CCTV – Worker Jumps into Steel Furnace in India

CCTV - Suicide by Jumping into Steel Furnace in Turkey, West Asia

Have you folks heard about the best new self death? It is instant with death – totally pain-free!

Captured on CCTV in India, a steel mill worker is feeling the heat and decides to jump in to cool down. Should have tested the molten steel first by dipping his foot in, inch by inch.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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82 thoughts on “CCTV – Worker Jumps into Steel Furnace in India”

          1. @Seraphimserenata
            Just playing with you my B G Bro! 🙂
            Lol, Old Classic (like me,,, The Old Part, That Is), lol. 😉
            But This Movie *The Exorcist* Is A Great Flic Brother If You Never Saw-It! 🙂

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  1. Looks like some bad effects off ‘Forbidden Planet’ or some ‘Lost in Space’ shit.
    Fuck the Turk.
    Moslem cunt!
    Just hope Allah approves of suicide of the discusting sand nigger race, or he’s fucked!
    He may get 72 ringworms instead of virgins.
    What if God can’t spell and he gets 72 Virgils, from the fuckin’ Thunderbirds!!
    (Mind if I rape you in the ass, mi’ Lady?….)

  2. wtf ?
    what the fuck is this explosion ?

    i saw video of guys jumping in volcano lava and they took instantly fire and all… but what the fuck ?
    why is steel make such a huge explosion like this ? O_o

        1. would have shared the video. it was on another website, but i cant remember the name of the website (not even if that website still exist).

          you see the lava and its filmed by some others peoples ( dont know exact location, but its touristic place or similar) , and one of the person climb up the fences and go in and jump into the lava ( down, the peoples path is more high and far from the pit itself), its filmed but i remember just seeing the body of the guy litteraly took fire at contact before he completly dissapear on the lava (with a small “blup!” jump of the lava), the body stayed on the lava surface for a few seconde before drowing in it. if i remember good, they were no sound on the video and it was very amateur.

          sadly my memory can’t remember at all :/ it was years ago.

    1. Just a somewhat educated guess, but the man’s body is is mostly moisture so it could be like tossing water onto a flaming pan of hot oil. Also, they get that molten steel to a high level of purity so his carcass could have introduced contaminants too that would cause that. I’d go with the moisture in the body causing it though.

      Come to think of it, I know I guy I still see once in a while who owned a small foundry I can ask him and come back with a full report on your desk asap.

  3. This is just copied from Alien 3. The lead smelter on the gay prison planet. Though I suppose this stupid fuck might have thought the authorities may try to resurrect him from tattered strands of DNA splashed onto the ceiling etc. Like happened to Ripley in Alien Resurrection.
    Oh yeah… those were films.

    What the fuck was this guy thinking?

    I hope he rolled himself in a suitably spicy tempura batter first.

      1. Aliens in the best in the series in my humble opinion. All of them are brilliant… but the extended cut of Aliens with the additional 40 minutes is simply marvellous. I remember showing it to my wonderful son when he was 9 years old. We both sat silent and riveted for the entire couple of hours. I think we really bonded as father and son over that movie.

        Aliens – watch it with your children and watch them appreciate having parents afterwards. For the next few years, even giving my son a Mars Bar was responded to in way like you’d think I’d given him a bar of Gold. The power of cinema.

        But the guy in the video wont ever give his kid another Mars Bar ever. Probably a pity.

  4. Gotta have some brass balls to do that. Whew. I think I would choose a much less painful death than that. Even though he had fire suit on, that would have protected him for just long enough to feel the pain before his blood would boil instantly and blow up due to pressure build up inside the body. The suit probably made things worse for him.
    You can see him explode at the end. That big fireball is his body exploding and the pieces instantly consumed by thousands of degrees. His soul rising quickly to the heavens he leaves the earth with a bang, not a wimper.

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