Dead Amanda Todd in Morgue, Waiting for Autopsy

Amanda Todd Autopsy Photo Coming Back After Issue with Troll Resolved

Amanda Todd committed suicide by hanging. In her life story slash cry baby video she alleged that she’d tried bleach before, but it didn’t kill her – which is not surprising given that she bragged about it, aka she probably sniffed bleach solely to have a story with which to draw attention to herself and make everyone pity her. Hanging did the trick. This photo alleges to show naked Amanda Todd on an autopsy table in a morgue.

It certainly looks like the corpse could be of Amanda Todd and it has all the attributes of her suicide – including the discolored face and the rope marks on neck, it even has shaven snatch and underdeveloped labia – but things on teh interweb are unpredictable, especially when it comes to viral stories. It could very well be a fugazi.

If that’s the real photo of Amanda Todd dead, then those are the tits that started is all. They look like another pair of tits on the internet. And no matter how much the sheep will bitch and whine about it, as Amanda said herself in the video – the pic is already on the interweb and it will be there for all eternity. Deal with it!

Props to Best Gore member sinner407 for the pic.


I agree with the analysis by members who suggested that those thighs are way bulkied than fish sticks in photos and videos of Amanda Todd alive. As I suspected. Ahh well, it happens each time a story grows too big. Chick in this photo has underdeveloped labia anyway.

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185 thoughts on “Dead Amanda Todd in Morgue, Waiting for Autopsy”

      1. Ignorant moron.

        We are all different, and just because something is easy in your mind, does not mean it’s easy in someone elses mind.

        In fact what seems like a minor obstacle to you, can be an unclimbable mountain for someone else.

        Just because it’s in the head, and not on the body, does not make it any less real.

        On a side note. I’d tap that.

          1. Sad… My question is: Who takes a picture like this? Do they get in trouble? I mean, she hung herself and we now have a picture of her naked body?

        1. Uh, no. It just means she was a weak, pathetic loser. She got what she deserved. Maybe the slut should’ve just done the show. Not like its the first guy to see her nude.

          Its you weak Amanda supporters that ruin the world. If you feel that bad about it, hang yourself so you can join her. Problem solved. That being said, you’re a child molester if you think thats attractive. My vagina was fully developed whenever I was 15. So was the entire rest of my body. Even more proof she was weak. UNDERDEVELOPED! What a loser.

      1. She was a teenager, not a child. You know what 15 year olds do? Smoked weed, pop pills, have sex and party. Thats what they do. You think a child does that? Haha no, they dont. She made an adult decision to show her tits. She should have dealt with the consequences. But she didn’t, because she was a little weak brat. And everyone that supports her is a weak ass waste of space too. Have a bad day, loser. And if you feel that way about a stupid human, get off BestGore.

    1. Young people these days. They have no strength at all. I was so mistreated in school that it was not funny. Okay maybe a little funny. But for real. They kill themselves over stupid things. Because a boy or girl broke up with them. Really?? They cannot handle life these days. This girl posted her own tits online. Then when people started teasing her and bullying her. She killed herself. Back in my day it would have been the other way around. The person being teased and bullied would have killed the bully. Kids am I right??

        1. Lol…gee shucks…thanks 🙂

          This whole story makes me sad…perhaps it seems like minor stuff to older ppl but at that age friends are the most important thing going and to be treated so cruelly like that…well its just heartwrenchingto see anyone hurt so much…no matter how trivial the reason be…i am floored by the reactions of the other kids…that is what is sickening…who treats people like this and at such a young age…thats a scary thought..thats our future?!? No thank you…

        2. Lol…gee shucks…thanks 🙂

          This whole story makes me sad…perhaps it seems like minor stuff to older ppl but at that age friends are the most important thing going and to be treated so cruelly like that…well its just heartwrenchingtto see anyone hurt so much…no matter how trivial the reason be…i am floored by the reactions of the other kids…that is what is sickening…who treats people like this and at such a young age…thats a scary thought..thats our future?!? No thank you…

          1. I agree with you, Ali.

            My other comment is under moderation in the other thread re: Amanda, don’t know if it will show. But I completely agree.

            I think it’s pretty sad for people to act like because she was rumored to be spoiled or because she’s pretty or was a brat that she deserved this in some way or having an “oh well” type of attitude about her suicide. She’s not like the person Misfit mentioned who killed himself on a whim because his mom didn’t let him to go a party of whatever, THAT is stupid.

            This young girl was stalked by a pedophile who made her life hell. She was tormented for years and just because “other kids kill themselves all the time” … that means her death should have no relevance? It’s that type of careless attitude that shows these kids they have “noone” and nobody does care. All I know is if it were their sister, cousin, niece, daughter.. I doubt anyone would just shrug about her “attention seeking suicide” *rolls eyes*

          2. The whole story makes me sad because mine is much worse and I made it to 28 dealing with abusive parents and constant bullying. Even went through something similar to her at the age of 14 and I went to the police and got the man caught instead of, you know, letting him stay free to do it to another girl by being selfish and offing myself.

          3. I was bullied from 4 grade through highschool and had only a handful of friends (only 5 close friends). I endured hell all those years and I’m still here. Even through physical and verbal bullying, I still have some scars and can tell you all the names of the people that bullied me (also my “revenge” schemes I came up with, I found they were a form of stress release). Yes it is sad that she ended her life, but the things she had to deal with are not bad. If these were the reasons for killing herself, then she was a spoiled child if these small things would be the end of the world.

            I’m not trying to bash the dead, but I’m just adding some perspective about her issues. I pray for her family, because she has truly ruined their lives because of this.

  1. what the fuck, i always get sad about seeing young people on the slab, but as I was saying, what the fuck? a 15 year old with her snatch waxed and looking so fake, I mean, its really neccesary to begin being so fucking fake when you are in the flower of your life and then end it hanging yourself over some fake problems? and taking fake antidepressants at that age? Man, something is wrong with people, you can’t blame teens for behaving like idiots (in spanish we usually refer to teenage as the “age of idiocy”) they need to get these kids out of the fucking computers and make them read something other than the vampire crap, oh well, what the fuck do I know, this world is doomed anyway.

        1. that is not amanda on the table. i know for a fact.
          1. the news story about leaked autopsy photos was debunked by officials. no known photos exist outside of the m.e. office. if they were indeed leaked, where are they? for sure the greatest gore and death sites would be lit up with them if they truly were leaked over the internet. not this piece of photoshoped crap.

          2. as many have stated the 2 girls are not even the same body size.

          3 as some have stated there is no liver mortis or other developments associated with a dead body, let alone one that has been hanging for a few hours.

          4 look at the table, at the room? seriously that is not a autopsy table gourney or even a body tray. her body fluids will drain straight onto the floor. common sense people. nor is it an morgue. look at it.

          5. back to her body. exept in very extream cases, clothing is never cut from the body. it is removed very carefully.

          6 and the most damning of it all???? ive seen the movie that the pict was taken from. its from a porn death fetish video producer it is called fallen teenager and stars heather, who is very much alive.

  2. Sorry, that is fetish porn. No way is the chick on the table actually dead. Skin tone is too uniform with no livor and no rigor. Livor is visible in a hanging victim usually within an hour or two.

    Sorry, mate…you’ve been duped.

  3. she looks like that mega fugly jew whore barbara streisand with her eyes so close together. she is far from beautiful. it’s a pity the rope didn’t rip her head off. now that would have been a video worth seeing.

  4. What’s the point of doing an autopsy? If they found her dead, hanging from a rope, isn’t it obvious what killed her or is this some type of protocol they have to follow when a teenage girl hangs herself? Listen, if she was on antidepressants and already sexually active at such a young age with prior attempts, my guess is that this girl wasn’t very stable. The older we get, the greater our risk of suicide gets so contrary to popular belief, teenagers are probably the group least likely to kill themselves. It’s just that it gets a lot of attention when it does happen and usually occurs after some great trauma (whether imagined or actual – it’s all a matter of perspective). I’m sorry, I do feel bad for this girl. She wasn’t just an attention whore because once you’re dead, you can’t reap the rewards of being an attention whore. That’s the difference between an attention whore and someone who has a more serious problem: one makes suicide attempts as cries for “help” and the other one just shuts up and does it. To you or I, as adults, the fact that her tits were all over the Internet may be inconsequential, but I guess if I were her age, it might seem like the end of the world given I haven’t experienced a whole lot in my short life yet except for good things. She couldn’t deal with life so she ended it.

    1. Autopsies are required by law in any death that is not obviously indicative of natural causes. In most States in the US and provinces in Canada autopsies are performed in all accidental deaths (including car wrecks), suicides, homicides, and illnesses without extensive documented history in anyone under 65. This is done for several reasons, but primarily to insure that a crime is not being concealed.

    1. Also, on one of the RIP Facebook pages dedicated to her, people keep tagging the webcam photo’s of her & her boobs and she looks so damn young.. It’s pretty sad. I’m sure they’ll be reported and those photos taken down because it’s kiddie p0rn.

        1. Yes, when someone has a bit of meat on them. She has practically none. The body on the table looks a bit “healthier” and most of Amanda’s pictures show her with long thin hair, the hair doesn’t even look the same.

          1. Yeah it could be to do with post mortem lividity, though we can’t really judge what she actually looked like because, I don’t know about you guys, but none of my female acquaintances look anything like the pictures they put on facebook – Which these (Pre-death) photos probably are from. I’m not saying I think it’s her, just that it can’t be said indefinitely whether it is or isn’t (By any of us anyway).

  5. What a drama queen she was, no one is responsible for her death except her on self don’t blame it on bullies or society she was weak inside her that’s such a waste of beautiful girl though oh well! we rarely get teens in BG <3 😛

  6. Eh I don’t think this body is Amanda’s. Hips are too full and developed, and she doesn’t have chicken legs like Amanda does. Plus I don’t know if it’s just me, but the hair looks shorter and blonder. Tits look like tits, but she does have a 12 year old’s vagina lol. In my opinion, suicide is a pussy way out, and anyone who does loses whatever, if any, respect I had for that person. There’s no heroic way to die through suicide.

    1. Bullies were after her all the time .Perhaps she faked her death and moved to Norway to enjoy th rest if her life , there she mets Comandante El Lasca whom she marries and live together forever xD

  7. I was reeeeeeally hoping this site would get some slab pics of her.

    Talk about a bullshit story. Poor Amanda Todd, she was bullied. Never mind the fact that she harassed others endlessly, fucked some dude with a girlfriend knowing he had a girlfriend, and got naked on camera multiple times for strangers. What a poor, poor little girl, she was so fucking innocent.

    As for bullying, nut the fuck up, princess, the world is ugly and so are we. Shame she never learned to sing.

      1. Ya estaba peluda la nena pues todos los hombres no dirian que no a una Quincea?era <3 😉 But doesn't matter anymore because a corpse has no age therefore misfit should bang her and I'd take the butt! 😛

  8. As I learned recently having your privacy taken from you fucking sucks and her being so young probably couldn’t just tell everyone to fuck off (politely no need to be rude) and stop talking to everyone. Sucks that humans are such fucked up people that don’t respect your personal space in the slightest bit. They say they love you but end up just fucking you over one way or another. Fuck fleshy virus, male female old young skinny fat we all deserve to die.

  9. > kills self over boob pic on interwebz
    > dead naked body on interwebz

    what a fucking fail.

    If I was to ever commit suicide (which I wouldn’t) I would take as many scumbags out with me, I would just have a murderous fun filled day ending with a suicide by police scenarion

  10. This is what happens when the jews control the media and schools of a country.
    The girls try to emulate the whores that the jews promote on television (lady gaga, desperate house wives, sex in the city, etc), then the girls dress like whores, show their tits and pussy on the internet.
    The boys try emulate the faggots like Justin Timberlake or the wiggers like eminem.
    Jews are too weak and coward to attack their enemies directly so they use indirect methods to destroy them, for example the use of media to poison the minds and manipulate the masses or they’ll ask their useful idiots (the communists, the US army, niggers, etc) to do the dirty work.
    Too bad the holocaust is a lie.

  11. The sad side effects of teenage whoremoans… Hell I remember being depressed and crap my first few years of HS til I started smoking weed everyday… cant say I was really suicidal but the thought I’m sure crosses many minds… having a boner 24/7 wasn’t that bad tho

  12. I am so sick of hearing about this piece of trash all over the news. This is attention whoring taken to another level. Not only does this glamorize suicide to youngsters, but …oh who am I kidding….why bother analyzing attention whoring. Made. Bed. Lie.

  13. shits ass, i got bullied like every other kid in western society. did i kill my self? hell mutherfuckin no. this is natural selection at it’s best. if she is so weak to kill herself with a smokin body like that.. then FUCK her to the 7th ring of hell. too many idiots on this planet anyway. and if you read this and disagree, do earth a favor and kill yourself too. too many roaches (humans) anyway.

  14. Suicide is never the answer to your problems. You learn from your mistakes and move on. Flashing your tits really isn’t so traumatic, I know some may feel differently, but you thought it was a good idea at the time so just take up for your shit! I feel sorry for her family but she wouldn’t be in this situation if she wasn’t being an attention whore.
    And parents need to watch their children more closely! just cause their 15, 16, 17 doesn’t mean they won’t do something stupid and dangerous.

  15. I guess it’s sad that she felt that way about herself, but what’s sadder is that I’m sure it was a family member who found her body. And she had to have known that would happen, and she went ahead and tied the noose anyway. Now that person is forced to live with that image of their loved one dead and hanging from the ceiling. So whether or not Amanda Todd was spoiled is up for debate, but she was damn sure selfish. It’s hard for me to feel sorry for somebody like that. Poor poor pitiful me, I’m so stupid i think people wanna see my 12 year old tits because they must really like me as a person. I was stupid when i was 12, but i never was that stupid. Yes it’s sad that she got taken advantage of, and somethingshould been done about it, but she put herself in that position. If you’re big and bad enough to pose naked on the internet, you better be able to deal with whatever happens. She didn’t think anything through. So no, i don’t feel bad for her. I feel bad for her family because they loved her and she took herself away from them only because she was feeling sorry for herself.

  16. Just as further confirmation that it isn’t her, this person has not been hanged. I’ve worked as an autopsy assistant in a very large forensic pathology practice for a few years, and I actually am not convinced the person laying on the autopsy table is even dead, but certainly not as a result of hanging. While there is a slight mark on her neck, it isn’t convincingly a ligature mark. The things we see in hangings include lividity or livor mortis in the “dependent” areas, meaning the areas where blood would pool as a result of gravity. This means, that in the vast majority of hangings, the deceased’s legs turn dark red/purple as a result of the lividity. I don’t see any distinct lividity anywhere in this photo…

  17. i check this site often its interesting but to behonest you guys didnt know her at all she was a really sweet girl great friend and not all the “whore” you guys are saying she was.
    R.I.P amanda i miss you and all the fun times :'(

    1. no offence, but if you casually watch this site, then your here for 1 thing. from my point of view its this. im here to see pix of dead people all fucked up. why is irrelevant.
      i would never wish any ill will on her. but shes fucking dead. why is irrelevant.
      i just know, shes dead, i didnt kill her, i didnt contribute in anyway to her ending up in the situation she ended her life in.
      what i find morbidly funny is that while we all discuss usless platitudes over a stupid girl, shes laying 6 feet below, and from now on the only thing that will be eating her 15 year old cold pussy are the worms. and ill more than likely never get to see her nude autopsy photos. thats what got me bummed out.

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