Christmas in Thailand – Shotgun Suicide

Christmas in Thailand - Shotgun Suicide

This past Christmas a Thai decided to end his own life via shotgun in Songkhala Province, Thailand. He used the tried and true method of the shotgun. Pistol grip must have made it a tad easier to pull off. Nothing beats a close range shotgun blast to the head in sheer amount of head devastation along with projection of brain and skull matter all over the immediate area, making one hell of a job for the poor guys stuck with cleaning your ass up. Inconsiderate assholes, I tell ya…

Dec. 25, 2014 From time to time 20.59 radio rescue Center in Songkhla province (Friendship Centre) Foundation for friendship, harmony Hutong Sierra both tueng (Hat Yai) informed why the deaths by firearm incident occurred 1 m area. A. bang klam, Songkhla with rescue Kit เธฃ.เธ•., a. Jones, skin color. Bang klam and sop staff investigation officials from the event stack sut evidence. I found a 1 man killed list (name-address on the card.) A child’s song was the firing pin sarawut on exfoliate until crack spread death incident. Ask the people do not know the cause of death, this time over a hundred. Rato. sop skin color will simply cause the investigation to bang klam died here. Their death is a Prime. Local bang klam Rescue kit made moving the body who died to keep the hospital bang klam and moved later to the forensic area hospital to wait for relatives to get cr 451 apai เธ•เนˆ rescue. 210 rescue remix-illness-accident _ _ emergency.

Bang klam? Sounds like the noise of the shotgun going off and then hitting the floor. Mad props to DaSilvaFlipFlops for the hookup.

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      1. That’s the kind of shotgun that you fire from the hip,yes? Or up at eye level in a forward stance? Whichever, I would love to have one just like that one! Ones with stocks, fucking kill my shoulder without shoulder protection

    1. They celebrate christ-mass MORE with the extra influx of foreigners to scam.

      They have no respect for ‘westerners’ who incidentally, provide millions of dollars for further corruption……. What a cesspit of garbage.

      Be warned SOB….. Visit at your peril.

      1. @seven

        WTF? When did you go there? Don’t believe everything you hear, it’s not healthy. Do you think that suicide by shotgun does not happen in your god damn US OF a? Of course it does, the only difference is that western society would rather keep mental illness under covers and it is taboo to discuss sucked, so it’s never reported in the media, so you never hear about it.everything that happens in Thailand ( the cess pit of garbage as you call it) happens exactly just as it does in your country.

        In most cases and God knows why because I think it ghastly, but most ‘ideas’ that catch on are like infections caught by other countries, DIRECTLY FROM THE USA.
        I have visited and the place is fucking awesome.

    1. The best way is to blow your head with a big powerful gun. Fuck jumping in front of a train or hanging yourself. There are people that fail like that guy with the deformed face. My friend back in the 90’s blew his head with a shotgun.

        1. Depends on the round and I also read something on BestGore once about flinchers. The determined ones put the gun in their mouth or tuck it tightly under their chin, the drama queens pull away at the last second and shoot off their jaw, face or frontal lobe which you can survive without. Bang. No Klam.

      1. Really? That’s so sweet!!! Thanks,I was worried too about that ‘six monther” thing cneska sayd I didn’t want you guys to think I quit to the site or that I had enough I just wasn’t able to

    1. It was in the upper part of his forehead, all his teeth should be still intact. He can have an open casket if they slap a baseball cap on. “Honey, why is his cap covering his eyeballs?!?!?!” LoL.

  1. Thailand has taken the lead, Brazil has some catching up to do. This is a fine contest, the result of which at the end of the year, is anyone’s guess. If I had to bet I’d put my money on Brazil though, those guys really do know how to do gore.
    Haven’t seen or heard much from Mejico of late. Have they gone pacifist down there or something !?, Obama stopped the gun run !?

    1. Nah this country is worst than ever now we don’t have freedom of speech if you now something they just kill you and nobody do something they just cover it up with some shitty news or famous people deaths that’s why it never make it to the media,luckily we finally move to a less shitty place

    1. I had enough of this country too and I have never think in suicide the only thing that keeps me sane is planning how to kill everyone I hate and get away with that,oh and some pills ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. OFF TOPIC ——– Prince Andrew accused of underage sexual behavior.

    Who says the monarchy aren’t fallible…… or human.

    Being an Aussie I find an ‘overlord’ ridiculous and the sooner we become independent the better.

    Some of you may remember when Eddie McGuire tried to push for a republican country but was blasted out of the arena by jewish self-serving monarchists.

    Best Gore has taught me well :mrgreen:

  3. I was thinking the same thing about the bloody mess. At least do that in the bath tub with the shower curtain pulled in so the splatter stays inside and some of the blood goes down the drain. An easy clean up for the family.

    Not like this scene where the brain lands on the keyboard and you have flesh stuck in your only fan, acting as your air conditioner in the most humid place on the planet. What a selfish prick!

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