Deadly Suicide Bombing Attack Caught on CCTV in Yemen

Deadly Suicide Bombing Attack Caught on CCTV in Yemen

Yemeni health ministry confirmed that the death toll of the latest suicide bombing attack, which targeted Shi’ite Muslims preparing to stage a protest in support of Shia rebels in Al-Tahrir square in Sanaa, rose to 47 people with many more injured.

From the CCTV video it doesn’t look like almost 50 people died in he blacst, but apparently that’s what happened. Shiite insurgents have reportedly overrun the Yemen’s capital city and Sunnis don’t seem to like it very much.

Props to Best Gore member ColombianBastard for the video:

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  2. That was an excellent video. The dispersal of the fragments were so random, some people who looked to be standing right next to the guy seemed relatively unscathed and some people 50 or 60 feet away caught the shrapnel , this is definitely one of the better videos of this type of carnage.

    1. I just pictured all the sucking fly larva in the all the dumpsters and all the cadavers stopping their voracious eating to turn east and pray to towards that block in Mecca. I’m a bit buzzed so it’s strangely comical. πŸ™‚

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    Perhaps there could be an annual award given like the Oscars with different categories. Of course many would be posthumous. A bestgore award naming comp would be entertaining.

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      1. Hahahaha Oh my gosh….I read your comment and was confused saying to myself what does that have to do with anything hahaha then I read my comment and said “ah ha”
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    1. They did, didn’t they. The ones left at the end were moving exactly like partially squished bugs do. Twitchy and trying to scramble away and falling over in the process with bits of dangling skeleton dragging behind them.

  5. I’m from Boston, MA and I agree I don’t believe this blast caused that many deaths, propaganda. The marathon bombs were larger and had more people in proximity with much less death. It was no doubt effective as far as moron suicide bombers go. AMERICA is the greatest country on earth. The red white and blue will be the flag flying in the end.

    1. The Boston Marathon Bombing was also an inside “terror exercise” conducted by the CIA. That’s why there were so few casualties. not to mention that the people who lost limbs were already amputees. you are relatively young country/nation. you are 17 trillion dollars in debt to China, you intentionally murder thousands of your own civilians to start proxy war in the Middle East for Israel so they will help pay off said debt(not the entire reason, mind you). you’d all be speaking Chinese by now and now you have intentionally started a deadly ebola outbreak by allowing your retarded, do gooder citizens back into the States from Africa. all a plan. I called it the second i heard the first talks of bringing doctors back.

      i just can’t die over rocks and imaginary lines possibly because i have transcended such pedestrian concepts as national pride as those things are no different from sports teams so naturally the one you support is the “best” and anyone who talks shit about “your team” deserves the beat down, lol.

  6. You need to recheck your “facts”. First, the US is not $17 trillion in debt to any one country. Of the over $12 trillion (yes 12 trillion – still too high) owed to other countries, about 20% is owed to China and about 20% is owed to Japan. The remainder is owed to many countries such as the UK, Canada, Germany, and Brazil, just to name a few. Still it is disgusting.

    Second, Ebola was not spread by doctors returning to the US. It was spread by a man coming from Liberia (and born in Africa) who lied about being in an area where Ebola was an epidemic and he lied about the fact he had transported an Ebola stricken woman while in Liberia just so he could come over to visit his African family members in the US – caring more about himself rather than the possibility that he was bringing his disease with him. The other do-gooders and the cameraman have not spread Ebola to anyone in the US thus far. No, I don’t think they should have been allowed to return to US soil, but it wasn’t up to me.

    I agree with most of the rest of what you’ve said except possibly your last paragraph. That part is your opinion, which everyone should have the right to have.

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