CCTV of Woman Landing on Pavement After Fall from Building

CCTV of Woman Landing on Pavement After Fall from Building

CCTV of Woman Landing on Pavement After Fall from Building

We have recently seen a video of a guy with manpurse falling a notable distance without splattering on impact. So here’s a video that makes up for the splat, though it does not show the distance of the fall.

The video appears to be from China. It’s a CCTV footage of a pavement in front of an entrance to a building. What looks like a young woman lands after falling from the building on the pavement and her brain matter appears to roll away from her head as she kisses the ground. I would presume it’s suicide, but one never knows.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

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  1. slow mo -repeat. Then pause frame advancement.
    She comes down feet first, but her left arm is already severely discolored.
    Both arms are raised above her head and shirt held on by her head. It then pulls back down when her arms come back to a normal position.
    Calf position, she’s facing the building.
    One might think she’s climbing down by the position, but without shoes and a discolored arm, most likely dropped by someone else.

  2. Since the video does not does not show the distance of the fall;

    1. Calculate the height of the building she fell from using this formula ‘’Average impact force = (Mass x Gravity x Height) ÷ Distance’’ aassuming that the mass of the victim is 65kg and the distance she ran before falling is 2m. Taking gravity 9.81 m s−2 .

    2. Using the height from question 1, calculate the amount of brain matter splashed.

    3. Using the amount of brain matter splashed and the height of the building, explain using a Venn diagram why this video is from China

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