CCTV – Happy Man Jumps into Steel Furnace in India

CCTV - Suicider Jumps into Steel Furnace in India, South Asia

Have you folks heard about the best new self death? It is instant with death – totally pain-free!

In India, captured on CCTV at a work place with steel furnaces laying about, one worker decides to jump-right-the-fuck-in. Takes a happily gracious last bow before jumping up and then down, straight into the hot-as-fuck-furnance.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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      1. He was so fat he exploded like throwing water on hot oil. Do you guys think that he suffered one bit??? or do you think that it happened so quick that the body had no time to react???

        1. Good question… I wondered the same thing. Hopefully it was quick. I wish a quick death for anyone who decides to leave this planet by suicide. This planet is shit… A very, very corrupt planet. We don’t deserve to be here. Us humans deserve much more than this shit planet… The only way I’d wish someone to suffer is if they’re Jewish or some alien that a Jew works for, or if someone is an extreme degenerate (mass murderer / serial killer for example). Rest in peace dude… What ever the guy’s name was from India…

          1. @illegalsmile55
            So what was the user name before it became “guest” ?
            I’ve seen this before, but their names just white out, plus there’s no option to delete your own account anymore, so it’s definitely a mystery.

          2. You are right Seraph! BG is like Hotel California. Once in you are in you never come out but i guess Rednekistani decided to meet his maker by sacrificing himself to his name
            @quetzalcoatle ?

            Isn’t he one of those bloodthirsty heart- ripping Aztec gods? He should also be made honourary god for our “moderate”al qaida remarketted as al nusra headchopping allies in Syria. They eat live human hearts too don’t they?Wait! Didn’t we go to war against them in Iraq and Afghanland when Osama Bin Laden was the boss?

            I guess a dogwash /shampoo and polished PR -run name- change was all that was needed to make those leopards change their spots, hah?

            I feel so safe and happy now they act in our names.


          3. @seraphim-serenata
            Oh, got it lol. When she said “our glorious leader”, I kept thinking she was talking about Mark.
            Yes, always familiar with those long user names,
            that one you mentioned, that long ass one that ends with “not that it matters” and the other one that ends with “fuck the stab wound hole” 😆

        1. Yeah, any registered member can make a GDPR request for the removal of their data, even if they are not a EU subject. The forms for it can be accessed following the “Privacy” links in the menu. If a request is made and is confirmed via the email verification link, the removal is executed. Identifiers, including the username and the link to their profile are removed and are replaced with a generic one, but the content of their comments, which are not considered personally identifiable information, remain. How long the user has been a member or many comments they have made makes no difference. When a legitimate request for removal is made and confirmed, it is promptly executed and is irreversible. The person becomes BG history forever. It is executed upon requests and any registered member can make that request. It is their sole decision. We just execute upon confirmed requests.

    1. are you fucking stupid? you realize that if you jump in a volcano, the smoke will kill you first, and your body will not sink into the lava, you’ll hit it with great force and all your bones will shatter. also, no one would see you die either, there’s way too much smoke. why not bring a bomb into the white house next to trump? id legit pay to watch that happen

      1. What if:
        -This was an arguing about who is sissy or brave to jump in. They told him that he is chicken and he was full of their of BS.
        Once for all he will prove that he has big balls. “Look!” -Splash!!!
        They later told police that they(him included) didn’t think about death at the moment!

        Sounds incredible but who knows?

      1. Aaah yes, but how do you KNOW – about all this ‘light’ shit – until you’ve done it (died) yourself, you never know what happens, Poonta!
        I’m convinced that you go nowhere, and that fuck-all happens..
        But can I be sure?…….

        1. You can’t.
          There are serial witness testimony’s about life after dead and what’s going on “up there”(not a single soul wan’t to go down, all rising towards light after their bodies ends) ‚on the road to salvation.
          Here is what i found on English, find the time, it may be very useful.

          One testimony of what one person hear after she strongly prayed to find out what happened with soul from dead one sister in monastery(st. Theodore). After a while, she came in vision, told her what happens after life.

          *I know that this sounds bigotry to you, just stay with me.

          If soul is just purely evil, it goes straight to hell. If soul is saint one-to Heaven. If good deeds are mixed with bad but not mortal sins like killings or things like that, Soul goes to Aerial Toll Houses to be decided what will be with it.
          Here is testimony:

  1. Both of these ASSHOLES , the Turk and the Indian , had messaged each other about innumerable benefits of taking a holy dip in a steel furnace .attaining NIRVANA and living life thereafter like “STEEL BODIED SOULS”

  2. I imagine itd be tempting to do, working next to a giant furnace in the ground all day every day. Of course im sure its not always open but the thought has probably entered all the workers minds one time or another.

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