Christine Chubbuck Suicide Video

Christine Chubbuck Suicide Video

Christine Chubbuck was a television news reporter whose sole claim to fame was her unprecedented 1974 suicide live on air. The video of her suicide was scraped off the face of the Earth and for the next few decades, it has been completely unavailable. Christine Chubbuck has slipped out of knowledge, and the fact that she committed suicide on live TV, has almost become forgotten. Until now, it would seem.

The day was July 15, 1974. Christine Chubbuck, who was only a few weeks shy of being 30, was on the news station WXLT-TV’s Channel 40 talk program in Sarasota, Florida, and just reported on a shooting at Beef & Bottle restaurant at the Sarasota-Bradenton Airport. She then said:

In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in ‘blood and guts’, and in living color, you are going to see another first—attempted suicide.

Afterward, without much hesitation, Christine Chubbuck pulled out a revolver Budd Dwyer style, and committed suicide by shooting herself in the head. Her suicide preceded Budd’s by more than a decade.

After she shot herself in the head, the Chanel 40 production team faded the picture to black and displayed a message suggesting technical difficulties.

The footage of her suicide has been seized by the station owner Robert Nelson, who kept it until his death. His widowed wife the handed it over to a law firm. It has not been seen since the day it was broadcast live, and back in 1974, video recording devices for home use were extremely rare. But in February 2017, the video apparently reappeared, and I have the feeling it will never be secret again. The footage below alleges to be it.

Props to Best Gore member @zipzap for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. @desp
            “1974 seems late to me for black and white tv”

            I’m thinking that this WAS originally broadcast in color but the video above looks to be the studio’s copy (time and date stamp) so either they used b/w for their archives to save money or this was recorded in color but on a magnetic tape (like a VHS tape).
            Magnetic tape is prone to damage easily and the three most common indicators of damage are 1)Distorted sound 2)Lines of ‘interference’ over the image and 3)Loss of color.
            You probably noticed that the ‘interference’ is especially bad from just before the gunshot to just after. That particular section has been played and then rewound multiple times, each incident making the damage slightly worse.
            Finally, the ‘tracking’ on the playback device looks to be off. If the person who converted this to a digital format had fast-forwarded to the end and then rewound back to the beginning before the conversion there would be a little less ‘interference’ throughout.
            (Gee, can you guess who managed a video rental store back in VHS’s heyday?)

          2. @shadarus Magnets are the enemy! I have an old school reel to reel. I slice tape, erase with electro-magnet (it’ll jerk your keys out of your hand). I collect vintage video cameras and sound equipment. I made a movie on my 8mm Brownie. 🙂 Maybe I’ll find something Mark will post. Just gotta find some gore.

        1. Imagine she was around in this day and age to see BG AND ALL the RAW reality! She would’ve said now w the net and Bestgore and all the blood and guts and brain splatter and cut off legs and beheading and rapes and people drowning in fish tanks and IED explosions and cartel killings and mangina cunt bags beatings and fb LIVE suicide steams and crack heads on fire and trannys swinging axes and face peels and 3 men and N mchammer. And AND AND AND AND that shithole Brazil!! She pauses Then FARTS!! Causes a mess at the studio. The end .

          1. Wow. Nothing like being rendered stupefied to the point of your only reaction being to shit yourself. And in this scenario you created, I’m guessing that the mess at the studio was caused by the fact that she tried to run out after? Shitting yourself is one thing, but trying to run out while wearing a skirt is a bad idea, all around.

            Imagination: When reality proves disappointing…

          2. @voicesofavillain. HAHAHA. Yep wanted to kill herself then she sharted and got so embarrassed from the shit that she changed her mind cause god forbid they gotta carry that shit away. Then she farted two more times. She had hard boiled eggs before work. Like a dozen. Lol.

      1. Yeah, I remember watching the Budd Dwyer one on one of those Faces of Death type videos as a “kid”. That one was spooky the first time watching. This one I don’t feel anything, because its just the decedent by herself, unlike the Dwyer one, where you can hear everyone freaking out.

    1. Yup! I’ve heard about this one for years. Look real to me. If it was staged, I doubt an actor would bang their head that hard into the desk as they would have knocked themselves out or worse! Also, the audio lines up with what I read. Its hard to know if this was a protest about society at large or she was just mentally ill.

      1. “Twas just her being an attention whore.
        I remember hearing about her death.
        How we wouldn’t able to see it.
        So I remember thinking way back when.
        Well why the fuck not?!
        Because some whore kept it from the public.
        Come to find that whore is Robert Nelson.
        See this was like going to see a fight.
        Then you see the fight and it’s a let down.
        And there was nothing special about it.
        Just a run of the mill gun suicide.
        I just hate looking at depressed people.
        So just look at this chick in a picture.
        She’s offensively depressed looking.”

    2. Would’ve loved for this to be it…The station Director Gordon Galbraith who actually viewed it live, denied this as the actual video. He states that the view from the monitor also was a head shot. She slumped over. As opposed to slamming down. (Reminiscent to me in “suspect commits suicide in interrogation room”

      1. @dpdfuzz

        That’s a shame. Nonetheless, the people who made the fake did a really good job! The only thing I would nitpick is that on a damaged magnetic tape the color tends to drop out sharply and then resume, but for all I know the ‘complete b/w’ look could be the norm for a tape that’s 40+ years old. Thanks for the link!

      2. Gordon Galbraith’s statements of there only being 1 other camera and 1 other person in the studio are in direct contradiction with the police report, which states that there was at least 2 cameras (one being framed up on a pair of guests waiting to be interviewed and the other on Christine) and that there were at least 2 workers in the studio, Jean Reed and Linda Taylor. He has been found to be unreliable.
        The police report contains verbatim interviews with WXLT employees

    3. Hey guys here’s an update some you tubers that were not even alive in 1974 are claiming they have debunked this video. Also a former employee ( Gordon Galbraith) claims this is not Chistine Chubbock even though the studio and crime scene shots are identical down to the black and white print dress she was wearing.

      Gordon Galbraith’s statements of there only being 1 other camera and 1 other person in the studio are in direct contradiction with the police report, which states that there was at least 2 cameras (one being framed up on a pair of guests waiting to be interviewed and the other on Christine) and that there were at least 2 workers in the studio, Jean Reed and Linda Taylor. He has been found to be unreliable.
      The police report contains verbatim interviews with WXLT employees

    4. I’m still doing some research on this video, since some people are saying it is confirmed fake. It isn’t Gordon Galbraith’s statement ( employee) directly contradicts the original police report.

      Take a look at the desk here the design over the N is clearly visible here and in this video. The question is why make her dress ( reported in 74 as a black and white print dress)and the symbol around the N on the word Newswatch so difficult to see if you want people to believe it is real. These are things that are not obvious unless you look very hard.

      What i am wondering is why on earth would someone go to these lengths to replicate a 42 year old suicide using an identical studio , and from what i’ve read and heard she was sitting in this position and the desk is identical to this one?

      And this one

    5. well of course it’s the firstvtime you’ve seen it! someone in her family released it! her family had the only copy of it. guess someone needed some money…but! i’d like to know it got on 5his website? because this footage, not been seen sinc it aired back in 1974.

  1. That is like some creepy shit they play before horror film.That video, the sound everything. Haha sleeping with the light on now. I remember reading about this story ages ago, can’t believe the videos out finally

          1. The sound on this video was by far the creepiest part. Vaguely reminiscent of some EVPs I’ve heard. Then again, it literally WAS a recording of the voice of the dead because by the time anyone could watch it she was already gone! *cue Twilight Zone theme*

          2. @l1zardk1ng (Lunatic Cringe)

            TL;DR – I find it intriguing from a scientific viewpoint. Also, EVPs give me delicious shivers.

            I’ve personally witnessed some incredibly bizarre things. I once had ‘something’ lift the front of my car (’89 Ford Taurus) up about six inches, swing it to the left a couple of feet, then put it back down gently after a minor car accident (no, I hadn’t hit my head or been drinking) and the maneuver changed my situation from ‘stuck blocking traffic and need a tow truck’ to ‘easily roll into a nearby parking lot until my nerves calmed’. I had been giving a coworker a ride home after our shifts and while the accident shook her up, what happened afterward made her get out of the car and run home (we were only a block away by then).

            I’ve always found the possibility of life-after-death a fascinating subject of study and, when I was little, wanted to be a parapsychologist when I grew up. So, to answer the original question, I believe it’s very likely that there’s SOMETHING more to it than just ending, but I approach it from a scientific standpoint. The ‘hype’ approach (Yeah, I’m lookin’ at you ‘Ghost Adventures’.) annoys me, but looking over evidence gathered by people who put the work in without being on a payroll is a lot of fun, beginning with sorting out the obvious fakes (photo manipulation has been around since photography was invented, Photoshop just made it easier) and looking for other explanations (Investigating Mission San Juan Capistrano and hear a weird fluttering sound? You woke up some of the swallows, dumbass.), until finally you’re left with those few odds-and-ends you can’t account for. That’s the stuff I love! EVPs (recordings of voices that weren’t there while originally recording) are my personal favorite… plus they give me a delicious thrill that I can’t get from watching movies, purely because there’s a chance, incredibly slim as it may be, that what I’m hearing is REAL.

            I don’t ‘ghost hunt’ personally (I don’t have the patience and I’m too easily creeped out) but I still adore the subject. Of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt that it meshes nicely with my fascination for gore.

            PS: If you read all of that you deserve a cookie!

      1. I read an article about this suicide. The article claimed the recording was destroyed or “locked away”. VHS recorders were rare in the mid-70’s. It’s interesting the recording has been made public. Unlike Budd Dwyer’s suicide, there was no build up to the event. The head shot came suddenly. I find that a bit shocking.

        1. I literally cannot wait for that day, omg. I have a weird fascination with Tim and his story, for some odd reason the Grizzly Man movie completely fucked with my head. I had to turn it off in the middle of that coroner dude describing the audio. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it right now even. Bizarre! Not much else makes me cringe … the only other video I can think of that I’ve had to turn off is a clit piercing on efukt. Oh and most animal gore, no ty, just not interested… but pretty much anything else, including all of BG, np. I don’t understand. At all. They didn’t even show anything graphic in the movie(that I saw, anyways), it was just spoken about.

          Back to Tim though … this is gonna sound crazy but I have a theory that a portion of the audio is actually available online, despite what many people seem to think/say. There are 2 clips of audio online right(well, actually, apparently there’s a 3rd as well but I have never been able to track that one down), and at first glance they seem completely fake(one more so than the other), however, the shorter of the 2 – after some digging – I think may actually be a short portion of the actual death audio.

          What makes me think this is that the pilot who originally flew into the camp and found what was left of Tim & Amy makes mention in an early interview that there is a portion of the tape “on the internet already” and, if you read closely on a website belonging to a “friend” of Tims’, he mentions a conversation with the coroner involved in the case/interviewed on Grizzly Man wherein he (the coroner) *also* makes mention of the tape being “available online”.

          Now, okay, beyond this: there is a detailed description available on the same website of the death audio where there are mentions made of things like wind, rain and grunts from the bear. We all know Hollywood and other fake shit love to overdo it with the fake animal sounds but again, the shorter of the 2 clips has minimal animal sounds, only a few seemingly random grunts, snorts & (kinda)moans, on top of the sounds of a storm &, at times, what sounds like movement/flapping of a canvas tent which appear to line up *perfectly* with the mid-portion of the audio, as described by those who’ve heard it.

          Yes, an old blogpost from the coroner + Tims’ “friend” make mention of a clip of audio online that *IS* fake, but I think when they say this they are talking about the OTHER clip(which yes, does sound fake as fuck).

          Maybe I’m just crazy(probably lol) but idk, after a lot of digging & reading & such, I think it’s a possibility.

        1. @dethbyplaster when a woman speaks deadpan to me, all I hear is someone trying very hard to not to scream at me in a full explosion. this chick was talking the same way my ex-girlfriend was talking when she questioned me about another girl, right before she flipped out and tried to burn my shit. I cannot predict the future so I resort to observing patterns.

      1. When you think of it in those terms when a whore can’t have children and no man to exploit whilst rearing her fleshy offspring blobs then really what else has she got to look forward to? She loses the’ive got it all’ persona these post world war 2 whores are obsessed with attaining, and she knows men may look at her different now she won’t be squelching any flesh droplets from her worn out flapping flower. She could spend her days being a filthy whore but apart from that she probably had nothing else to offer this 3 dimensional plane. Maybe the pressure of not fitting in with the rest of her female clan is what drove her to the edge

        1. It will be mainly due to her being unable to rear children and the loss of exploitation of a male and thus the thrill it brings them over many years of deviant behaviour…(they call it duping delight)that really drove her to it, you can almost certainly GAURANTEE a female will not off herself over a male cos they know having that damp split at the peak of their thighs can attract another cash machine/male.

          1. Ya, it’s unusual for them to kill themselves over a specific man. But maybe it was the cumulative effect of years of rejection (if she was really a virgin) which took its tool, on her auto-esteem and ego. I mean, it’s much easier for a girl to lose her virginity, there are loads of guys who want to fuck girls, even the fat and ugly ones can get dick (The only way a guy may lose his virginity in an easier way is paying for it). Although, when it comes to long term relationships things are different, so maybe her standards were much too high, who knows. I am just speculating.

    1. There are many speculations and no real conclusions other than she was depressed and her “suicide note” was in fact her surviving not dying from the gun shot, so was it a dumb accident or on purpose who knows

        1. Yes @undergroundweller, the cards she was holding and reading from, or her notes for what she wanted to talk about on air that day continued on in third person that she was in “critical condition at such and such hospital” you might find her Wikipedia info useful for your inquiry should you wish to think the info there accurate all the other info is shared there as well as her mental history, previous thoughts on suicide etc etc

          1. I’ll take a look, but that’s interesting, what you’ve described. So, she had the news notes written as if she were in critical condition. Very puzzling, maybe she was in search of attention if that were the case. She seems quite angry/frustrated when she talks about all the blood and guts thing. Maybe the fact that she usually reported on and was exposed to bad news took a tool on her already depressed state. Maybe a combination of both. I can only try to guess…

          2. Now don’t quote me on it or anything but, my understanding is she never quite fit in always suffered from depression (hinted at bipolar, not popularly diagnosed in the time period) and she was socially awkward to say the least. Yes her one close friend happened to be entangled with her secret crush and then said friend moved away, so she was even more isolated, then there was her opinion with her work, she didn’t like the direction they were taking , she was basically wanting to be noticed. I don’t know, but I do know that she did her research on suicide. Got permission from her boss to do a story on suicide and after some skit didn’t play of a school shooting she shot herself. Something she had been telling other people she worked with she would do but they brushed it off. I honestly think she wanted to survive it, but took to much of a risk shooting her head.

          3. Underground if you get the chance see the film ‘ Christine’ ( Rebecca Hall) its obvious why she did it . I think by her words ‘ attempted suicide’ she thought she might live, she had previously taken an overdose in 1970. She did live after this but only for another 14 hours.

          4. Wow…guess that makes this video appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Here’s one poor soul that never found its match.

            I googled her out of curiosity, just to see what she looked like. She wasn’t immediately attractive, but she definitely wasn’t ugly. I think the weariness of battling depression evident in her face is what restrains her beauty; makes her look like she’s been a chain smoker for a long time.

            “This is the story of a girl
            Who cried a river and drowned the whole world
            And though she looks so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her
            When she smiles”

          5. I agree the depression aged her , this reminds me of Ian Curtis ( Joy Division) had the same desperately sad eyes. A couple of people said this is fake but if you search the original crime scene pics it is exactly the same . And she’s wearing the black and white print dress here reported back in 74

      1. Yeah some doubt because I question everything I read. I’m just stating what I read about it..that the producer or whoever of the show said this wasn’t real. That and articles I read with people commenting about specific things in the video that looks edited. Etc…

        1. @horrorgirl I’m usually very skeptical about things of this nature, but I stumbled onto this wiki last week – with, at the time, the most recent update saying that it was confirmed a copy does exist, but they had no idea if/when it might ever be seen. The fact a quite good looking tape has emerged less than a week after that update lends credence to its veracity.

          lostmediawiki dot com/The_Christine_Chubbuck_Tape_(Lost_On-Air_Suicide_Footage;_1974)

          At first I did think fugazi, too – but they have a great image of the actual set-piece and it’s identical in every detail to the purported footage. If it is fake they also have some talented visual engineers who were able to reproduce such realistic and period-consistent static and errant magnetic-tape artifacts. If dubious it nonetheless is insanely well done.

          Then again I’ve also heard some film on the subject matter was or will be soon released – which means, if true, the timing could not be more perfect for those involved to get asses in seats….so…..?

          Regardless, it’s all quite interesting and entertaining.

        1. I’m not a big fan of the holiday, either. Especially not when it falls on a day when I have to work. Cook a fucking magical dinner so a bunch of douchebags can woo their shallow girlfriends into condom-free sex. Meanwhile, I’m waiting to get off work so I can get my Valentines loving from a mean little Korean masseuse who knows how to suck a dick AND fake an orgasm. No blue balls or bruised egos for this scumbag…

          1. @dethbyplaster I hear ya. Not like I was saying everyone is shallow. Im shallow. So I see only what reflects off the puddle I’m skipping through. Good on you guys for keeping it tight though separated. That never worked out so well for my shallow friends. Lol

        1. Pretty easy to make a grainy video nowadays with all the crazy techie shit they got. Plus they’re are programs that you can download to make your video look like it’s made in the 70s, 80s..etc..the old vhs look.

          1. @despy..what makes people do a lot of crazy things they do. People fake videos all the time, some not for financial gain but pure attention seeking. Who knows? Get people talking.

  2. She is from Hudson, Ohio, one of the wealthiest cities in the state and moved to Florida probably realizing what a shit hole it really is (as I am from Ohio, born and raised (some immediate family in Hudson, although I was raised in a small town) and have lived in Florida the past 16yrs) and it’s pretty damn depressing I must say. And to come from a state as boring as Ohio and be able to say that, you know Florida isn’t all its cracked up to be!

    1. The same where I’m from. Drugs everywhere crime high alcohol abuse dark grey weather boxed in houses packed like sardines immigrants that don’t speak English, it’s just a low vibrational energy kind of feel, not many people smile or be friendly unless you know them. The UK has become a lost country it’s struggling with its identity and the winters are too fucking long.

        1. @dethbyplaster You hit the nail on the head. Well it’s more or less like any state: Bigger cities swamped with blacks and the small towns are 3/4-90 some percent whites. Florida is nothing but immigrants EVERYWHERE. English is getting so close to being the 2nd language in this state and in the Miami area it actually might be now. Orlando was named one of the top retirement cities in the country last year due to all of the development here (I have been here 16yrs and major construction is literally never ending, and annoying as fuck! Yes they try and fix it for the roads to be better but once the pathway is cleared on to the next cluster fuck.) @haydolf_hittler Ohio is burning in the sense that if you live anywhere other than a bigger city, you have the same mere handful (at most) of restaurants and small bars which equals people getting overly bored and turning their interests to drugs and alcohol big time. There are no night clubs where I’m from for the younger crowd, unless you take the drive to Cleveland or Erie, PA. There are a few wineries for your middle age and a small handful of theme parks within driving distance around the state (but how many times can you have the same type of meaningful fun at a water park or an amusement park when they are closed 75% of the year due to bad weather? Unless you really enjoy playing in the snow or hitting up the beach during the 3 months in the summer it’s warm enough to, you pretty much rely on family time. It’s peaceful for sure and I appreciate it more with age but you only have so many options up there.

          1. @haydolf_hittler
            Excuse my retarded auto correct. I don’t know what what the hell that first sentence that got fucked up is supposed to mean! Lmfao! But please interpret it as you wish cause now I haven’t the faintest clue!

          2. cedar point was awesome!
            very last time I went I came back home around 2am and turned TV on. princess Diana was all over the news, dead.

      1. Haha, everythings eventual seems to fit this site and the aspects of what goes on. I was genuinely happy to see this video up. It’s the little things that make ya smile man lol happy valentines day to all! Eat ass, smoke grass, and all will pass 😉

  3. This woman wastes away her most fertile years for the sake of that career that she absolutely HAD to have…

    Then she worries about said fertility when she’s close to her thirties?…

    Obviously no one told her the definition of the term “priority”…

    1. No, her priorities were in the correct order. First, you make sure you are financially secure, and THEN you start bringing kids into the world. Maybe subconsciously she realized that, as lonely as she felt, she might end up getting knocked up by the first bum who presented himself and end up having to take care of the child by herself.

      I think she was a victim of circumstance. According to Wikipedia (a more credible source than most of us would like to believe), she actually DID have a boyfriend, but he happened to be a Jew, and her anti-Semitic father shooed him away (or dissuaded her from seeing him, one of the two). Also, she developed a problem with her reproductive system that severely limited the amount of time in which she would be able to conceive.

      1. I’ll have to disagree. Maybe the thing of being financially secure applies more to men, since men can wait until an older age to have children, although even after the ages of 42-43 problems start to arise (I forgot the name, but there is a form of dwarfism more prevalent in children of men over 42-43). When it comes to women, the optimal age of reproducing is around the mid 20s, or mid to late 20s, 25, or between 25-30. After that, things decay, but from 30 to 35 it’s still relatively OK, although I’ve read studies which show that children of women aged 30-35 are less healthy and have lower IQs than those of women aged 25-30. After 35 things get worse. It’s got something to do with bad mutations that tend to accumulate the older you are. And these effects of having children at an older age end up passing down to future generations, since they are genetic. So, while it’s important to have money to raise your child, money comes and goes, and women can have men that are somewhat older to account for that, while the genetic effects of having children at an older age trickle down forever in the genetic make-up of the prole.

      2. No… her priorities weren’t in the correct order… hundreds of millenia of human reproduction proves you wrong…

        Secondly… you’re a faggot…
        Child reproduction or raising children for that matter is something you obviously know nothing about… nor care to…

        People that don’t want to reproduce for the sake of spite has only proven that their genetics don’t need to be passed on…

        Just be thankful that ALL of our parents didn’t think the way you do…

        1. feminism is driven by zionism. sweden is a shithole, that’s why i moved to norway. sweden is a perfect example of the total emasculation of the male population through zionist social engineering. they use every tool at their disposal. i have found that it’s always best to keep my eyes on the bigger elephant in the room.

          1. I actually was surprised by how many things I agreed with however the couple items I did not agree with were voiced so outlandishly they were counterproductive to video as a whole. it was then I was rather turned off and continued to watch more so because I implied I would, not because I wanted to.

            drop the idea of me getting off to some random dude raping me and you just may have yourself a video
            wtf, inc.

          2. This is what I mean by dismantling everything bit by bit part by part and you can see patterns and problems forming and how they link together. What you see in this video is how I approach every issue that affects society. I’m not just ranting when I’m here I’m also trying to open your minds as to what the fuck is at the roots of our misery and suffering. Anyway glad you enjoyed buddy

    1. what the hell do you have me watching, I just hit that first animation! nice strut monkeylady!

      I shall continue on slow and buffered path only because dudes voice doesn’t get on my nerves as he relays all my evils

      1. I actually was surprised by how many things I agreed with however the couple items I did not agree with were voiced so outlandishly they were counterproductive to video as a whole. it was then I was rather turned off and continued to watch more so because I implied I would, not because I wanted to.

        drop the idea of me getting off to some random dude raping me and you just may have yourself a video
        wtf, inc.

        1. Yep, those statistics were maybe the most puzzling part of the video for me, like, women have rape fantasies and such, but the statistics seemed out of proportion. I could be wrong, though, as I haven’t seen the article, and as fear does make women get turned on it may be a possibility that the numbers are true. With that said, the rest of the video is in general very insightful. It used historical perspective of how empires collapsed combined with perceived trends of the decline of society nowadays and biology (natural selection).

          1. It’s definitely true about civilizations going under when the childlike feminine becomes a cog in the structure. It’s a totally different logic to the male energy. Female energy is emotion but not strength and logic. Men’s is naturally to build and protect. When emotion runs amok in society its a childlike emotional energy from females they have soft voices and soft bodies so the child literally sees her as a large child, watch most women( normal ones) around a baby and they become baby like its In their nature. It’s their natural energy. This is not what builds complex and structured society which need logic and strength to keep them grinding those gears. Although you see a body of flesh the actual frequency and energy field of men and women is drastically different. They have their own roles, you can’t fight nature. When the two mix in roles they shouldn’t it distorts the energy and breakdown WILL occur. This is what has happened in Sweden, that emotional scatter brained off the cuff type of thinking just thrown into a civilization built by men who think of protection and logical thought patterns is crippling and a systematic spanner in the works is inevitable. And there’s the old law once again the strongest always survive! This will never change, and its true that a woman is as only safe as the men who protect her. If islam did conquer Europe it also means no more women involved in politics. You are and always will be the weakest link ladies. And whenever a new army of males comes in to control that land or region you have to adapt. Keep inviting 3rd world scum eventually they will be your masters and you their slaves.

    2. I actually was surprised by how many things I agreed with however the couple items I did not agree with were voiced so outlandishly they were counterproductive to video as a whole. it was then I was rather turned off and continued to watch more so because I implied I would, not because I wanted to.

      drop the idea of me getting off to some random dude raping me and you just may have yourself a video
      wtf, inc.

          1. @desp Men are extremely bothered by women having sex with multiple partners. It’s the source of most of their anger towards women. The general rule has always been men sleep with as many partners as they want; women stay pure. Well, I didn’t want to marry a man who had fucked scores of women. And he didn’t want to marry a women who had slept with many men. We have a similar past and we get along well.

  4. That’s weird, yesterday I was watching vintage suicide videos in this site and I watched Budd Dwyer’s one. A day later, this is posted. Is this some kind of sorcery?!

  5. Wow…guess that makes this video appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Here’s one poor soul that never found its match.

    I googled her out of curiosity, just to see what she looked like. She wasn’t immediately attractive, but she definitely wasn’t ugly. I think the weariness of battling depression evident in her face is what restrains her beauty; makes her look like she’s been a chain smoker for a long time.

    “This is the story of a girl
    Who cried a river and drowned the whole world
    And while she looks so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her
    When she smiles”


    1. I agree, she wasn’t neither pretty nor ugly, she was so so. Like, she wasn’t fat and had everything in her face in place, but you can notice how her expression is unhealthy, like you said, of a heavy chain smoker, like, she was 29 years old but looked as if she was 39.

  6. Damn, i got excited for a moment. I have also been wanting to see this and I feel quite dissatisfied right now. I saw some footage of the broadcast before this and it doesnt seem to match up but maybe I just feel let down. Hope everyone had fun or at least got laid or ate good chocolate
    And when I say the broadcast before this i mean from earlier in her broadcast from before this moment. Im going to recheck and see why i feel such a disconnect

  7. One of the comments on Liveleak states this about the video:
    “It was said that the only copy of the event went to the station manager or station owner who would never release it.

    October, 2016, Dailymail UK reported 2 new films were in the works for 2017 release, and were released at Sundance film festival.

    I suspect this is footage is from the movie, perhaps someone did a weird “alien-at-area-51” type of re-blending to give the footage an “aged, not stored properly film” of type of look.”

    So I guess a movie was made or something and this is supposed to be from it?

    1. I stumbled onto the ‘Lost Media Wiki” for the first time the same day the subject was lighting up again. They posted that there was reason to believe dissemination was imminent.

      That’s a bit crazy if what you said’s true – is it a drama or documentary? Romcom? Porn? I hope it’s porn – she was kinda hot. In the same way that Gloria Steinem was hot back then – the way that says crazy feminazis fuck like champs.

  8. regardless of the validity of this clip, she still got fucking famous man!
    Also she isn’t an attention whore, she’s drawing attention to the whores, a whore that she could never be.
    Um fuck I’m rambling but I just woke up, give me a break already?

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