Colombian Single Mother Jumps from Bridge, Takes 10 Year Old Son with Her

It Was a Long Way Down from the Bridge

Colombian Single Mother Jumps from Bridge, Takes 10 Year Old Son with Her

32 year old single mother identified as Jessy Paola Moreno Cruz committed suicide by jumping form a bridge while holding her 10 year old son in the arms, killing the innocent child too.

The authorities in the capital of Tolima investigate whether the woman had any kind of threat.

The incident happened on a bridge under construction that connects the municipalities of Ibagué and Cajamarca in the department of Tolima, Colombia.

Several people tried to argue the woman out of jumping, but she eventually let go to plunge into the abyss below the bridge.

Preliminary investigation by the authorities indicates that the single mother decided to commit murder-suicide due to the debts she had accumulated, which lead to the debt collectors calling relentlessly.

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Props to Best Gore member @jess0518 for the videos:

Here’s also a video filmed from the bridge. It doesn’t show the woman taking the leap, just the people who tried to reason with her reacting when she finally lets go. It’s a long video. The jump happens at around 11:55.

Gallery of pics:

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147 thoughts on “Colombian Single Mother Jumps from Bridge, Takes 10 Year Old Son with Her”

    1. What a cunt!
      She wasn’t starving or poor.
      Look at her makeup & fancy clothes, hats & glasses. She even had gloves on.
      She took ‘selfies’ every 5 minutes, so she had a smart phone, and she seemed to have a car.
      The point I’m making is that this cunt had everything compared to alot of people, yet killed herself & an innocent (for now) kid.
      What a cunt!!

          1. @badfairy Yes because it’s all about her. Her whole life was all about her. You can see from those photos posing with the boy with all that fake affection whilst looking at the camera, not at the boy. Selfish whore.

    2. He’s so funny, the crouching guy, he listens to the wall, he’s watching the crowd. He has a plan. Clearly, useless, but he’s planning. I see those wheels turning. He wants to be the hero, the sneaky weird hero

  1. She doesn’t seem to hold the kid very tightly on that photo. You think she might have told him something like they were going to some fairy land with rainbows and unicorns and no wars no bullies and a caring rich papa?

    He could have easily escaped, but it seems he didn’t wanna.

          1. @HfN,
            The worst part was that when I asked why my dad told me it was because I was a bad boy and that if I didn’t start being good then the rest of it would have to come off.
            From that day on I made my bed every day, kept my room clean and never argued with my parents again… until I found out that they were just shitting me.

      1. @Phoenix
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      1. I am actually thinking of commiting suicide soon. but I am thinking of doing it by train and let it run over my legs. how long time would I need to bleed out? reason that I won’t let it decapitate me, is because I have 2 sisters and my mother. I don’t wish for them to see my like that.

        1. Not a good idea. After the legs come off the ateries spasm shut and retract inward. I’d give you more advice but I don’t want you to kill yourself. Please get some help. Btw, besides being a medical man, I actually saw a crack head step into a train in Mathis Tx. Cut his right arm near the shoulder and left leg off near the hip. Very min bleeding and he survived, fucking dumbass, the train was going 3 miles hour. Last I heard he’s got a peg leg, and was suing the RR!

        2. We all need to do meet ups. Every one of us who is suicidal. Spend our last moments together and then kill ourselves together. Dying alone is kinda scary and you always get second thoughts but if there are more people doing the same thing, there’s some comfort in that.

        3. Don’t be a dumbass. You will probably be rescued before you bleed out and then have to live without legs. Decapitate yourself. They’ll close your casket and no one will have to see that shit.. And if you are so worried about family being upset maybe don’t kill yourself?
          But if you do make sure you record it for us!

          1. Yeah, there’s an English movie where this chick & her b/f are gonna jump together, but on count of 3 – she let’s go of his hand and she stays, while he jumps!
            Funny as hell!
            A real: Touche !

      1. @HIV,
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        It took me nine months to get out of that snatch and I’ve spent most of my life trying to get back inside them.

  2. What a complete cunt. Probably the reason why she took the poor child’s life is because she was a fuck up, everyone knew and the father wanted full custody. So the whore thought if I can’t have him no one can. Hope there is a hell and she’s rotting in it.

  3. bitch have right to give the boy life.

    but not to take the life of the boy back.

    fucking whore shouldnt even be able to get burried but let to rot in a pit somewhere in the forest. thoses kind of peoples dont deserve pity nor honor.

  4. Fucken-Cunt Should Have Given the Child To The Father Cause (He Probably/Most-Likely) Was One Of Those Decent/Responsible Guys (That You Mention @VincitOmniaVeritas ) With A Real Good Job that she *Only Used* to Create/Spawn A Child With. Cause then she would Enable Her to Get Nice, And “Regular” Child-Support Payments.

    But because her Lifestyle Choices meant that she had to spend more than she could afford to keep it up, she ended-up killing the Child That Dad (Who Most-Probably Spent A Small Fortune), and fought real hard in court in order to even have access, and visitation rights to, would have erased all the bad parenting and would have started-off french with That Poor Little Boy. Therefore being only 10 years old he would of had a chance to live a good Life With Dad. A Real “Fucking Tragedy” Dad & Boy 🙁

    1. Or maybe she didn’t know who the child’s father is, or maybe she did and he didn’t pay child support.

      Are all you woman haters gay? Or just rejected so often you have become so bitter. Or do you just think you’re funny?

      1. Holy-Fuck @Don
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            I don’t give a fuck if you and Mark tag team multiple bitches or each other.

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  6. Whatever caused her to jump I don’t give a fuck.

    But to take that youngster with her, what a fucking cow.

    Someone said further up she has the right to give him life but not take it away. 100% agreed.

  7. Okay boys and girls… I’m pretty fucking drunk and stoned tonight as I have made it through another depressing birthday. I usually leave short replies here but tonight I have been working on one that I will now start typing in. Could take me a while.

    1. The best part is reading all the drunk posts the next day, while shaking your head. That’s what I do anyway. I often have to figure out why I posted so many music videos, and what the fuck they had to do with anything.

      1. Haha! Same here. It’s often cringe level, 100. At least you have good taste in music (to me anyway) most other people on here would just say ooga booga… even if it’s a really good white rapper, lol.

  8. The worst thing about getting old is that the older you get the more medications you have to take in order to do the things you do on a daily basis that you once took for granted. For example… I take a pill to wake up in the morning and a pill to get to sleep at night. I take a pill to regulate my heart beat and a pill to control my blood pressure. I take a pill for my depression and another pill for my anxiety.
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    The bottom line… I gotta start smoking more pot and taking less pills. The worst that could happen is I die… but at least I will die with a smile on my face… and Doritos all over my shirt.

  9. Colombia has the most faggot cops ever! they crouch and cry together like little bitches, they are also highly untrained because during the explosion incident a few weeks ago they didn’t have a clue what to do XD

  10. I think actually this wasn’t a suicide/murder but with all these people leaning over the bridge and looking down I am convinced this was a game of Poo Sticks.
    This accounts for the Mexican cop kneeling down and being overcome with emotion – his stick obviously floated through the last.

  11. too much people being a mediator trying to stop her from plunging.. I guess everyone wants to be a hero.. at that point her mind is already confused and careless.. now we got all these people f’ken her mind up more, that’s only one thing she wants to hear all the voices ringing her head and last thing she wants to hear reminding her debt collectors!

  12. Stupid cunt. I’ll never understand how a mother can kill her children. I’m a mother and never in my life could even think in doing something like that to my kids. But, thinking with a cold mind…is better this way. Is better that kid died too, instead of seeing her mother commit suicide and having a life with that final moment, and all the subsequent suffering.
    Also, i don’t understand those people, that didn’t even try to grab them. in the picture the woman and her kid didn’t seem to be unreachable

    1. That’s what happens with Mental illness… the mind loses it’s ability to make logical choices and distinguish right from wrong. When I go through my periods of severe depression I will lay in bed for days and not answer my phone… even if it’s my kids calling me. I don’t want to be like that but it’s like my mind is going through a chemical imbalance or something because I just can’t function… as much as I want to.
      I’m not trying to justify this lady’s actions or stick up for her in any way… just pointing out the fact that she has a mental illness and was not doing things in a right state of mind.

  13. All you idiot morons have no idea what life is like for a single mother and what caused her to go into debt. Laws there don’t protect nor help women who husbands abandon them and run off with another woman leaving her to try to survive and take care of their children. Her situation was unfortunate.

    What would happen to the boy? Colombia is brutal and I can see them take it out on the kid left behind! Tortured, murdered, sold into slavery? This is not the US Asswipes!

  14. I read that she killed herself and her son because her son was diagnosed with a terminal illness and didn’t have alot of time she couldn’t bare to lose him and be without her son so she decided to commit suicide… She even wrote a letter before jumping…

  15. The Ibagué bridge, also known as the Ibagué suicide bridge. Many people have committed suicide there, however, it does not stop discouraging these facts, especially when there are children involved in the case. A friend was in that place and recorded the moment with his cell phone.

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