Colombian Singer Diana Alejandra Pulido Luke Killed by Fall from 7th Floor

Aleja Pulido in a Promo Photograph

27 year old Colombian singer Diana Alejandra Pulido Luke was found dead, half naked, wearing only blue thong on July 5, 2012 in #320 Lago Alberto, colonia Anáhuac, Mexico. Aleja Pulido fell from the balcony on the 7th floor, but it is not known whether her fall was a suicide or murder yet. The case is under investigation.

She was a TV personality after her music went viral on YouTube. Had she not died, I would never have heard of her cause her music… well, you be the judge:

I don’t see someone young and beautiful looking committing suicide just as her life starts to pick up. Her singing career just got a facelift after she closed a deal with a major record label. She was in the process of making a single to promote the upcoming album – that certainly doesn’t sound like someone who’d have suicidal tendencies. Unless she’s familiar with the 27 Club which I highly doubt.


We have removed the graphic photo of Aleja Pulido from this post after a member of her close family made contact with us. We would like to express our deepest condolences and wish those who knew and loved her strength in dealing with this tragic loss. RIP Alejandra.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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211 thoughts on “Colombian Singer Diana Alejandra Pulido Luke Killed by Fall from 7th Floor”

      1. Well, i understand you, but honestly, i never had heard about Winehouse or her music ’til she died. Cobain and Hendrix were already famous, but Amy… i think it’s the same case with Aleja. BTW, Aleja is (or was) HOTTER than Winehouse!!!

        1. I was aware of Amy Winehouse before she died but I couldn’t stand her voice. It’s too deep, like when someone who can’t sing tries to, and you immediately cringe because of how awful it is. She definitely doesn’t belong in Club 27, but with today’s lack of talent, she’s the next best thing to a new member.

          1. Well, seeing as she died at 27, and was a famous musician, yes she does deserve to be in the 27 club. Just because you don’t like her…douchebag.

        2. If you are a Brit…

          You would have known about her knock out album ‘Back to Black’…

          Which I believe is in the top 10 best selling albums of all time.

          I have always been rather fond of the doped up ole’ tart.

          1. Tom,

            Wanted to say: Sorry about your cat – but glad he had a good span. We lost ours a few years back to some kind of tongue cancer or something… very strange – I reckon the neighbour poisoned them..

            Oh; where in England are you?


          2. Cheers Ken.

            It is always sad when you lose a family pet.

            I am a Manxman by birth. But I live in Warwickshire now.

            What part of the Emerald Island do you hail from Sir?

          1. Shit I meant to say Brian Jones of the Rolling stones not Keith Moon…my bad Keith Moon wad a great drummer but as far as I know he wasnt in the Forever 27 club, the original 27 club were Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin those were the original forever 27 club…not Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse

      1. @Cloud-People- I thought the duster gave the pic a tacky appearance, but that’s just me. Also, what is up?! This is the second day in a row that the naked pic of day fails to show some boobs.

  1. I’m not surprised she commited harry carry, that music is appauling. However having known and even witnessed suicide there’s so much unexplained reasons to why they do it, even if they do appear to have everything going for them, its a mystery in alot of cases. However its quite possible she was murdered often by a jelous lover. Whatever the reason its unfortunate as she is very beautiful lady.

  2. After having some time to consider it, I’m voting it was suicide. I figure in a rare moment of sobriety, someone played her own music back to her and upon hearing it for the first time; she flung herself out the window in an attempt to escape.

  3. Music is crap, manufactured garbage. Got to wonder why she would topple herself in her g, maybe she was giving a bj and sneezed so her friend pushed her backwards and out the window the went.

  4. I cannot imagine jumping to my death in nothing but some knickers, but hell, maybe she heard a track without the autotune, midchange or such. Yeah, that’s gotta be it…

    Anyway, as a side note, I think the most beautiful suicide fall by a lady will always be held by Evelyn McHale back in 1947.

    1. Agreed. I say if you’re going to jump off a building you might as well smash the everloving fuck outta something. Or aim for an open manhole. Now THAT would be worthy of a gold star sticker next to your name on the wall of falls

  5. Oh my, that was……that just…..hmmmmm….it’s like she used a speculum on my ears and raped my ear drums with a ghost dildo dipped in cancerous sound waves. I bet her anus has a better singing voice. She was perty though

  6. Scenario 1. Homicide. She probably got into the music industry with her looks and her talent-less, auto-tuned voice whereas another hard working individual worthy of the music industry got fucking pissed off and killed her.

    Scenario 2. Homicide. Somebody, also talent-less probably got jealous of her making it in the music industry and killed her.

    Scenario 3. Homicide. I don’t know her background, but lets say she had a significant other. She cheats, thus she is killed.

    Scenario 4. Suicide. Maybe if she discovered something about herself: STD, pregnancy, or other medical issue, and it caused her to commit suicide.

    1. Another thing could be a record label killed her to boost her sales.
      They did this with elliott smith, During the time he was alive a group of men broke into his house and stole demo’s of his music because he wouldn’t release those, Those recording were sold to various mainstream artist and finally they killed him.

  7. Shes in a better place now, My heart goes out to her loved ones.
    Anyway music is something dear to me, And seeing it raped by today’s mainstream analfisters and cockgaggers is blasphemy.
    So let her death be symbolic, Katy perry/bieber/gaga etc etc, all those no talent product-slaves being shoved in our face by suit wearing reptilians will crash and burn hard.
    Look on the bright side, There are plenty of good music in under ground.
    psychadelic horseshit is a good band. hehehe

  8. It would have made my Life Not day LIFE. if she was replaced by Niki minaj Thats the only death i would Fucking Cry of joy. Why DID IT HAVE TO BE HER. Lady gaga and nikki holy fuck that would be chirstmas.

        1. Very interesting @Ego…
          Would love to know more.
          May I ask… do you identify as male or female… or both?

          Cheers sweetie.

          @Nicole… if I have ever called you ‘sweetie’ I apologize – I use that term often.

          1. @Fiend- so far, Ego is the only one. Its not that I don’t like being called that, it just brings back terrible memories.

      1. I’m not sure, But after reading ego’s comments I connected the dots,
        He/she sounds similar to a cybertranny known as little sicko.
        HE was chased out of town after receiving 130 lashes to the taint back in april.
        I may be wrong and accusing the wrong person, But I am very bored and this is all I can do for now.
        Hello ego 🙂

          1. I always wondered whatever happened to little sicko…

            I missed most of April Baked.

            What happened?… In greater detail.

            How did you ‘out’ him?

          2. Little Sicko used a picture of a hot chick as avatar. It attracted a lot of attention from male population on BG. But Little Sicko’s comments sounded very immature so Mark started to suspect that the owner of the account could be underaged and pre-emptively banned it, also speculating that Little Sicko was not a girl, but a man. And everybody who previously kept hitting on him went… SHIT! There was no proof that he was underaged, but he definitely did not sound mature and Mark didn’t want anyone even suspected of being a kid on BG. There was also no proof that he was a man, but after Mark brought it up, everybody looked back at comments he made and realized that he really probably was.

            A lot has happened since April. I’d still consider Little Sicko a newb, cause it was so recent, but compared to the lot of fresh members, he’s a senior. The real old schoolers are few – Jesus, BIG JOHNSON, Graugeist, Joe12344 (or whatever the numbers), Tiger, slicer, maybe a few more.

          3. The entire village found out his secret, He would get images of “scene” girls and post it as his avatar, Claiming to be a chick. This was around the time “sam dj” was burned at the stake

    1. Alot that iv’e seen. Why not look good before you splatter you face like a rock to the pavement? I have seen most people who off themselves put on suits or nice bikinis.

      1. @Ego- you would be a terrible investigator of homicide if you based your opinion on that!

        She may have been changing when her murderer came in and killed her.

        You cannot say, “based on what she is wearing, she clearly committed suicide.”

        You have to know what the facts are and judging by what I have read, it so suspiciously leads to foul play.

        Not trying to be mean, but if I heard or read that statement in an article I would piss myself from laughing.

        1. @Tulio- I am not saying I am an expert. I just know that you have to make a call based on facts rather than fabrication.

          The media is bad about fabrication. If a celebrity dies of unknown cause, its automatically dismissed as a drug overdose. The cause of death will change once an autopsy report is revealed.

          However, I did enjoy a good laugh. 😉

          1. well i mean im not saying she offed herself on her clothing its just ive seem people look nice before ending it

    1. she’s exceptionally hot. You know, these car dusters are so hard to come by here lately, must be a protectionist move by B.R’s regime to shelter national feather duster producers from evil chinese dumping practices.
      They already fucked up the WILD TURKEY bourbon imports, CIA, please plan a coup and overthrow that old crazy bitch.

      1. It’s funny, can’t find the translation for scopometr?a to english…you know, the police specialists we called back in B.R’s judiciary to rule if a guy was thrown or jumped by himself from a 10 floor by studying the position of the corpse and the way it splattered on the street

        1. My theory is that the cartels has intel on the singer, Seeing her as a good piggy-bank they stormed her room demanding pay/sex or whatever, she refused and they threw her out the window like a sac of blueberries.

        2. Mexican cartels members does not seem to be that much into sex. They only get aroused skinning /dismembering/decapitating people. And when the time comes, they probably get a woody when they are dismembered/decapitated/skinned themselves. That country is just beyond salvation.

  9. OK so here is my chaotic theory…

    There is a gang of catastrophic proportions. This gang has the most powerful weapon of all, Money. They travel the world in search of one thing, musicians. Regardless of the race of the person, genre of music, and family history this gang will kill any musician only at age 27. They can’t kill everyone, traveling consumes a lot of their time. They also manipulate people into committing suicide. Genius.

          1. @Baked- and I just use google translate even though it has failed me many times leaving me in the most awkward of situations.

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