Divorcee Attempts Suicide, India

Divorcee Commits Suicide

Divorcee Commits Suicide

Allegedly from India, the video shows a man, who was apparently recently divorced, jump from a water tower. The tower isn’t that tall, not that id jump off it for fun or anything, and the crowd is huge so he was obviously there for a while.

The man jumps and appears to be unconscious, at least, but its hard imagine that the fall would kill him, especially since he lands on the grass. The onlookers waste no time rushing to shake his injured body around, and get in the way of the camera as best as they can.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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          1. That’s interesting. I’m normally distrustful of people that make too many hand gestures…it’s like they’re trying to be distracting of pull off some kinda sleight of hand trick. If they’ve been trained to do that, then I guess they are being deceptive.

        1. “What’s with his hands held behind his back like that?”
          How about what’s with the rough manhandling? Are they guaranteeing his life long misery by ensuring his minor spinal injury ends up being a major fuck off spinal snap and making him paralysed from the neck down and breathing through a tube for the next 50yrs, he’ll never get another chance now he can’t move. Poor bugger……

      1. This gave me a good laugh. Seeing this just reminds me of a person walking around a museum speculating every single art piece. Now that I think about it a museum with live suicide attempts would be a great way to show some true art!

        1. Funny you say that! There was a Yugoslavian serbian lady with surname i think avramovich who in the seventies? Would stand still in a musaum naked and let people come up to her and spit on her and slap her like a bdsm- type deal. It was like a live art gorething at the time. Have a google of it . If you have problems let me know and i will try and find it and put it up here.

        1. Where’s NC – is that abbreviation for New York City ?? Jeez there’s only 3 letters in NYC, not like you need to abbreviate the abbreviation so im guessing I’m wrong…….oh north chicago maybe?

          1. @hopingfornemesis, I’m not really up to date with the Reynolds company standing. I’d imagine that they have adapted, and have their hands in e-cigarettes, vaping, CBD, and the inevitable marijuana decriminalization. All in all, it’s a decent city. There is growth, and property value seems to be increasing. There haven’t been any tall buildings built here in about twenty years though. I was in Nashville not too long ago, and I counted about twenty cranes in their downtown. Something is booming over there.

        2. Ah North Carolyn – thanks @illegalsmiles55. Are you in the mood yet to hear more about my big dick? Let me know? Now I’ve heard of that city/state/place. But No Catfishing must be a small hicksville town off the beaten track. Never heard of that shithole before. However it does give the town an impression of having a nice river or dam close by. So maybe it’s not so bad.
          As for Winston – Slalem – that went clean over the top of my noggin…….

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        1. @HambergerBob
          Hey Bob,,, how you been brother?? long time no talk my man, is everything all good with You & Yours Brother, Hopefully?

          And as for the suicidal dude, yea,,, i concur brother. Cause Just the way that he fell and landed, and the fact that he landed on thick grassy area, tells me that the earth there is moist, and surely a softer landing than a Wrestling table, and cement floor, lol. 😉

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      Guess this indian fag is going to be raped by those waiting at the water tower, can see these fucking faggot animals are in a big hurry to check out their prey.

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      1. I found a pathology report following the Pan Am flight 103 bombing; one male body was found ‘standing’ (his legs had penetrated into the soil) in an upright position in a field.

        His original height was just over 6″; he had been compressed by the impact forces to just over 4″.

        A pretty good demonstration of minimum air resistance dynamics with a free-fall from around 31000 feet resulting in a terminal velocity of around 125 mph.

        1. Wow! Exciting. I know some cops and they would find suicides at the bottom of our major bridge and a few were recoveredin just such a position in the muddy bottom of the river.

          I heard about the bone -breaking on that anatomy show with the world famous plastinator German anatomist. Also remember Jesus was mercifully about to have his legs broken by the Roman soldier but was found to be already just deceased. Ie he would go into shock and die in his fatigued state. Also broken leg bones give massive hemorraging and concertinaed spinal column ,snapped spinal cord ,organ ripping/ rupture / tearing of venous Cava etc

          Me? Put me to sleep and inject me while under! Lethal injestion sounds good if i had to go . Euthanasia- med style.

          Poor bugger ! Four foot!

        1. Fracturing the major bones in the lower limb (tibia and femur) can cause pretty significant haemorrhage.

          A closed tibial shaft fracture is typically associated with 500 – 1000 ml blood loss.

          Anticipate 1000 – 1500 ml blood loss in a closed femoral shaft fracture.

          For open fractures the blood loss can be doubled.

          A typical adult has 4700 ml of circulating blood volume; two open femoral shaft fractures can kill you very quickly.

          Major long bone fractures are also associated with fat embolism in which bone marrow (particularly fatty material) enters the blood stream and is deposited in critical organs e.g. lungs, heart and brain (among others) clogging the capillaries.

          Long bone fractures result in fat embolism in ~ 1 -30% of cases and the mortality rate is 10 – 20%.

        2. @nasty – many thanks but I know about those complications which would typically happen a day or two after the injury particularly in the case of a fat embolism. My understanding is that most peeps that sign up for sexy suicide only find it as sexy as their fantasies promise if death results, well, instantly. I can’t imagine many misery guts (the depressed) being too happy about having to wait for even 5 mins whilst flat as a tack on their back, in agony, 4 stories down in God Damn agony, waiting patiently for the broken shin bones to leak out or waiting days whilst in traction in hospital completely wishing and hoping and praying that a fatty blob embolism turns up in their pulmonary artery on the double. So I’m sticking with my initial belief that ensuring you snap your legs is not an essential or even a desirable outcome………

          1. @dutchy

            The considerations then become momentum, energy and the time taken for energy transfer, together with differences in energy vectors – shear and compression.

            The analogy is that when you are in free fall, everything is fine.

            The problem is when you make contact with a surface; the tissues in your body then decelerate at different rates, at which point everything becomes very much less than fine.

    1. At least this one doesn’t have to be scraped off railroad tracks or a sidewalk. He won’t end up as a bloated, decaying mess in someone’s home either. One of those people that took time out of their day to try to talk him down should grab his neck and shake him a little when he’s fully conscious again…inconsiderate motherfucker.

      1. bamm bamm what the fuck has that video got to do with anything you stupid retarded cunt.
        You need a sense of humor before you start posting videos clips. At least make them something to do with the subject material you ass hole.

          1. Not much wit coming from you is there bamm bamm. This isn’t going to be as interesting as i first thought. However i do realise how much it triggers you being called a black bastard so i’ll pop in now and again just for laughs

          1. Sure, email me at [email protected]
            No, I did that art myself. Hoping to sell more of it, but at this point, anybody sick enough to love it, gets a BestGore discount of 100% 🙂
            I have some pretty twisted other art I did as well, I’ll send you the orgy pic (high res).
            My Etsy shop was closed down due to “Violent Content” so… what are you gonna do?

    1. @ewestomper – hey man. Maybe Divesh saw the video post from a couple pages ago where his fellow country man got hit by a train and got pumbled and spun everywhich way all down the platform, as he got trapped between the train and platform in what could have been the most painful incident ever seen on BG. I’m not surprised Indians are looking for alternatives after that video……

  1. The mob was trying to shake him back to life before he went through reincarnation and came back as a lower life form as punishment for committing hara kiri and being a divorcee. Come on Rajesh, there’s another Jasmine on every corner!

  2. Did you guys see what i saw??? That (Fucking Dummy) doing chest compression on ribs that are most probably broken. These broken ribs will inevitably start puncturing his lungs, or worse could puncture his heart.

      1. @Crim
        Yep,,, you are absolutely right Girl. 🙂
        People should think before doing something so stupid. Like i know that they mean well, and are panicking while trying to save somebodies life, but they could be doing more harm than good at times. So maybe calling him a dumb-ass was not right of me to call him, cause at least for once, you see somebody quickly jump into action and try to help a fellow going thru some tough times in life. So even though he should not do that, at least it shows that he cares about his fellow human being, and Brother. 🙂

  3. This is a really bad attempt at a suicide. The issue is, is that the water tower is not high enough to GUARANTEE DEATH. It’s definitely high enough to kill him, but not GUARANTEED. You COULD survive a fall this high and be severely injured, suffering in severe pain for weeks and months in a hospital or cause yourself to be permanently injured further increasing the misery of your already miserable life. If your going to jump, make DAMN SURE it’s so damn high that there is no chance that you can survive. Basically you want to be obliterated instantly so you don’t suffer or end up fully disabled but still totally alive and in misery.

      1. There’s no guarantee you’ll die from a fall of any height. Hell,there have been people who fell/jumped out of planes at 30,000+ feet and survived. Then again,there have been people jumped off a 1 story roof (about 10 feet) and wound up dead. Completely dead…..

        1. You are right about the thirty thousand feet thing. I know at least two stories of women who survived such falls. Ok. Let us say barring a miracle ,ninety nine percent chance.

          I was fascinated to hear that your chance of dying falling off a donkey is much higher than falling off a horse. Why ? On a donkey ,you don’t have enough time to protect yourself and so your head typically hits the ground first.

        2. I have to admit your right. There really are no guarantees in life about anything. BUT, you want to increase your chances DRAMATICALLY when you are going to become a jumper because you want to avoid surviving the jump attempt and going through suffering for the rest of your life because of it. The HIGHER the BETTER. It’s also good to make sure your landing on a hard surface instead of grass to increase the chances of instant death. Having said all that. This is still a pretty high jump this man did. I do believe this was a legit suicide attempt and that he was not looking for attention of a call for help. He was really trying to be gone. This is probably the highest spot he could find near him so this is what he jumped off. Still, I would not mess around with this water tower if it were me because the height seems IFFY at best and that you could possibly survive.

  4. I love how the retard crew rushes in to instantly start shaking, pulling, turning and twisting his body around like a fucking rag doll. It’s like they’re totally determined that if the fall didn’t sever his spinal cord and kill him, we will.

          1. @xsookiex, es-tu marié maintenant? Malheureusement, je ne parle pas français, mais je parle couramment google traduction. De plus, les dernières photos de votre profil me font ressentir un sentiment d’aller chez vous. 😉

          2. Ha tu m’as déçu Honkey je croyais d’avoir trouvé un mec qui sait faire plein chose avec sa langue 😀 et oui en fait, mariée mais séparée

  5. He just wanted attention. If he really wanted to die, he would have climbed the roof of a building and jumped onto the concrete, not this soft ass pile of grass and hay. I wish I had been there, I would have started giving him a good ol fashion ass whipping for being an attention whore.

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