Aww ! must say ; he timed it really well . seconds before he was walking right in to it and a split second later he went right
    underneath bidding his woe laden goodbyes . I wonder if the canine that followed him was his master but it clearly was in no mood to mimic any of that action .

  2. Not a suicide! This is a new trend in Europe called Street Surfing. The objective is to find the largest vehicle that will give you the longest ride down the street. This bus was small fry as far as the large tourist coaches go.
    I’d give him 5/10 for approach,
    6/10 for the stop and glide motion
    and 8/10 for the lovely artistic pattern left on the asphalt.
    Overall score of 6/10 Needs improvement.

  3. I get up, and nothin’ gets me down
    You got it tough, I’ve seen the toughest around
    And I know, baby, just how you feel
    You got to roll with the punches and get to what’s real
    Ah, can’t you see me standin’ here
    I got my back against the record machine
    I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen
    Ah, can’t you see what I mean?
    Ah, might as well jump
    Might as well jump
    Go ahead an’ jump ,jump
    Go ahead and jump

  4. *Lame bus joke time*

    Ten Catholic priests all die in a bus accident. When they arrive at the pearly gates, St. Peter acknowledges them. He sees that they’re all priests and immediately says “If any of you are paedophiles, there’s no point waiting here. You might as well fuck off straight to hell right now!” Nine of the priests turn around and begin to walk away. St. Peter calls after them, “AND TAKE THE DEAF BASTARD WITH YOU TOO!”

  5. Poor dog. Was all happy, with his tail up, on a walk with his owner one minute, and the next his head is smashed on the ground. What a shitball. Could have at least had a friend watch his dog when he did the deed.

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