Dashcam Video of Police Talking to NFL Star Jovan Belcher Before Murder Suicide

Dashcam Video of Police Talking to NFL Star Jovan Belcher Before Murder Suicide

Police released dashcam video that shows officers talking with Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher whom they found asleep in his car, just hours before he committed murder-suicide by killing his girlfriend and then himself.

On December 1, 2012 at approximately 3am the police found NFL star Jovan Belcher sleeping in his car. Police said he was cooperative and told them he was there to meet with his girlfriend but she wasn’t home so he waited for her in the car and fell asleep. He then made a phonecall and an unidentified woman let him in the building. A few hours later, he shot his girlfriend.

At around 7am, Jovan Belcher drove to Arrowhead Stadium, met with general manager Scott Pioli and coach Romeo Crennel, whom he thanked for all they had done for him. Officers then arrived and observed Jovan Belcher move behind a vehicle, kneel down out of their clear view and shoot himself in the head.

Corpse of Kasandra Perkins was found in the master bathroom of their home by Belcher’s mother, who heard the shots. She was shot in the chest, neck and abdomen.

The New York Post identified a woman who was the last to spend time with Jovan Belcher as Brittni Glass. She lives at the Hamilton Apartment complex on Armour Boulevard – the very street the police video with Jovan Belcher was filmed on.

Here’s the dashcam video of the police checking up on Jovan Belcher whom they found sleeping in his car. Nothing overly interesting to see there:

Gallery of a few photos:

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  1. You have to understand, Jovan was a fucking thug piece of shit when he was in high school, he bullied other students, epecially ganging up on white students, but of course… he was a good Football player so he was given the golden ladder. Just like those 4 football Negro who raped that teenage girl and than only got ‘Anger management’ because football players are a rare and precious commonidty in America these days….
    Than those young buck thugs become NFL players who shoot and kill their girlfriend and blow their brains out… very sad
    *Drink whiskey*
    *Smoke Stoogie*
    You will be missed….

    1. I can’t blame them really. It’s in their nature. I blame our Government for forcing us to live with these people, for forcing us to socialize with them, and our women for breeding with them.. And you know what happens then..

      Our Cities turn to dogshit. Not safe to walk the streets anymore. Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland, New Orleans etc.

      It sucks being powerless to help your people, it sucks even more watching your people be ripped apart from within.

      1. haha, no it’s still my twisted-ass self altho my new avatar has been inspired by all the psytrance and forest music i’ve been listening to recently. particualrly DoHm’s swampology…weird thing is i dont even get high or drunk and i still like this shit for some reason!

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