Cool Angle Firearm to the Head Suicide Photo

Cool Angle Firearm to the Head Suicide Photo

After this guy blasted his head off with a firearm, he just kind of leaned forward and stayed like that, exposing the damage the blast has done to his skull. Well executed suicide and nice pose for aftermath pictures. If you’re gonna kill yourself, might as well make it a spectacle. At least he succeeded at killing himself unlike so many failures who fail to rip the bullet through their brains. Speaking of brains, there’s plenty of grey matter to see in this photo. Zombies would drool uncontrollably on sight…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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24 thoughts on “Cool Angle Firearm to the Head Suicide Photo”

  1. This is awful…If someone is going to kill themselves, why choose such a messy method?
    My condolences to this person’s family-but the person who killed themself is a selfish asshole.

    Suicides destroy families- My cousin killed himself, and everyone blames each other for not seeing the signs and preventing the tragedy, so half my family has not been on speaking terms with one another because of my cousin’s suicide.

    1. i wouldn’t look at it as a tragedy. and don’t blame yourselves. if he was unhappy enough to the point he would take his own life, then theres nothing any of you could have done about it. and its not really a tragedy, his suffering is done. hes happy now. whether theres an afterlife or not, hes in a better place than he was when he was alive, or he wouldn’t have taken his life.

  2. That’s no way to get “a-head” in life! Seriously, though, I’ve decided that if I get to take myself out of this world, I’m going to off myself with a shotgun, double-ought cartridge, and broadcast the thing live over the net. I will be posting links on here (if I ever do it) and hope you guys will watch, if for no other reason than to provide my fellow gore-enthusiasts with some fun footage!

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