Chinese Man Commits Suicide by Throwing Himself Under Truck

Chinese Man Commits Suicide by Throwing Himself Under Truck

Chinese Man Commits Suicide by Throwing Himself Under Truck

CCTV apparently from China shows a man throwing himself under a passing truck in an attempt to commit suicide. The blood spray and the pancaking of his skull clearly suggest the attempt was successful.

The truck was rather slow moving and wasn’t carrying any load. Still it was heavy enough to level a skull with the pavement.

I wonder if people who commit suicides by truck make the decision on the spot. People who climb buildings probably build up to the point of suicide and plan the jump out, but people who toss themselves under trucks seem like those whose world collapsed around them minutes ago. Something forced them into a 180 degree spin on the spot and there was no second guessing. Here comes the truck, good bye cruel world…

Props to Best Gore member @shehuinihaoge0122 for the video:

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147 thoughts on “Chinese Man Commits Suicide by Throwing Himself Under Truck”

  1. Beavis! Talk about your slow motion suicides. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t just gently toss myself in front of a truck, and just lay there like a hooker servicing her 33rd customer of the day.

    1. cheap ass Ching Chong Charlie couldn’t even buy some pills..
      Oh grasshopper, your tortured soul. Knowing how pretty the Europeans are, and you wasn’t one!

      I’d probbly kill my damn self as well. Haiya!

  2. Nice, his head exploded under the weight of the tires. I’m surprised at the large size of the vehicles, especially the cars in Chinkistan these days. And I’m from large truck assholeville. Apparently every country is going redneck now. Must be the in thing.

    1. The gook vehicles have become so well manufactured that even America wants them now. That’s why Trump cut ties with doing overseas business with those nips before the COVID 19 got here. The next time you see a fuckin’ Honda…think COVID 19 and BURN IT!

          1. @dumbkunt it’s an interesting design, archaic by most standards of efficiency, AND guess what they eventually began using as an oil filter?
            You’d be HARD PRESSED to get your dirty little pud-beaters on one these days unless you’ve stockpiled some already

          1. I had a ‘95 Ford Falcon, they are Australian made. They came equipped with a ‘smartlock’ system, similar to an immobiliser. Problem was, if a thief would make an attempt and alert the system, it would immobilise intermittently for the rest of the cars lifespan, thus making it as useless as tits on a bull.

          2. Now we make…fuckall! Oh…apart from boltholes for tax-dodging Indian and Chinese; that make housing too expensive for the rest of us..oh ..we are also good at digging up dirt and sending it elsewhere, whilst all the money goes into us,Swiss and Brit fatcat pockets.

            The falcon 95 was a decent middle-class car. Now in Australia you will have American crap at the low end and very good quality at the high end (jap and German) that the middle-class can’t afford. So we end up with American rubbish that needs to be replaced with good money every three years. Middle class ,home -designed Aussie cars were world-class in terms of durability and reliability. No more. Our slavish gov gave them loads of cash with no strings attached,so they pocketted it and fucked off whistling all the way to the bank.

        1. d0rraj. He does. But they’ve owned us for far too long. Time to cut ties. Even if we LITERALLY would start to economically decline without them. Oh yeah…America just CAN’T survive without fuckin’ China and the overseas products and establishments they have shared with us. Look at how many gook business’s and retail chains we have over here. America should NOT, nor should it ever have to become that dependent on Chink town. Time to make it ALL American while Trump is here. A businessman he is, NOT a politician THANK god!

          1. You’re right about one thing, a politician he is not, yet he is your top politician, doesn’t say much about America does it? In my country we love China, and doing deals with China, as does everyone else. Good luck with that.

          2. Trump is only “identified” as a politician with the Title he holds. Which obviously is “The President of the United States.” Behind that “what the fuck-ever title” is a very smart business man whose willing to do things HIS way. In my opinion, it so far has been the CORRECT way of serving America. Oh. But the ass-hurt democrat commies don’t like that of course. NO. They love the fuckin boring “I’m going to say what you want to hear because I’m good looking” politicians who are EASY to buy out in campaigns. I LOVE how they could NOT just fuckin’ BUY Trump out. Trump plays Risk. Not Checkers.

    2. Coughing Dodgers.
      You too? My father lives in a small town (pop. 15,000) and I check in on him once a week. EVERYONE there drives a 19′ tall F-150 or a Dodge Ram Tank Edition. If it’s not them, it’s gonna be someone driving a barn implement to the local diner who runs over me.
      I can only ask why. I mean, how many goddamn mountain ranges and swamp bogs do they traverse on thier way to Walmart FFS?

    1. I’m afraid this splattered chink is going to have to settle for the almond chicken now. In fact lemon rice is sounding pretty good after watching this. But I wouldn’t count on it with this COVID 19 shit locking us down. Thanks a lot you chinks. Put an egg role on this gooks grave as a COLD reminder.

        1. As if the gooks have NOT been raped hard enough already with the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombing in the 40’s. Now they can get a new blast of the 21st century. The ultimate vaccine bomb oughta do it. I’ll take my slanteyed chink doll as a souvenir when it’s over. An “extinction award” we’ll call it.

          1. Ok fine. China is the mainland country which is STILL under communist rule. Japan is the island country off the east cost of Asia and is responsible for the Pearl Harbor attacks. And this incident happened in China where the COVID 19 originated from. Still blaming them for this global pandemic. Like it or not the asians in general are NOT getting a good review from us right now.

  3. see a slope? bash a slope!
    no tissue paper? blame a squinter!
    kick dat gook back to Gina.

    grinning, buck-toothed, oblong-skulled, greasy, pork-sniffing tossers!
    when they start a-jabbering? it’s hammer time!

    its not prejudice because they ain’t even half human

    1. @Grofaz…interesting……why didn’t this no-hoper choose that instead of the truck option?
      More fun. Less brutal and painful. Less mess. Less trauma for the people who find you and the driver who crushes your skull. Open casket burial. Win, win, win, win and win.

      Some people just have no style….

  4. Holy shit ! that head just got exploded right there like a pumpkin !

    And what’s with the traffic going the haphazard way ! with vehicles and pedestrians moving like crazies in all directions.
    PS: Not worth a mention though but its not hard to surmise that this chink surely must have lost his battle , fighting the contagion and with no way out the easy way out was to go under the wheels for those blurry lights of his ; to forever fade out in to the realms of unknownness.

      1. 1. did you know that the term “mongoloid” came from the old-school belief that latent Mongol DNA from the rapes of Mongol invaders On europeans was responsible for Down’s Syndrome? (retards often have rather slanted eyes and sloped foreheads)
        2. That the term “ogre” is derived from the Uighurs of West China, some pretty tough warriors back in the day
        3. And the term “gypsy” comes from the mistaken European belief that the Roma people came from Egypt?

        See heisenberg? gore voyeurism on this website can be an educational experience as well!
        cheers my fellow EuroAmerican (Canadians are euroAmericans too)

        Next time someone refers to you as “white”? knock their teef out. the “W” word is hereby a despised racial epithet. equivalent of the “n” word and we are also NOT “Caucasians”.. a meaningless term that refers to an Asian Mountain range..fucking senseless? how did that term ever come about?

        1. Good info vec cheers for that so we both have a point bud that these arsehole chinks are denying that this is their fault
          They eat fuckin bats & now i found out pangolins they eat them as well ffs i mean i know we get pissed off eating chicken beef pork but get a grip

  5. When individuality becomes defunct and you’re easily replaceable your suffering becomes tantamount to continued living itself and thus suicide becomes a reasonable response to life.

    Normally I would laugh at the third world for that and for its communist connotations but unfortunately this is also the way of first world modern day capitalism as well.

    Much of the working class of first world western European countries have also been made defunct and been replaced via cheaper imported workers from abroad. The working class then, no matter where they live, get a shit deal.

    I can understand the need to end it all then, been there before and passed it. Life is still shit for most of us though and that never changes.

    Rather than suicide then I live for and urge others to live for and undermine and destroy the fuckers pushing for “globalisation” and “diversity”. Those who attack personal history, traditions and indigenous people and their way of life.

    Don’t end your life then, work to end theirs. The majority population and their individual needs and demands being the determining factor to represent democracy as it should always be.

      1. Depends who is “we”.

        (Most often than not “we” being a narrative pushed by the minority against the larger majority but magnified via media bias).

        If you’re a white middle class libtard fuckwit who believes in the positives of “diversity” and “globalisation” for example then yes, you’re not the majority. You are a loud, media magnified minority.

    1. Globalisation has run it’s race thanks to the coronacircus. Borders have been sealed shut, every country has had to take a protectionist stance in order to survive, and this is only the start. Brotherhood of the EU? Gone. Left/right drones calling for more migrant labor (muh GDP)? Gone, because they’re now on the dole line.

      “If every white man quit work for a week”……

      1. Yep. Corona virus proved the hypocrisy of the open boarders globalisation brigade.

        There was no team unity. No fellowship. Just everyone for themselves within various degrees of self-focus and selfishness.

        The best part was seeing the liberals doing a complete 180. Going from being pro-open borders, pro-immigrant to being against open boarders and immigrants. I fucking loved that part. It brought me many moment of joy. Bless.

        1. That 180 turn was no shock, given they’ve been directly affected for once. Maybe now the capitalist class and bloated middle class liberals will have a less chauvinistic attitude towards working people and the unemployed. Only time will tell, but they will probably have no choice.

      2. D’accord re failure of open borders /globalisation. Covid made it painfully obvious that allowing in rapefugees willy- bully gives you death via illness and also proved that outsourcing and just-in -time was a crock of shit. All stuff ,many of us knew then but cigar-chewing fatcats didn’t mind ’cause it benefitted them.

        Proof is in the pudding. UK is out of the EU and globalisation but I bet you the toffs will still stay rich and find something else more rewarding ,which means they could have done that even then but CHOSE not too.

        Dumb,Cooper’s were my clients for a long while. They had the best -looking sales force for that pale ale. Young attractive women! Haha

      3. since humanity unwisely rejected Eugenics last century ( frowned upon Hitler and Stalin’s way to get rid of poverty –to exterminate the poor)
        now we must rely upon strict Border and Immigration control to FORCE the offensive nationsl to somehow adapt their populations to fit within an autarky of their national territory.
        BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. be it war, or genocide or starvation or epidemic
        They will not have the pressure release valve of immigration, and should they try to invade? shot on sight at no-mans-lands.

        this can only come about by adopting FASCISM

        1. Fascism is a very broad term, and can be applied to most political doctrines, with Protectionism being the exception to the rule. Guys like Trump, Salvini and Bolsonaro are fascists of the neo-liberal order, or put simply, they are corporate and zionist puppets who wear Nationalist masks. You should have a look into Protectionism, mate.

          1. Fascism involves strict nationalism at the very least level…and is (and has always has been) the antithesis of global marxism…these issues were fully settled last keep up

          2. Mussolini and his Empire is the best example of why fascism is really just corporatism. Italian troops established Italian East Africa in 1935, and what did the Italian workers get out of it? Nothing. They were still eating horses until the end of WW2. Very distinct from National Socialist Germany, where workers enjoyed a high standard of living from 1933-39. I suppose you could call the latter a better type of fascism…


    2. a true sociopath would NEVER commit suicide. Our troubles, especially mental ones, come about from our environment. And your environment must be held responsible, not yourself

      Only some apologetic Jap would climb into a closet and kill him/herself. Any TRUE homo sapiens will rightly blame other humans for pushing him/her over the edge.. it is they that must die! Not us! We are innocent at birth? why kill yourself? KILL EVERYBODY ELSE. they are the guilty parties that brought havoc to your personal world. GET REVENGE

    1. in most Asian cases, suicide is either seen as the ultimate apology, or the ultimate from of protest.

      Because face it, the living are the ones punished by a suicide, we spend time vexing and feeling somehow responsible for their suffering.

      A true desperate American who feels suicidal kills others, violently, in a spectacle. like Stephen Paddock. THEN he kills himself if he wishes to avoid a distasteful trial.. or not..

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  7. Fuck anyone and anything Ching Chong Chinese! They are the reason for the pandemic of Wuhan virus!
    How much money have you lost in your retirement portfolios? When you get that envelope in your mailbox and you see the net loses remember CHINA DID THIS.

      1. @Brokeback, damn brother I feel for you. That’s a LOT OF CASH MONEY. The fucked up thing those Chinese bastards are smiling like the butchers dog at dinner time. They are all about fucking others out of what they worked hard for. I’m super pissed, the police chief in Seattle wants people to call 9-11 on their family, neighbors, or simple strangers on the street if they hear anyone calling it the Chinese Virus or Wuhan virus. At the same time they are letting harden criminals out of the fucking jails due to this Virus! But GOD forbid the first (let’s be honest here) tHE FIRST WHITE PERSON commits a VERBAL HATE CRIME! Because you and I know they won’t arrest any negro for saying the exact same thing about the YELLOW person. A.K.A. “Dog-Eater”! That’s who has the real privilege in this country! Colored privilege is as real as it gets ! Oh by the way that police chief is a negro woman. lol. No shit!

  8. @hopingfornemesis
    I paid attention to your last comment reply to me. I have learned the error in my ways regarding antiquated Chinese stereotypes.
    Which of the 10 glitzy, glamorous Chinese New Yorks was this? HaHaHA!
    I think it was #4 Chinese New York.
    Fresh bagels and pizza by the slice was just too much freedom for this throwback guy.
    Today’s China is just the product of the Dong Dynasty smacking the Chin Dynasty. Capitalism/Socialism indeed. It works great as long as you do what you’re told…and forget about the capitalism part.
    Before I forget. If you are forced to reply to this while 3 Chinese soldiers are aiming thier rifles at you just type 3 “oh shit, don’t shoot me in the face” emojis. I’ll call the embassy for you.

  9. What the hell was that?? That was supposed to be a suicide? How can you even be sure it would work? Throw yourself in front of fucking freight train, not a slow moving truck that’s just simply gonna gently roll over you.

  10. Suicides don’t “decide on the spot” to end their lives. It is the result of a long, slow process. The closing down of ALL other options and routes out of their despair and intractable position. Once those escape routes are found to be blocked then it is simply a problem-solving exercise. The method. This guy didn’t decide at the last minute and throw himself under the wheels of that truck. His decision had been made a while before. He stood waiting for a suitably large and heavy vehicle to do the job of mechanically killing him. He waited IN the road (not on the pavement/ sidewalk), spotted a suitable vehicle, then timed his stride, braced himself and under he went. It is NEVER done on a whim. It worked.

    1. That can be true in this situation but there’s times where the terrible master takes the reigns from you. All emotional reactions and interactions you have seem independent but are still driven by a mere chemical reaction. People have DePpReSsIoN and AnXiEty all because of a small chemical reaction that fell within the margin of error. Long story short: ya never fucking know. 🙂

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