Corpse of Man Who Committed Suicide by Jumping from Overpass in Brazil

Corpse of Man Who Committed Suicide by Jumping from Overpass in Brazil

A Brazilian motorcyclist came upon an aftermath of an apparent suicide, and decided to film it. His video shows the corpse of a young man who had apparently jumped to his death from an overpass.

Despite landing on a solid pavement, the young man did not splatter, but the landing snapped his femur, so his corpse looks broken because of the leg being twisted out of shape. By the looks of it, the suicide was successful. The biker even got a few shots of the ass crack. WTF?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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77 thoughts on “Corpse of Man Who Committed Suicide by Jumping from Overpass in Brazil”

      1. while you’re boasting about how tough you are. saying that you’re a 1%er, taking selfies of yourself throwing the devil horns and generally acting like a queer. i have been watching videos of these brazilian fuckwads, killing and eating each other in prison. i like to keep it relevant. i’m not all talk. grow a pair and watch something.

        1. It doesn’t matter! If the pope says it is, to him it is! In your cult its not… good for you. The way I see it, he was in hell and now he is dead.

      1. Ace, where did you get that idea?

        The only unforgivable sin in the Bible is speaking a word against the Holy Spirit which is dying in unbelief.

        Those who hath believed HATH eternal life (1 John 5, John 10).

      1. This guy had a legitimate reason to jump. Absolutely NOBODY gives a shit about him. Poor bastard, dead as fuck with his ass out and not a single banana leaf to cover up with.

  1. He looks like he’s getting ready to play the game “Frogger” in the street. You know the game featured on Seinfeld where George attempts to cross the street with the Frogger arcade game. Well, either he is getting ready to play that game or he already played…and lost. He’s got a new job as a contortionist.

  2. PEOPLE often link suicide issues to first world countries such as Switzerland and Japan, because of reasons such as climate, seasonal depression and religion tradition which do not condemn these acts. But rather frankly in third world countries such as Brazil, this subject is not faced as a public health subject because Brazilian people are very prone to religion and to not face the reality as it is.They think they would face everything because of their faith. Living in Brazil I see the true reality, the suicide numbers are under estimated added to social problems, unemployment, violence, drugs abuse, lack of education and cultures; if you go to the major countryside cities esp. in the poorest regions the only thing you will find are churches and bars…

    1. The fact that he didn’t took someone with him leads me to believe he is not a shitty person. It could be poverty, or it could be love. Personally, I think this is a terrible decision.

  3. After all the moto taxi driver took the opportunity to advertise his business. I bet he has shown this video to all of his mates, family and friends and posted in all his social media making sure he himself featured on the video. Hey the next time you want a first class service on moto taxi call Cabeludo, maybe you can find a corpse before you reach your destination. He should also informed his “zap” in the video.

  4. I have this thing about wanting to die in one piece… not sure why because ultimately it’s all the same, just looks like a horrible last memory for the people who cared for this guy

  5. So who’s worse off? The dead twisted dude with shoes and clothes or the sparsely clothed dudes with no fucking shoes on? I bet they were going to rid “twisty” of his human articles of clothing. I’m surprised that’s not the new bike jack move. Throw a innocent dude off the bridge and when some biker dude stops to film it for social media then you simply remove him from his bike? Don’t put it past these vermin jungle rats.

  6. What a bunch of fucking losers making jokes about this in the comment section. Ok, we get it. You’re all hardcore thugs and you’ve realised we’re all living in the matrix and that life doesn’t have any purpose. Good for you, fuckin morons.

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