Colombian Cop Shoots Himself in Head After Argument with Thot

Colombian Cop Shoots Himself in Head After Argument with Thot

Colombian Cop Shoots Himself in Head After Argument with Thot

A Colombian police captain committed suicide in front of a thot he had genuine feelings for, but failed to realize women ride cock carousel and have no room in their thot life to give a shit about a man’s feelings.

The incident happened in a warehouse of military garments, adjacent to the command of the Metropolitan Police in the center of Medellin, the Antioquia Department, Colombia. The victim was identified as captain Edilberto Ortiz Correa.

According to the police report, the captain, commander of the Special Security Operative Group (Grupo Operativo Especial de Seguridad – GOES), of the Metropolitan Police of the Aburrá Valley, arrived at the warehouse to talk with his girlfriend.

After arguing for a bit, Ortiz Correa unsheathed his service weapon, put it against his temple and pulled the trigger. The shot was fatal.

The images of the CCTV video capturing the last moments of his life appear to suggest the thot who made him commit suicide sports a rather unattractive, plastic appearance. Which makes his action so much more puzzling.

Props to Best Gore member @gymbucaro80 for the video:

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118 thoughts on “Colombian Cop Shoots Himself in Head After Argument with Thot”

    1. “Straight on phone to next man”

      Exactly! What a stupid asshole. When will these idiots ever learn?

      I guess they really don’t deserve to be in the gene pool anyways.

      To quote Bill Hicks: “We lost another moron, I just felt the world get lighter.”

    2. Fuck the Cops, and that’s quite a pathetic death to kill yourself over a whore looking bitch. I hope he had real reasons such as finances, watching people he cared about die. I wish all the state troopers and whatever crooked cops would do this. They don’t protect and serve, more like hunt and kill.

      1. I always find it funny when someone states, “fuck the cops!” Hahahaha someone got their little tiny bag of weed took from their piece of shit car who probably had the tail lights out and was going out to buy milk for their Mama. These same people get a flat tire and wave the first cop down because they’re pussies and can’t change it themselves. You don’t see badass real men say…”fuck the cops” because they are handling their business. Go smoke another bowl and snack on some tuna casserole your mama made. You’re welcome pussy.

    3. Am I the only one that’s gonna question why the video is recorded on a cell phone, then recorded on another cell phone recording the other cell phone? I mean come on. The cop wasn’t the STUPID one here, just the dead one.

  1. Her grief lasted 4 seconds (or am I thinking too highly of her?!). She was quick to arrange the next blowjob over the phone. Women don’t give a fuck about sensitive manginas. Treat her like shit, ignore her, and fuck her hard in the pussy when you do see her, and she’ll “love” you. Women want dominant, insensitive and ruthless men. Still, they’ll love you for what you can provide, emotionally, financially and genetically wise, and not for who you are as a person. Remember that lads.

    1. But that depends on your circle of communication. I was dicking around many kinds of people in my life, and knew a number of hipster artistic bisexual women (make what you will of that definition) who were clearly into femenine sensitive men, and prioritized feelings over cocks. Typically an art major, dyed hair, flashy clothes, listens to indie rock, likes anime, drinks pumpkin latte, read books, not planing to have children until she’s at least 35… besides riding a cock, doesn’t mind a pussy or two… generally a nice person.

    2. As mulheres não querem o que dizem que querem. Há algo irracional que as atrai para homens violentos e rudes, desde a época das cavernas, mas elas não admitem. Os bonzinhos ficam por último.

      A propósito, é bom vê-lo de volta.

      1. Claro, é ingenuidade acreditar que em poucos milénios algo que funcionou durante centenas de milhares de anos muda. Mas também é insensato crer que apenas os homens são visuais, já que as mulheres dão tanta importância à aparência quanto nós. Apenas a manifestação de interesse é que difere. Em muitos sentidos continuamos a ser os primatas bípedes primitivos que éramos há 400 mil anos atrás.

  2. This shit never ceases to amaze. All the women wandering around loose, easily had for the cost of a smile and a kind word, and dumbasses get worked up and kill themselves over a particular one. Idiots. Good riddance.

      1. It’s been my experience that most women, from all walks of life, have been treated so poorly by the men in their lives that when you treat them with civility and respect it short circuits them. They don’t know how to react. It leaves them so confused that almost every time they fall back on animal instinct. Animal instinct instructs the female to attempt to mate with a particularly attractive male when one happens by. It’s worked for me for almost fifty years.

  3. GUYS,go easy on this man-not getting 1 woman out of 4 billions(or w.e the ammount of women in the world is) is a good reason to shoot yourself AND it’s more stuff for us to watch 🙂

  4. She must be packing one hell of a taco between those ripped thighs, and tits that are hard as rock and point to the ceiling.
    Fucking bitch! Btw: as long as she’s free now, anyone have her number?

    1. Fuck, I can make out her camel toe even on that small grainy screen, but most of all I’m in love with her lackadaisical, devil may care approach to seeing her boyfriend shoot himself in the head, nothing like a whimsical woman.
      Ya gotta love a gal like that!

  5. I bet she doesn’t even do gassers in bed, or leave the bathroom door open when she takes a shit. There’s gotta be something besides the loss of those thighs, ass, and clam shell, to drive a man to kill himself.

  6. this makes me sad. i mean, she didn’t even have a reaction to that man shooting himself in the head right in front of her. i would have immediately went to him and held him while bartering my soul to the devil for his life. god. fucking. damn. that is one cold bitch. i don’t get why men fall in love with this type of woman. there are good women out there that wouldn’t drive a man to suicide. or so i hear, i am not one of them… but they’re out there somewhere! 😀

          1. Hahahah 😀
            …She is dilemma..

            “Now i have problem. His gang in blue will maybe harassing me? Hm…”
            “Wait! I can…I can please them! Yes! Everything will be just fine and i have all fun and protection to!”

  7. All That For A Thot. I likes that New Word *THOT* Mark, lol. Where Da-Fuck D’ya Come-up with
    All these funny words man?? That Dumb-Ass Motherfucker Should Have Thot-it-out, and joined the MGTOW Group As He Would Have THOT About-It First, at least we Thot He Would Of. 😉

    How Do You Love Me Now,, You Carouseling Whore. 🙁

  8. You can tell he was raised by a woman. …. Dude, In death she gave a “Dirty Rats Azz” about you son! … You Killed yourself & she picked up the phone NOT to call 911 but to make arrangements to Suck a Cock later. …. Poor Dummy.

  9. Been watching a lot of Bangkok and Philapinese vblog and then found a vice documentary on sex turrist babies and how they never met their daddies, looks like a real good time just in time for retirement. Lucky me gonna get all the poon a growing boy could ever want. But that dude and the thot…I love my bestgore people long-time. -951-

    1. @drturbo , no bullshit young beautiful Filipinas will find you attractive as long as you are a foreigner who can potentially get them out of that hellhole of a country. See the woman live on Skype to be sure of her looks. Every last one will try to get money from you with a sad story. Do not give them anything or they will string you along. They lie and maybe have a boyfriend or husband. Who cares? Good luck buddy! 😉

  10. minute 1: change relationship-status to single
    minute 2: make boomerang-video for instagram with an “oh”-face-expression
    minute 4: make selfie with victim
    minute 5: first incoming messages

  11. Ok so I haven’t even watched the video yet, but the cliff notes and the still shot say a lot. A woman that dresses like that to go to “work” and said work happens to be a supply house for any kind of uniformed service, and is next door to the HQ, is trouble. Sadly he did not see this for what it was, and I would imagine this final poor judgement call was probably not his first glaring application of bad decision making…..being a Columbian policeman has to be pretty high on that list though…

  12. Retarded faggot cannot even hold a fucking phone properly, Colombian cops are retarded, poorly trained, or both. They are giving guns to people with mental problemsl Also I forgot to mention that they are fucking cowards, they were crying like pussies when that car-bomb exploded a few weeks ago. Wonder what was talking about with the bitch

  13. To all my fello man who wants to kill ur self over a hoe. Don’t do it.
    So many women out there man.
    U kill ur self and the hoe will just continue to live her whore life fucking and having fun while ur 12feet under ground.
    So don’t be a stupid fuck.
    And find ur self a new pussy is all good. And if u can’t get another woman cuz u ugly as fuck then jerk off but don’t kill ur self over a woman man. Is pathetic and stupid.

  14. What a beautiful man to be wasted over such a load of crap. He could have anyone he wanted. I just don’t understand what could have possibly been going on in his mind. It is just too crazy especially over someone of no importance whatsoever. What is anyone to say? I just wish this could be undone and he could find a decent woman to keep him happy. I don’t know. Sad. Poor man. The power women have over men is …uh…. well… maybe too much. RIP and I hope you have the right partner now to keep you happy and healthy forever! I am sorry to see you in such pain that you had to do this. It is really, really sad. Again, I wish the best and I am ever so sorry.

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