Man Places Half Torso Over Platform Edge, Speeding Train Claims Two Soles, Najafgarh, India

Man Places Neck on Tracks, Speeding Train Claims Two Soles, Najafgarh, India

Man Places Neck on Tracks, Speeding Train Claims Two Soles, Najafgarh, India

A shocking video of the Tagore Garden metro station suicide incident here has emerged on the social media, in which a man is seeing killing himself by leaning over the tracks and allowing a speeding train to crush his skull.

The deceased, Rahul (27), a resident of Najafgarh (Najafgarh is a town in the South West Delhi district in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, India), is seen committing the act in the video that appears to be CCTV footage. Police have confirmed that the video is of the incident, which happened at around 11 pm on August 16 on Delhi Metro’s Blue Line.

The man in the video is seen wearing a yellow t-shirt and a pair of denim trousers and loitering in one corner of the platform.

As soon as the train approaches, he throws himself over the platform, spreading his arms and head over the tracks, before being run over.

Props to Best Gore member @kastrojaxx for back-info and the video:


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    1. I think that 80s breakdancers called it “the windmill”
      This guy was pretty good at it. But he should have been wearing a pair of vintage pumas, rather than flip-flops.
      But this is Bestgore, after all?

    1. Could you please elaborate on how so many people wear their shoes as loosely as my ex’s fuck bucket? I know your specialist field probably taking Nike air Jordan’s of crusty black dudes feet,as your name suggests… but you’re probably more enlightened on the matter than I am

  1. These disrespectful motherfuckers that lay down in front of trains are as bad as the building jumpers…probably even worse. Not only does someone have to scrape him up and spray off the tracks, but now everyone’s going to be late for work or whatever else they were headed to do. What the fuck is wrong with people!?

        1. This might be a surprise for you but there will be some employee who’s supervisor would give him the task to clean that shit up. This is the norm for people who actually work to provide for themselves and their families. Something you know nothing about coming from a welfare family in the 5th generation.

      1. Accidents, diseases, assaults, homicides, prison riots, animal attacks and such. I don’t have any problem with people filming themselves committing suicide as long as they do it responsibly and with consideration for other people. Also, they should probably sell off and/or give away their worldly possessions and money to the needy while they’re making preparations. It’s just basic, common sense type shit about respecting your fellow man. Goddamnit that shit is infuriating to me.

        1. Why would anyone give a fuck about you or other people’s feelings, while being in such a depressed state. Sorry you missed a dry hump session with Richard, While this guy killed himself. You dont mind or even feel empathy for people that commit suicide. Want respect for a fellow man? Give it to get it. You could always be one of the STARS on bestgore. And we would all make fun and joke about you.

          1. Maybe if people got outside of themselves and began to be charitable and generally focus on helping others as part of making their preparations for death, then they would possibly find themselves less depressed. If someone truly desires to die, I respect them enough to think that they have that right. It’s not that I don’t feel empathy for them, but for some (terminal patients mainly) it’s a valid and good option. If you feel like my profane ranting about it being rude for suicidal people to leave behind problems for the living, maybe it was. It was a little out of character for me. It’s a personal hang up of mine. If someone close to you has killed themselves and you feel like I was disrespectful to you, them, or their memory…well, I guess I’m sorry about that. I’ve lost multiple people the same way. As a rule, both in life and on the internet, I do try to show respect and consideration for the feelings of others and to try to leave places better or more positive than I find them. Stay around here longer and you’ll realize that.

          2. And one more thing, if I am ever a star on Best Gore you and everyone else should feel free to laugh or express your feelings any way you see fit. It’s about free speech above all, right? If I get a choice, I’ll make sure it’s in HD and interesting. Have a great day.

    1. definitely what I was thinking. This guy showed no fear at all, he knew it was going to hurt and he did it calmly and without any hesitation. Gotta give him props for that, none of us would do that. If I ever kill myself its going to be with a rifle in the mouth, or a nitrogen bag. Something quick or painless. Any of the other methods are awful and I think id rather just live at that point

  2. Metro’s Blue Line always used to make Rahul feel terribly blue ; hence committing suicide was chosen as the only easy way out .

    Notice how his dying self kicked away those pair of shoes as a souvenir to be hung up at the main entrance of Metro station as per his last will and no one will argue that .

  3. CLEAR CUT INTENTIONAL SUICIDE CASE HERE. It’s strange that the man looks so very clam and relaxed right before his suicide. He doesn’t even look upset at all. Sometimes people say they want to kill themselves but it is usually a cry for help. This is clearly not a cry for help. THIS MAN WANTED TO BE GONE AND GONE FAST. Having absolutely NO DESIRE TO LIVE, this seemingly healthy and relatively youngish looking man decided to end it all and end it brutally. I’m sure he died pretty fast that must have hurt like hell.

      1. YES! NO CRY FOR HELP HERE! You have to wonder what could have been so bad in his life that he wanted to end it this way, so horribly painfully awful. He doesn’t look very old. Late thirties, mid forties perhaps? Maybe he lost all his family or perhaps he lost all his money and felt there was no way to fix anything.

  4. ‘Police have confirmed that the video is of the incident.’ That’s some great detective work! I was kind of skeptical that the footage was a very clever fake. : /

  5. Kemosabe chose Flight over Fight. His ancestors would have attacked and scalped their enemies, howl a celebratorious chant, then sat back with a nice peace pipe in their tepees. Oh wait… Nevermind… Wrong Indians!

      1. Don’t run down the Jews, they have made plenty of contributions to society. For instance, did you know that copper wire was invented by two Jews?

        They both found the same penny on the street.

        Btw, where the fuck have you been? I’ve missed your comments, and your avatar.

  6. Rahul had intended to kill himself much earlier, but the automated Metro ticketing machine refused to accept his destination inputs of ‘nowhere’, ‘oblivion’, ‘eternity’, ‘death’, ‘someplace happy’.

    Eventually, he chose WELCOME and paid the 40 rupee fare.

  7. At least he had the nerve to do it, and die in such a manner. He was no talker, he just calmly did it, you gotta respect that. You have to admit that probably wasnt easy or painless. Wonder how much pain he would have felt, that looks crazy.

    1. Yes I… have to agree with you. He deserves some respect here. He knew what he needed to do and wanted to do. He knew it was going to be SEVERE pain and that he was going to die. He remained totally calm, laid down and made sure it was a deadly blow. He showed no fear, no crying, no tears. He faced his end like a man. He also had to know that, SUICIDE is a sure way to end up in hell. Most people agree, at least, religious people, that if you commit suicide it probably means you won’t enter heaven and instead suffer in hell for eternity.

  8. Me thinks the Indians are mistaking the train siren for a mating call. Notice how he leaned over for a kiss? In other news… Scientists have confirmed 5G is causing bees to sting themselves. Crazy times!

  9. This guy is a genius!!! Because of him I think we can all find a great and profitable solution to the overpopulation issue there as well as the wide spread poverty. Mix “The Hunger Games,” with this and we’ve got a fucking winner! Simply have a people lottery where they collect a set number of people from random parts of the country and make them do this act. Cruel? Fuck no. The positive part is that the population gets a bit of a board check (I love ice hockey) while the families who “donate,” a participant gets a large amount of money while the rest of the country can play along at home or wherever the hell they can make a bet. What’s the bet? Cover the platform with numbers. Wherever the flip flops land, the persons who picked those numbers get a prize that helps them as well. Maybe even a super prize if you correctly guess BOTH numbers where the flip flops land and you get your own palace if you guess correctly that the flip flops land on the same number. Kinda like trying to pick a tie game in football (Soccer). I bet TAB in Australia would have a go at marketing this.
    A little parting music for the idea. Could be the name for the show as well as a nice little tune to put a bit of pep in yer step. 😉

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      2. I’ve been wondering where I mentioned you, @pinkdeathandlove. I just can’t seem to find where I wrote anything about gays, mentally challenged people nor fucktards in general outside of what I’ve directed towards the video. Oh n0! I’ve done it again and used words that involve more than one syllable. I’m so sorry for making you have to ask others to help you sound out those words. Be well. Don’t breed. I also want to thank you for letting me know how to develop those photos of you that are hidden on toilet paper (Tootsie Rolls in Australia.) throughout the world. Thank you for educating me on how to develop them by simply wiping them on my ass after making a pile of Obama dolls. Presto! There you are, you handsome devil you. 😉
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