Deranged Man Stabs Girlfriend to Death, Slits Own Throat in Manglore India

Deranged Man Stabs Girlfriend to Death, Slits Own Throat in Manglore India

Deranged Man Stabs Girlfriend to Death, Slits Own Throat in Manglore India

Boyfriend stabs his bae (girlfriend) brutally and slit his own throat in Manglore India, reason is unknown, his girlfriend might be getting married to somebody else forced by parents.


Mangaluru,india, Jul 2: Diksha, who was stabbed with a knife repeatedly by her stalker(used to be boyfriend) at Bagambila within Ullal police station limits, has been responding well to the treatment. She also responded to words uttered by the nurses at the hospital where she is being treated,In the meantime, accused in the case, identified as Sushanth, has shown good recovery. The police, based on his mental condition, will take further action.A team of doctors has been keeping close watch on the health condition of Diksha. During the CT scan also, the doctors did not identify any serious complications. Blood clot that has been noticed near her kidney is being removed and her health condition is near normal, sources stated.

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  4. A little background.

    As stated this occurred in the coastal town of Mangalore, in Karnataka, on the south west coast of India.

    The 20 year old woman, named Deeksha, had been returning home from college in the late afternoon when she was attacked by 22 year old Sushant whose overtures had failed to excite Deeksha’s interest.

    The pair were taken to KS Hegde Medical College where they are both in a critical condition, although Sushant appears to have made rather a better job of injuring himself than his victim (despite the theatrical antics on the video).

    Meanwhile, another attack occurred in Delhi’s Chirag Dilli area in which a 24 year old woman named Pinkey was stabbed to death, and found with multiple wounds in a pool of blood, by a man called Sunny.

    Pinky and Sunny had a relationship prior to her marriage to someone else 5 years ago and, unfortunately, Sunny appears to have been continually pestering Pinkey since.

    Sunny appears to have tried to kill himself after the stabbing but failed and is, currently, receiving medical treatment.

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