Dead Men with Hard-Ons

Dead Men with Hard-Ons

You just have yourself to blame for accepting an invitation to a sausage fest. What did you think you’d find here seeing that the title read “Dead Men with Hard-ons“? Boobies are in a post with “Boobies” in the title. You click on the link with Hard Ons, so you’re getting hard ons. If that gives you a hard on… Let’s not go there.

Each photo represents a different type of death. One is a homicide, one is a suicide and one is an unintentional death during autoerotic asphyxiation. The one thing they all have in common are those fucking hard-ons. If you want to see more dead men with hard ons, you can find them among the tsunami victims.

Props to theword for the tip:

If you’re in a mood for more faggotry, here’s a video of an ass muncher filmed by an ass muncher who thought he found a dildo big enough to fit snuggly into his goatse ass but it turned out being an IED:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. That soldier is a fucking idiot.

      Surely he would have better things to do other than film this shit?

      E.g. Trying to keep his eyes off the camera and on to his surroundings.

      This idiot is going to get himself killed. Or worst… One of his mates killed because he was more concerned about looking good on camera.

      This shit DOESN’T happen in the British Army.

      1. Tell me dearest sweet Tom, is there something that Brits have against Scots, (excuse my digression from this post)but I’m a poker fanatic, and have been in rooms on certain sites where some brits and some scots kind of attacked one another, I found it rather odd, as it’s not something I’ve heard of in the media, or read in the paper, so I was just curious. It’s not important, but I thought I’d ask while the question was on my mind… whole family are fucked up, my grandfather was a protestant blue blood scot from glasgow,my grandmother was a catholic french woman, and back in those days, your family disowned you if you were catholic and married a protestant. So, if you don’t mind,a quick reply would be cool. Thanks, and yes, I know you are a true evil person, as you mentioned in your post yesterday, which is probably why I gravitated directly to you, I absolutely adore people who speak their minds, stand for what they believe in, even if it means standing alone…etc. It’s an admirable quality and actually is a sign of great strength, a great characteristic. Do not take that as patronizing, either, I am not a brown-noser, I too stand out for my beliefs/non beliefs. I am far left…which to some is far wrong..but too bad for them. I like those that speak up, even if I disagree, or unless their ideas sound like they are coming from someone who belongs in the loony bin….where, by the way is Pam, wifey, I haven’t seen she in a few days. Hope she hasn’t fallen ill…. 🙁

        1. Lisa.

          Thanks for your kind words. Standing for what you believe in is the epitome of Integrity and Honour… Two things that are sorely lacking in modern Britain.

          In answer to your query. Scots are British. Some would wish that they hadn’t had to share the same Island as the English… But they do. So they have to get over it.

          The English and Scottish have an awful lot of bad blood between them that stretches back centuries.

          The main bones of contention being over ‘Scottish’ oil, the destruction of Scotland’s economy by that bitch Thatcher… And the unusually high casualty rate of Scottish regiments in the two World Wars…

          However. We are one big family… We often give eachother banter and have fall outs. But contrary to what the media like to peddle… Most Scots and most English would keep this union which has been a success only matched by the Americans.

          It is rare that Inter-British rivalry gets to the point of violence… Very rare. But it is ONLY perpetrated by thugs with nothing better to do than to cause trouble.

          Fascism is Politically syncretic. It is neither Left, Right or Center.

          To boil it down… It combines the State control of the utilities that the Left espouse… But the National Pride that the Right espouse.

          1. Thank you doll for the run down on the issues. I always thought that Scottish and British were cut from the same cloth to be honest. I’ve never been much into history, more relying on the lies my parents and grandparents told me. I’ve not been a big television watcher either, however that changed six years ago, after I became well somewhat severely limited in my abilities to do physical activity, a fucked up C section. Now I’ve taken an interest in a bunch of things, including history. I do also watch a lot of television, my version of porn is hahahaha, you’re gonna laugh, Coronation Street, lmao….yes I am in fact laughing my ass off, and very very embare assed. 🙂 🙂 🙂 it’s real rough and tumble stuff.

          2. Ooh. I hope you are feeling better now me dear…



            Trust me Lisa… It ain’t representative of Britain… Not everybody is as pretty!

            I can’t stand it. Politically Correct bollocks it is. I prefer Emmerdale.

            My version of Porn is… More Porn.


          3. Hey Trooper72 – if you want something to do, how about bringing me up to date on what’s been happening in Eastenders – I need the last 9 years 🙂

          4. No Gunkgirl…

            But you are making yourself look like a tit… Because I think only three people here actually know what the fuck ‘Corrie’ is.

          5. @Tom or Gunk

            WELL! Who the fuck is “Corrie”, ???

            Hey Gunklady
            If you are a tit and have two tits already, well do the math, I’m in.

          6. Dear Tom,
            Were you aware of the tragic news that Mark was running off on us? If so is this going to be for an extended period of time. I feel lost, lonely, dejected. 🙁 . I’m in the beginning phases of withdrawal, from the most descriptive, funny and thought provoking storyteller I’ve seen in ‘ever; Mark. I also miss the lively conversation and banter. I hope he comes back soon. This is a bummer, a real bummer…. I look forward to getting a BG hoodie, I love hoodies, and hope they have them in x large. I looked at the stuff, and it all looks pretty cool.I hope they have paypal or bank card payments, otherwise a money order must do. Whatever happened to the good old cods??

          7. Lisa…

            Yesh…tis a sad state of affairs. But in all honesty… We can’t expect Mark to be doing this thang forever.

            But when the time does come. All is not lost!

            I will be getting the ‘only pussies click the puppy’ hoody next month.

            X large? You don’t appear to need one in such a size me dear.

        2. Tom, sorry for posting this here, but I wanted to follow up with saying, I love the dry british humor, a lot of people don’t get. CS I started watching years back with my granny. I only got into it recently again, because my uncle was really sick and I took care of him, so I watched what he watched. I much prefer little britian, but for some reason, we no longer pick up the station. I have even tried getting it on the internet, and cant seem to find any episodes, but it’s funny as hell.

          1. Haha..

            It is good to find a non-Brit who ‘gets’ our sense of humour!

            Little Britain is funny… Although my favourite comedy is ‘Bottom’ with Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson.

            You could buy a DVD box set of Little Britain dirt cheap on Amazon!

            @Glenn. ‘Corrie’ is short for Coronation Street. A British Soap opera that is the longest running Television drama program on the planet.

            It tells a story of the goings on in a street in Manchester. Give it a bash mate.

          2. Dam Tom, I thought it was some chick i mised 🙁

            Hey daweeka, watch as minds begin to head forth into delusional WTF’s, Alternate realities, And excessive masterbation. Fuck I need to sleep since thre days , and the floting bugs have started to fly, but at least im’ fucking high as fuck 😉

          1. I have masturbated with a belt around my neck before.

            And an ex-girlfriend throttled me before I came a few times. It is best in the Cowgirl position as she can put all her weight down on your neck.

            You come out with some nasty bruising.

            The thrill and rush is amazing! And it makes you cum many times harder.

            Although these guys were hardcore in comparison.

          2. Haha…

            Tulio. This will be my third BG marriage.

            I am running out of space in my garden to dispose of the bodies.

            LaBomba… The safe word is ‘Stop!’. Or me stomping my feet… Whichever is easier.

    1. embarrassing? not for anyone who has died this way. they would not have realised what has happened. one second they are masturbating, next second they are hanging to death, because they have lost conciousness as they ejaculated. probably one of the better ways to die.

  1. I think the quality of US soldiers has decline since the 1945. A multiculture force can never win anything because its leader ship and spirit and nation are corrupt and rotten to the core.

    1. too much steroids and too little brain. They have to offer green cards to the beaners to get them o enroll, what are you waiting for, sign in and join the AFY club! If Romney wins youll probably see some action (ie; shooting civilians, raping teens etc) en IRAN!

    2. When i see guts on the ground i get a huge fucking boner, You understand me hawk?
      I want to shit inside those intestines and beat the corpse with its own guts filled with my shit and cum.
      Dip a dildo in poison and ram it into my wifes fat purple pussy. She wants that shit, hawk.

    3. Thinking about it, I have to agree with you, Hawk. They didn’t whine and bitch about everything back then.
      And what’s with this “Army of One” bullshit? Isn’t it suppose to be about a team, a united force working together?

    4. The entire culture of the United States has been on the decline since 1945.

      With the Armed Forces this is most obvious.

      Not to mention desegregation… Hollywood films and Video Games have all contributed to the ‘Rambo’ mentality of the American Soldier.

      In the Armed Forces of the Crown. That shit is stomped out of you IMMEDIATELY. We don’t have war cries… Or macho fucking contests (unless you are a Booty).

      However. My beloved Nation’s Armed Forces (which have resisted the winds of change relatively well) are to be destroyed…

      The 2011 White Paper published by the rotten Tory government have proposed an 18% cut in the size of the Army.

      Reducing the amount of Challenger IIs from 400 to 50 to give you some clue of the extent of the mutiliation…

      The Government are only recruiting minorities in the Army as well to hit ‘equality’ targets…

      It makes me want todo something terrible.

      1. perhaps majorities no longer want to join the armed forces. That could be fixed with a citizen or conscripted army, like the swiss and some scandinavian countries, but you will lose lots of chavvy votes campaigning for the return of the mandatory military service….

        1. I despise positive discrimination.

          Primarily because I am the sort of person who gets shafted by it…

          Not very ‘positive’ I see.

          I don’t want minorities in the military anyway. National Aervice shall be reintroduced in my new Britain.

        1. Rhodes, Livingstone and Wellesley will be rolling in their graves.

          Hawk… Are you familiar with the British politician Enoch Powell?

          If you want to view my Social beliefs in further detail… Google him.

          1. Why yes, I listened to several excepts of him. Mainly in “Rivers of Blood”. The man is a prophet, the UK degenerated just like predicted in the way he predicted. I shall listen to him more.

          2. Funny you should call him a ‘Prophet’.

            As that is his nickname amongst his supporters!

            He was an extremely intelligent man… Who mastered 8 different languages.

            Along with Oswald Moseley… He was the greatest man to have never became PM.

  2. I was going to submit an image of a buff guy that hanged himself nude with a boner as a response to the whole BG womens equality shit, But it took me 4 minutes to realize I was staring at a dead guy with a hard on.
    And the site had malware……………………….
    Now I must watch amputee porn to wash the gay off me

          1. I am not a fan of the Bard I am sorry to say.

            It is because of the YEARS of study/ torture that we were out through in English lessons.

        1. Haha, ladies, so I guess we got what we were asking for. Rigormortis cock is NOT my cup of tea, so to speak. But at least they are standing up, right. I was married to one who couldn’t get that hard and he’s still living. So Thank you Mark, for the cock. LOL 😉

  3. So I guess the saying “too much of a good thing is bad” applies here. Well, you can never have too much till you end up dead, so fap away guys…it makes you feel good and supposedly decreases the probability of you getting prostate cancer.

  4. i wonder if it ever goes down or does someone have to literaly suck the fluids out ( you know, like drain it, professionally, whatever) Anyways, at least with them i know i’ll finish first!

          1. @Phatman, lol, it’s funny, but it seems the more a man says he has, the less in fact it’s true. I’ve seen this in real life, lol. But out of the many”I’ve got a big cock” statements that I’ve heard on the web, I find yours most credible. It’s called free information, psychologically, someone who tells a story without being first questioned, and adds details, the majority of the time, are being deceptive. However, one or two word responses on these types of subjects, have the most credibility, you get me? I believe you have an adequate sized wanker. LOL. If that means anything to you, haha. What I mean to say, is I find your answers aren’t full of self, if that makes sense, cool, if not, disregard it, I’m extremely blabbery today, for some reason…. 😉

          2. Dam i never looked at it like that, i guess, I will say it own my own once in a while, but i’ve found that very few believe you unless you proove it, and when you won’t it makes you look like a fool, and i will not pull my gun out like that anymore, Its on resurve for someone worth while, and I dont ever remembr why i started to do this, whats tha word, sellabissy.
            IT SUCKS

      1. In my early twenties I was obsessed with having a big cock so I used a penis pump and a penis stretcher several times a day for a few years and what I ended up with is a huge but un natural looking cock. It aint purdy but if I ever lose a leg I could just move the shoe over and I could still walk.

        1. I remember one time when the release valve got stuck as I was maxed out on full pump. I was stuck for hours before I managed to crack the tube and free myself. My penis looked like a zuccini for days.

        2. This other time I fell asleep with the pump on and woke up the next morning and could n’t get it off. I ended up driving to work with it under my pants and struggled to get it off while on the highway. I got it off but walked into work with a huge lump in my pants.

        3. One time I met this chick online who said she loved big cock. And after a few chats we decided to hook up. Then I sent her a pic of my penis (she asked) and she had a change of heart. I then found out she was a 23yr old virgin and we both agreed she needed to start with something a little smaller. We still hooked up but stuck to oral sex.

          1. My most embarassing moment is when years ago at my ex inlaw’s for xmas dinner I told a joke and my ex mother in law slapped my leg down by my knee and she hit my knob. She never looked at me the same way again and there was times after. That when she had been drinking and her hand ended up on my leg. My mistake was telling my wife cuz events after that contributed to our divorce.

          2. @ Brokeback, I had a lover who had done that daily, for hours on end, what happened to him, was kind of the same as you have mentioned. However, I believe he went beyond the point you did. His was so engorged, and I believe he actually damaged blood vessels in it, because he could never get it erect, and it was never hot. But he had designed a vacumn, one that pumped it automatically. Anyways, he was so obsessed with doing it, he would do it for hours on end, day after day. Needless to say, after awhile the Lover thing stopped, I got tired of hearing about it. Sorry it caused damage in your relationship. I know the type.

          3. Bloody ‘ell Brokeback!

            You have much more balls then me to use those things!

            I have watched videos of those vacuum pumps in action… Scary things.

  5. Well mark maybe you know this, but autoerotic fixation is so popular because of its “effect” in medieval days when hanging took place they noticed that the males would get huge boners when dead or dying i don’t know much about autoerotic fixation but i do know that its supposed to make your dick harder then ever or better hard-on’s. Anyway that is how people started choking themselves to get deaths boner on them.

          1. @Brokeback- I have disproved her picture once before and in another post she has stated that this avatar she or he has now is not of her or him.

            Ask Tulio or Baked lol

        1. I am curious. Do you have all the internal female organs, can you have a child. I was taught in biology that if you have both, only one works properly. I must look that up, sorry for asking personal questions, but it is something that obviously people wonder about. What better way to find out than through the person that has the condition.

    1. Ego, if you are what you say you are I have about 1000 questions for you, like do you have boobies? Where do you pee out of? Do you get aroused by each organ and can either bring you to orgasm? I find this very interesting. I remember when I was growing mj I would curse when a hermi went un noticed cuz my femmes would get seedy.

      1. Also Ego, have you ever fucked a chick while being fucked by a guy at the same time. Is it pleasurable to get a blowjob while getting your pussy fingered? These are serious questions, I find this fascinating. Also, you said that you wanted the boy parts removed, does this mean you live life as a woman now? Are you a hottie? Does your cock get in the way of living life as a woman? Which organ do you masterbate or do you alternate? I would love to write a book about your life.

        1. DAMN Brokeback,
          I think your in lust with Ego, I can’t lie though, those are good questions, I just don’t think Ego will answer them. There was a post sometime within the last three weeks where Ego talked about it.

          Hey Nicole,
          you sound like your hate’n on Ego a little bit, whats the deal, I must know! 🙂

          1. Phatman, I am very intriguedby Ego. He/she is a very rare breed and I’d like to get a better understanding of this rare occurence in life. Like I said previously, I’d love to write a book on the subject.

          2. Dear Phat,

            I myself, am absolutely intrigued by Ego, I have wondered since quite a young age about this, and am so very excited and happy to meet someone who is in this situation, and is willing to discuss it. I am neither turned on nor turned off by this, it is merely a fascination. Understandably, it is a rare situation, and the people who do have this, often won’t discuss it. I’ve read a few articles/interviews that have just brushed the surface of this subject, but never had the opportunity to know more than a few paragraphs that were all basically the same. It is awesome, but I would imagine, perhaps confusing to a person. I think I would have had great difficulty with it myself, would I have had this as well, emotionally more than anything. I would certainly have had a lot of confusion.I didn’t know if I was a lesbian, heterosexual or bi until I slept with a woman. Then I realized I was bi curious. I guess that realization came when I decided the woman I had as a friend, then had sex with, became demanding, pushing, and very very sexually selfish. I was thinking, I outta be a better wife to my husband. Yes, I was married at the time, and only cheated on him because we’d been fighting, and again was curious. Curiosity quelled, decision made. LOL. Anyhow, yep, I certainly am interested, and as much info as I can gather, the more satisfied I shall be.Again, thank you Ego, call me lisa by the way.

        2. you have to be the nicest boy i have ever met your such a sweetheart i do have to note its best not to give me attention ask nicole :3 but i do really love you so far to answer some of your questions i cant have children ever sadly i would not know how a blowjob feels ive never had one before my boy parts dont get much attention unless i do it i have breasts yes i had my pussy licked before it felt great it felt better then the dick i must admit i wish some guy would be open to fuck me while i fucked a girl that would be fucking awesome! im not….like a model hot but i have to keep a good diet to support healthy living 😛 i have had puberty with both male and female parts i cum through both i urinate through both the both work fine its rare to have them both work and i plan to get my boy parts removed because so far i like being pampered and women seem to get that alot more then boys some days i dress like a male to hang out without being flirted with and sometimes i dress like a woman for dates you can interview me but i have never been interviewed before and no i love my penis and my vagina daweeka and they both work and the doctors tell me its rare for that to happen and Nicole dosent hate me shes just built to be skeptical she is very inteligent and kind i dont expect any of you to “defend me” she aint’ hating she is mad that the picture is not me because i said i would show my parts i got nervous and instead lied but i will take a picture i promise ;_;

          1. Dearest Ego,
            Thank you doll for sharing this information with me/us. I have been intrigued by this since I heard about it. And just as I’ve said to others here, be you, post what you want as far as pictures, luv,it’s your body. What I’d really love to see most, is your face. But it’s up to you. I don’t blame you for not posting pics of your parts, it’s fine and dandy for people to be curious, but it’s your body, so don’t feel pressured to do so, either. I sincerely appreciate your transparency about your physical identity. I guess it’s one of those things in life that people feel they are being “nosy” or “ignorant” to ask these questions, so they tend to rely on research, which doesn’t ever cover all bases. How old were you when you realized there was a difference, how did your folks deal with you about it, family, as well? Most importantly, how did you deal with having this. I do have a lot of questions, probably the biggest, is does it make you sexually attracted to both sexes, one more than the other, or is that more related to your psychology? If you want to answer, cool, if you feel that you’ve revealed enough, also cool, either way, you’ve been awesome, even to broach the subject. Thank you, you are da bomb!! 🙂

          2. Hey daweeka
            curiosity is part of the inner soul leeking from where ever to this FV dump, you canot control it, and when poeple don’t havit, they are dead inside, just waiting for the body todie.

            Ego is the second person ive nown, and the other like sharing theyr story, idon,t konw why i sad that, I thought it wass interesting.

          3. Ego, since Mark isn’t around I’m going to go over all of the questions put forth so far and clean them up and organisethem for tomorrow to make it as simple as possible for you. You have become the recent hot topic here on this board and I thank you for sharing your story with us.

    2. Ego, I was going to try and put something elaborate together for your interview but since Mark won’t be here I have to make due with what I have. When would be the best time to have a brief interview with you to answer questions that the BG members are dying to know? I will only ask the most important ones and then let the rest of BG ask questions of their own. What would be a good time for either a little later tonight or tomorrow?

      1. tommrow= today you can reach me quicker then bg if you contact me through my new email [email protected] i mostly that email for contest and shit but i will leave it open today and wait for you to contact and anyone else who wants to contact me can if they wish…:)

    1. Rebecca, I just left a msg on your Facebook. If ya wanna see what a 9.5 inch cock looks like then let me know. Perhaps we can trade pics. P.S. I’ve never met another guy who could easily suck his own cock if he wanted to. Guess I was born in Nantucket.

          1. Words of advise my stubby friend. Shave your crotch smooth or leave a patch a couple of inches up from your shaft.
            Keep your body as thin as possible.Tall and lanky is good.
            You’re gonna need some mascaraand blush to apply to your genitals.Start by applying the mascarato the sides of your shaf and use the blush on your balls and end of your penis. Now apply baby oil to the shaft to give it some luster and gleam.
            Last but not least, start using a penis pump a month prior. Use it 3x per day and make sure the release valve works. In just a month you will go from little prick to big cock. Also, it will add girth (width) if you masterbate often squeezing towards the head of your penis. Do this at least 6x per day.
            You can thank me later (no handshakes please).

          2. One more thing, a little trick we used in the porn industry was to inject your penis with Saline solution (available at any drug store) just before your about to perform. Your cock will instantlyget a big firm plump errectionthat will last a long while. Inject 50 to 100ml directly into the shaft avoiding any veins. You will be amazed at what you’ll be starring down at and so will your partner. Enjoy it but don’t let it get to your head.

          3. I can remember on this one set the girl I was about to do had brought her boyfriend along to watch (never could understand why they did that) and as I was getting ready for the scene, the boyfriend comes up to me and asks if I could go easy on her becauseshe’s a little tight. I understood that as this guys got a small pecker. Came to find out he was’nt joking and this chick was a screamer. That boyfriend starred me down the whole time like I was killing his girlfriend. That was the first time I ever got a thank you from a partner. Still not sure if she said it cuz I went gentle on her or becauseI got her off. Either way I find it creepy when the boyfriends (and sometimes husbands) stay and watch.

          4. @Killa, my dear, it ain’t the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean. An average penis, is actually between 4-5 inches. As long as you know how to use it, or your girl knows how to climb on and bounce up and down, do a little grinding, you’ve got no problems. None. So don’t be discouraged. A lot of guys claim to have these huge peckers, and I’ll tell you from lots and lots of experience, big, is not necessarily best. I had a 14 inch boyfriend, couldn’t fit it in, ffs, I was not impressed. But on a better note, he had an awesome car, a javelin,classic and black. I much preferred riding the car, than him, lol.

          5. @Daweeka, I drive a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder convertible nicely customized (the bass alone will give you an orgasm) and if that does’nt then I’ve got a big big cock that would deffinately get you off, I also think that you are a real beauty and the foreplay would be amazing.

          6. @brokeback
            That is some fuckin great advice! I didnt know any of that stuff actually worked! The saline solution sounds scary though:O
            However i dont even care if my weenie is small. I actually just laugh about it. And believe it or not im not even sexually active.
            What motor does your eclipse have they didnt make the spyders with the GST or GSX engine and drivetrain huh? 🙁 i always thought it would be nice to have AWD in one of those.
            One of the cars i drive is a grandma wagon. I still pick up babes in it. I offer them candy and stuff.
            Awww thanks girl! See you really are a sweetheart! 🙂 i hope youre not permanently damaged from that 14 incher! Yikes! Hahaha. Thats overkill for sure.

          7. Daweeka! My goodness you poor thing. That sounds awful. 10cm huh? I cant imagine even pissing a cucumber out of my dick. Let alone a baby:O ive always thought that when i get married, i will adopt kids because theres no way in hell i would ever ask my wife to go through child birth. Its some crazy shit that women dont get enough credit for.
            “Javeline between his legs” ahahaha im pretty sure i giggled out loud when i read that.
            Oh! Email me back sillyhead!

          8. @Jamal,my 98 Eclipse Spyder came with the 2l non turbo which is underpowered but a sweet ride with a few mods. It is a mint Florida car with just over 100k on it. Thinkingabout a Vette convertible for next summer.

          9. @brokeback
            I gotcha. I always thought it was odd that they’d put such small motors in that car. Babes love em! The turbo DSM motors can be built like a mothafucka though. There’s guys around here pushing out about 600 awhp!
            Are you still involved in the porn industry? Ive always been curious about it. I guess its one of those things where you wonder if theyre real people as if you’ll never actually meet any of them:P

        1. By the way, that porn shit sounds awkward! As if the cameras didnt make it weird enough. Damn id be pissed if my girl decided to do porn. Id probably try and punch you or something:P that would be very weird for both parties.
          Also, your name cracks me up because a few years back one of my friends was snowboarding and ended up in a pretty serious accident that left him with multiple fractured vertebrae etc. (Yeah riding on icy nights is a shitty idea)
          Anyways, we shortly thereafter began calling him brokeback mountain. We figured it was pretty fitting for him.

          1. @Killa, lol, no the problem was and is, I was too small, that’s why I had all three kids via c section. I don’t take to the huge dicks, lol. 29 hours of labor, and it would only open to 7, you need 10 cms to pass a child. Guess my frame wasn’t meant for passing big watermelons. The 14 inch dick, only went in like I didn’t exactly count, but to about max 9 or so, and it hit bottom, hurt and we didn’t finish. Only did it once, as I said, I preferred his Javelin car, not the Javelin between his legs, lol…thanks for the compliments.

          2. When I was in college I waited tables at a mob run social club and through there I got the offer and since I really needed the money I did it for a couple of years. Believe me, it’s not as glamorous as you might think.

          3. @brokeback
            Thats crazy man! Those mob dudes can be some rutheless sons of bitches!
            Ive always wondered if thats how the porn industry is. It seems like it would be a destructive industry run by crooked people. Youre the first person ive met who’s done it.
            Ive heard the same from girls i know who strip for a living though.

    1. @scars,

      if you do a good job and your with the right women you won’t have to slap her on the arse and ask for something. She’ll jump up ask what she can get for you, she will cook a gourmet meal for you at 2am if if thats what you want. Do a crap job though and she’ll just tell you to get off your lazy arse and get it for yourself.

      1. I think my avatar has caused a bit of confusion…I’m a woman, not a man. I chose the avatar because of the mask-my own face is disfigured due to a Tatooist who was on drugs. No, I didn’t know he was wasted before he worked on me.
        I did not intend any deceive…

        1. @Madeofscars, I have a big slash on my left cheek where I was stabbed a few years back, cover up is a beautiful thing, there is this product that is about 25$ that you can use to hide tattoos, everything, Ill get back to you on the name, and don’t be so self critical. I figured out you were a girl a bit back. Post your face if you want, if anyone says anything bad to you, they aren’t a regular on this site and don’t belong here anyhow. I’ve got your back, trust me lil momma.

  6. The second guy had a pretty decent sized knob there, would’nt be disapointed by that. As for the soldiers? Thanks Mark, I wouldn’t give them a second glance in the street dressed in ‘civies’ but in thier uniforms? Hell yea, come to mama!

  7. When we were kids an neighbour of my friends used to take as out. (parents weren’t as vigilent and clued up about shit then} The guy was a total perve. My neigbours mother hadn’t seen him for a while and went into his flat. He’d hung himself naked but for some reason he was wearing a condom. Who the fuck contemplating suicide, as one of their last thought before they leave this mortal coil think. ‘I must put on a jonny bag’?

      1. By the way, Thedre, I’m taking that, it’s pronounced, The Dre, I actually thought it was Thedrey(as in a foreign name)I appreciate real faces/bodies, in opposition to avatar pictures. It’s easier to gauge the age of the person. Also less likely to be trolls.

      1. Hahaha!

        Sorry to disappoint you Elle me dear… The amount of steroids and shit floating about with them… You combine ALL the Athletes’ Dick sizes and have only half of Cavendish’s size.

        I love Cav.

      1. Asian girls aren’t as popular with men as the internet would suggest…at least in my experience. I rarely get chatted up. Some guys want to “look after me” like I’m some little doll and when they do want sex they fuck me like I’m their sister. Not cool.

        1. Ah…

          Fucking a girl like she is ya sister… Not good.

          I guess us lads believe that petite Asian ladies are as delicate in bed as they are in the flesh.

          Haha… Tulio is right. My DEMONSEED. Although not as potent as Mouse’s. Still packs a punch.

          So… I take it you like being ragged fuckin silly?

        2. @Elle, wow, you are beautiful*no lezzie, I am surprised, actually didn’t realize you were asian. Fuck you like you’re their sister, lol, you’ve got to move out of that trailer park, lol. jk. 😉

        3. Not to be a dick but youre right. Im typically not attracted to full asian women. Especially chinese:O they can be so f*ckin saucy!!
          However, the half bred asian ladies are gorgeous. And definitely not timid when it comes to getting frisky! Haha theyre kinky and dirty!
          Btw, who’s banging their sister!?? Thats awful.

  8. @Ego I’m still working on putting together a list of questions for youto answer for our BG members who are very interested on hearing more about you. I got very busy last night so I am sorry for taking longer than expected.
    I Should be posting in about 2 hrs from now so at 3pm I will have them ready for you.

  9. ***EGO*** our celebrity Hermaphrodite opens up to us at Best Gore and tells us about his life.
    He has agreed to answer our questions so please ask sensible questions and be respectful, this is a very rare opportunity so we thank him for his time and welcome him to Best Gore.

    1) First off could we get your first name, your age and ethnicity?
    2)Why the change of Avatar, many of us here have never seen the genetilia of a hermaphrodite and would welcome back what you had to begin with if you could.
    3)What was it like for you as a child, pre-puberty. Did you know that you were different from the other kids?
    4)When you did hit puberty what was the change like for you? Did you know which was your dominant sex and at what age? Did you date as a teenager? Was your condition a secret to close friends and the people you dated?
    5) At what age did you first fall in love and have a real relationship and were you open with partner’s at this stage?

    Ego…I’ll start you off with these and you can add anything you feel important that I may have missed. If anyone else has a question feel free to ask. Again Ego, we can’t thank you enough for opening up to us like this and again, welcome to BestGore.

  10. 1.My name is Dustin i’m 18 and i’m Russian-white. And please im not a he i’m a he/she 😉
    2.Well those pair were not mine but i tried to change to pictures of me to show you all but i made me have the doodle monster instead 🙁 it wont let me select my pics maybe the sheep are fucking with it. I will change to pics of me when it decides to work :).
    3.I never really noticed i had both i went to the bathroom with both I did what everyone else did I had no idea i was different until the doctor visits (someone told me i was different)
    4.Puberty was amazing i loved (thats not what most teens think of it but it was mine) i was able to experience both forms of puberty i would get bigger breasts i was able to cum through my penis I got moody i had it all it was great to see how both sexes go through puberty (im not completely done but the fun part is over :/). Yah i dated both males and females, I would dress like a boy to date girls and like a girl to date boys. No i never really told anyone about having both parts they didnt need to know they should love me for me but it was hard to suck on a boys cock and get a boner doing it >_< i would have to tape my penis down with duct-tape to not pop boners on dates. I once let it slip and a boy found out and he beat me brutally I had broken ribs and a snapped arm.
    5. I have the say the first time I really liked someone was when i was 16 I loved the fuck out of them they were bisexual and they said they dremaed of fucking a hermaphrodite i was happy to tell him i was, but he was already told by my ex (brutal beating guy) that i had a dick i tried to show him that i was not only a boy but a girl too he never let me show him i was on a mission to show him i once got him drunk at a party to show him I did but he did not remeber it 🙁 so one day in the showers (i used the boys shower room in school because my vagina was easier to hide (i used flesh colored bandages to hide it it worked long enough for me to shower and leave. So when he was alone i Threw off my towel cupped my breasts and let it all hang loose he was shocked and said he was. I got on my knees to suck his cock but the coach walked in (seeing as i was on watch to not get caught by students the school staff was told by my parents and doctor to watch for me) and immdiately called my parents and i got moved to another school to complete my junior and senior year
    in a private school ;(

  11. Dustin, I have been away from my computer for most of the day. Life has a strange way of creeping up on you with problems, sometimes serious ones. I am sorry but you are going to have to continue learning away without me. There’s a chance that you may never hear from me again and I wanted all of you to know that you are intelligent people who deserve whatever you want from life.
    I cant go into detail about my problem but the easiest way out for me is death. This choice is not easy to make and I am in tears right now. If you dont hear from me anymore, know that I loved you all like brothers and sisters. Life is never fair. Goodbye!

  12. Best Gore members, I need your help. I am really really messed up and I am so close to suicide it seams like my only way out. I’m only going to start my story for now and tomorrow I will start from the begining. First off my 95yr old father has less than a month to live. This man beat me near death when I was a child and threatened to kill me if I ever told. He also beat my mother regularily and I lived my childhood in fear of this man. I’ve had nightmares my whole life and now he will be dead soon. I have been crying non stop since I found out that he is dying, there are issues that he will take to the grave. I want to know why he did the things to me…was he sick? Was he ever sorry? did he love me? How can a father threaten to kill his own son?
    I have talked to the shrinks over the years but no help.
    Guys and girls, I need your help. I will start at the very begining and tell you everything to the day he dies which could be tomorrow. If I don’t understand why he did this to me then I want to die. Please help me, he was the devil and yet in the end at 95yrs old I want to love him.
    It is 2am and I have to try and sleep ands tomorrow I will post starting from my childhood. I just want to die right now.

    1. and the rest of my family kept it hush hush but motherfucker I was the one who bled from the cuts and punches! I had to hide the slash marks on my back and the black eyes! and now he’s gonna die…please help me find a way to go on with my life…I just want to die.

      1. When I was 8yrs old he pulled my ears so hard to punish me that the lobes tore away from my face. My mother took me to the Dr. and said I did it to myself all I got was a prescription for an antibiotic. I wanted to tell the doc but I was so scared.
        I used to pray for death when I was 9yrs old.

      2. FUCK, if you are alright, youve got a lot of bg members wanting to know what the hell is going on, so contact me asap, please, call me. Whatever, Im worried too, and didnt see these posts til now. I never backtrack…shit…really fucking shit, please email me, [email protected] asap. 514-453-8670

        1. please mark, i am worried about this dude, please don’t take my number off or this post until he’s called, im very very worried. Thanks, I didn’t see anything about sharing personal info, and dont care if a million creeps phone me, i just need to know this guy is ok. really. Thank you very much.

    2. @brokeback
      i am late in my reply to you and i am sorry for that…i hope you are doing better….i know its cliche but it does get better. what your father did was wrong..but it was his mistake..his error…his hell that he will have to pay for….you should not carry around his guilt…….i dont know why he would do what he did…chances are he hasnt a clue either…its just the way it is sometimes….now its up to you to make your life what you want it to be…not to be defined by what your father did…but to be defined by what you have become….dont let his mistakes screw the rest of your life up….easier said then done i know but try….

      1. I’m glad I could bring this to your attention I have not heard from him at all and he was going to email me…but I never got a reply he was so sweet he let me show my parts to you all ;( i love him I only hope he did not do it. If anyone gets a hold of him please let me speak to him <3

  13. I once brought home a stray kitten and asked if I could keep her…my dad used his cane for no reason and beat it near death while I watched and cried. He had the devil inside him.. I gotta stop now and tell you the rest tomorrow. lived with nightmares my whole life and even now when I see him he has the devils eyes. I dont believe in God but if there was one where is he when I need him? I hope that someone will try to help me tomorrow.l

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