Chinese Suicide Jumper Hits Steel Frame on the Way Down

Chinese Suicide Jumper Hits Steel Frame on the Way Down

That landing must have sucked big fucking time. I hope nobody was walking under the frame just when she landed on it cause blood splatter would have been all over them. Nice display of firm titties, though.

Notice how she lost her flip flops on impact, but maybe she wore normal shoes. Girl’s got military style camo pants and jacket – I wonder if she was with the army.

Picture is from China and only one available at this time. They say it was a suicide but it’s hard to say how much one can trust reports from China. Even worse than Canada, I swear!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. ******** Whoa there, hang on a minute ********

      I have seen this before somewhere, was it here, waaaaaaay back in the early pages ?, I dunno.

      Before I joined BG a couple of years ago I spent months reading the stories from page one and my grey matter is trying to tell me I’v seen this before.

      I stopped visiting other ‘wanna be’ gore sites when I joined here so…………

      Anyone got any thoughts on my conundrum and nooooooo, senility is not an appropriate response…………. well, we’ll see.

      1. @Spiderman
        there’s a post on BG of a jumper that landed on a window-seal. And there’s a post on Rotten called “don’t gawk” of a lady jumper in Taiwan that hit a car and has pretty much the same pose.

        1. Hey guys. The search button above works like a local google or shall we say a “GoreFinder”. It works like charm. Type in “Chinese Jumper” or “Jumper Window” in what you said above and the search button will lead you there. You can use it to save time looking for previous postings and references, just type the word or keyword to what you’re looking for and the BG database will search it for you. Just sayin’ this in case you haven’t tried it yet

        1. Haha ……….. ” fellas ”

          Good to see you Mouse.

          I was thinking yesterday that you have been a tad ‘ less involved ‘ since the Lacerated moment……….. AND, that’s all it was, a moment.

          Am I the only one that sees this or am I ‘reading’ it wrong, I dunno ?

          Find that form you had before that.

          You apologised and I remember her being sweet about it as well.

          Talk some stuff rat man.

          1. @Mouse

            It works out well in Public. I don’t get any negative attention. As long as they don’t give me any shit. I don’t give them any.

            I have been relatively quiet for the past few months. Hardly touched the booze actually.

            Although it counts for sweet FA on this site.


            I agree with you mate. I think Mouse has been a bit ‘off’ since the Lascerated episode.

            I wonder where the hell she is anywho?

            Quite a few members have disappeared:


            Just to mention a couple.

          2. @Trooper, I’m 6’3, and it seems to me people want to fight my ass cause I’m tall, I once got punched in the back of the head while pissing in a urinal, and I wasn’t even flirting with his girl? Can’t we all just get along!

          3. Glad to see another Tall’n!

            Shit about your toilet trouble mate. How much do you weigh buddy? I weigh roughly 200lbs give or take a few lbs.

            So I’m not exactly buff, but I’m not skinny either.

            I guess the reason I am not a target for the scum is because they know me (or rather my family). Plus if I go out with my brothers, they are big lads as well.

            Other than a spot of bother with some bouncers a couple of months back. I don’t get into much shit anymore.

            My secret is:

            Eyes forward
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            Back straight
            Give eye contact
            Deep, authoritarian voice

            And a bone crushing handshake.

            Yes I am a bit of a bastard. But one who doesn’t take shit.

          4. Hey Trooper, I weigh about 185lbs, I’ve always been alittle skinny. Thats one reason why I have been given the nickname Phatman, and also Fat, ha ha, so now everybody one of many reasons why I use the name Phatman.

            6’3 + 185lbs =
            The Phatman

      1. 6’4″ celt? simply can’t take shorter Chinese people seriously huh? I wish that you would meet me in real life because once that happens, I will slit your fucking throat and video tape it for all bestgore lovers to see it.

        1. @mostwanted101, What crawled up your ass and died??? Trouper seems to be a very nice guy and I’ll warn you to be careful, because Trouper has alot of friends on here and most would defend him til the end. So why don’t you crawl back or in your case “walk” back under your rock and stay there,shit for brains!!!

          1. I’m here, computer access has been restriced pretty heavily, but in time, things should be back “to normal”

            As far as hight, I’m 5’6″….not tall, not short.
            Unless compaired to most brown people, then I do seem to be a bit on the taller side.

            I miss You guys and am here as much as circumstances allow me to be at the moment.
            But MedEx and KatieMate are BOTH seemingly…..dead.

        2. @mostwanted.

          I have seen you on here before. You are that hypocritical piece of shite that wants to kill all white people.

          (see the Muslim wife beating video. Bottom of 1st page)

          As for slitting my throat.
          All I can say, is that it is easy to make threats across cyber space. I am rather amused as I know for a fact that you would not be saying that to my face.

          I have been threatened by harder men than thee Sir.

          An ex Provo threatened to blow my brains out. After a credible threat like that you develop a strong chin.

          Cheers Sage and Jack. We need to put little divs like this in their place more often.

          Glad to see ya RS!

          Most of the newbies seem to be pretty decent. Little Goregians in the making. Yet we get a couple of idiots like ‘mostwanted’ who try rock the boat.

          Shame about Medex and Katie.

  1. Hello. I am Chinese and try as I may I could not find any info on the minced fv on shanghai airlines anywhere else on the web. You think you are able to provide more info?

    And in this pic I wonder what is the main cause of death. Probably detachment of spinal cord from head when the fall is stopped abruptly be the legs.

      1. Ingested…………. ha

        Those fuck’n engines ingest a shit load of air and anything near by………… I mean……. HELLO

        How’s about a safety review…….. hahaa

        I’v seen a couple of stories and pics here and as someone has said before that this scenario could also be a deliberate suicide.

        Failure rate……….. Zero

      1. Evil sheep had me what I wanted. I saw it on bg but could not find other sources for it. Cause i am Chinese by race and china people so far have been good to me. So I am interested. There.

    1. Love the comment but I do believe that is glass (not ice)…
      Perhaps she came threw a window or threw some glass on the way down.

      Women and their hang-ups…
      (Okay, don’t give me trouble I’m a woman – attempting to be funny).

          1. @Fiend, what did he say to offend you? “do the dishes”? surely not, ‘Professor’ (yes a real professor) Tulio is a minefield of interesting historical facts & other titbits about his native Argentina (and surrounds) He may come across as abrupt or even mildly rude, but he is just sarcastic,he gets away with it because he is so darn entertaining and interesting!

          2. @tiger
            Yes, I found the ‘dishes’ comment uncalled for… and basically WTF?
            I left YouTube because of nitwits, I didn’t expect it here.
            My bad for having any kind of expectations – always leaves me disappointed.
            As far as Tulio being a Professor… I don’t hold a lot of stock in the tell me how to think (education) system so him being a Prof means nothing to me ( I spent many years working at my local College and University).
            Anyways, thanks for the note.

          1. Wow @Tulio, not the first time you have been called that! You love that word, huh? Hang on, she called you ‘Toolio’ hahaha

          2. Fiend and Tulio are actually married.

            The man beating his wife in the last post… Well that was them.

            I know that some Greasers look an awful lot like Allahus…

            Plus the language wasn’t Arabic… It was a heavily accented Spanish.

          3. @Tulio
            Nothing unusual about that remark, I have seen far “worse” comments from you, whatever that means. But it’s all good, because BG is a bastion of Free Speech and the diversity of beliefs and sentiments around here is wonderful! Keep it up, Tulio!

          4. I guess I should feel honored to be trolled by BG’s resident sociopath…
            I thought it would be different here than YouTube – my mistake.

            I think I will stick to reading Mark’s commentaries and pass on the comments, Mark is much funnier anyways.
            The rest of you can lick my sweaty cunt.

            Now go play on fuckbook – go on, go spread joy.

          5. Personally I think an ignoranus should be ignored…
            Sadly I fell into your troll trap.

            *ignoranus – that’s someone who is both stupid AND an asshole.

          6. @Fiend,

            Don’t go me dear.

            Just a little initiation ritual. You will soon ‘get’ things.

            Don’t feel you have to leave the boards because of a bit of joshing. I assure, we are all quite mature. As in, what goes on in a single thread. Irregardless of personality clashes and disagreements. STAYS on that thread, their aren’t any feuds on this site.

            And nor would we want them.

            As for licking your sweaty lady bits… If that offer is still on after you have read this… You know…

          7. @Trooper
            Thanks for the nice note.
            The ‘dishes’ comment definitely threw me (into a rage).
            I can be the sweetest person you will ever meet, but, if you are an ignorant twat I will turn into the hot tempered redhead I can be.
            I’m not going anywhere, I just got here. I may be too sensitive for these kind of public forums though, so I’m going to back off on commenting (unless I think of something funny).

            Appreciate your words Trooper!

        1. @ Tulio

          You’ve got some balls there fella………. that dishes and chick comment is something.

          I’v got a fair idea on your personality thru reading your post and i’d say there was a fair chance you were ‘ taking the piss ‘.

          You did however handle the wanker comment well.

          It reminds of a comment that a dude ( who thought he was cool ) made in my presence that women are only good for 2 things, the kitchen and bedroom……….. WELL, it was the last conversation we ever had and can’t stand it when I’m with a group of males and they start boasting about women stories………. I hate sexist pricks.

          BTW…….. That glass is probably safety glass that’s heavily laminated for high-rise buildings which prevents glass from shattering into a gazillion pieces on impact, very much like a car windshield.

          Thank you Thank you, don’t applaude, just send money……….. ( f’k, I hope I’m close to being correct ** GULP **

          1. Don’t let tulios charm deceive you, razor, That man…. Is INSANE. Once when we went fishing out by the coast of bermuda, Tulio jumped in the water nude and pulled out a corpse and he began fisting it and Gaped it wide open, then used that corpse like a fishing net.

          1. Do you think he thinks I am Irish?

            101. I am not Irish.

            And if given a choice between a Nip and a Mick.

            Give me Celtic Cousin Mick any day.

  2. When I look at that pic, it immediately reminds of me of those low-rent, high-crime areas in Los Angeles (or Santa Ana, Riverside, and other scum holes) where people tie two shoes together and hurl them up and onto power lines or overhanging street light arms. You know, like you find in the vicinity of heroine dealers.

    1. Not all of us can afford to live in nice houses. Due to circumstances beyond my control I have to live in a building that is not exactly desireable. Does that make me a bad person? Also not every heroin dealer chose to do so, some of us have no other means to feed our families. Does that make me a bad person?

      Just fukin with ya, my place is’nt that bad.

  3. Lucky that safety awning was there to catch her or she might have fallen all the way to the ground and got really hurt. Does she have one leg on either side of that white beam? Ouch. Glad it wasn’t a guy.

  4. What a way to go… Also the What People Searched For To Land Here suggestions are a laugh on this one. Anyways i’ve been lurking on this site for months now and finally made a profile. Just too add my shitty comments for everyone to read 😉

      1. lasenza has some pretty sweet undergarments although i must admit i have been going for more racey items as of late…you know the kind you order online and they come delivered in one of those ‘non-descript’ packages…

      1. These personal attacks are totally unacceptable. Yet they have the positive effect of showing what 101’s character is like.

        As Odgoso says.

        Jealousy is talking.

        He is jealous that White Man have bigger penis.

  5. Ah, always interesting to see a jumper. It reminded me of something. A lady from Austria once told me that her husband had fallen to his death while mountaineering and when they found him, he was only 3 feet tall. I often tried to picture that guy. Would his legs have gone up right through his torso or would he have done the accordion effect somehow …in any case, it would have made a good post on BG.

  6. Hey Mark

    I hope that everything is settling down for you.

    It’s 3 o’clock in the morning here in Australia and the Canadian F1 GP is about to start.

    I’ll have a cone for you.

      1. Don’t get me started on that.

        I am still smarting over the silly bloody errors made by Button’s team.

        I know that we have Hamilton battling for pole (I reckon he is a prick).

        There isn’t going to be any rain so their is no chance of another shock Button victory.

    1. Just finshed washing the dishes is what’s up hahahaha

      You f’k tripper, Fiend is never gonna respond to you again………. that whole post was sooooooo f’k funny.

      And she’s still not over it * laughs *

  7. It doesn’t look like the standard Chinese military BDU’s (camo)…but then again the Chinese have some weirdest looking camo patterns everything from baby blue to hazard orange and every other faggish color in between

  8. You know those jelly toys one would play with as a child?

    They had a handle to hold and you would launch it any surface and it would stick for a minute, flop down and you would repeat this until it became boring?

    This lady is the jelly toy from my child hood returning to haunt me.

  9. I have been in China almost 10 years and from my knowledge she look like she was in the army or doing an army exercise camp that every student has to do at some stage. For some reason there seems something a bit sinister because she is wearing the her full camouflage gear.

  10. I have been in China almost 10 years and from my knowledge she look like she was in the army or doing an army exercise camp that every student has to do at some stage. I’m sure if she knew the outcome would look like this she defiantly would have thought twice, all though she may have been tossed out the window which does happen regularly here.

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