Don’t Click This With Your Mouth Full…

Gore Meets Lulz

…if you did, now you have the content of your mouth to wipe off the monitor.

Can there be any doubt as to the story? This guy clearly dove to shield his girlfriend from a reptilian shotgun blast fired by a neuroscience student dressed up as a movie character:

Hey, why am I the poop-checker?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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84 thoughts on “Don’t Click This With Your Mouth Full…”

      1. For all those who theink we have no sense of humor down here in the dark celler of the mourge…..think again.

        This post has made my facial muscles contort in such a way that it may not go back to the way it was before reading this post for the rest of the entire fucking day.
        THis HAS to be made, AS IS, into a tshirt!

  1. Thanks for the laugh, if I hadn’t just beaten this cold I would have a streaming river of mucus running down my shirt.

    I feel like I just got trolled but I’m sure the rest of the sheep herd will be more than willing to take the bait and sleep soundly knowing that their lovers will shield them instead of opting for self-preservation.

  2. W.T.F. is it me or does that look like a shween standing straight up beside his left shoulder. holy fuck if its me & im starting to see disco sticks then i think i will borrow that dude,s shotgun for myself !

  3. I just showed this to my son (he’s legal age). He looked at it for a moment, looked at me, and said in this serious tone, “Sigh*, when are you gonna find some NICE friends to play with, mom?”
    What a buzz-kill that little shit can be…

      1. Oh he’ll, he’s used to coming home finding me all bloody from getting pierced, tattoos, and so on. He’s not sheltered by any means. He’s just…just (eeewww, I hate to say it!), respectable.
        ah kids, what can you do with them? I listen to megadeath, overkill, and such-he listens to 1930’s &40’s and Russian folk music. I watch the most hardcore gore movies I can find, he watches shows on cooking and re-upholstering chairs.
        Somewhere along the line I didn’t warp him right. He asks when I’m gonna grow up, I ask him when he’s gonna get that iron rod out of his ass. He just heaves a sigh, shakes his head and asks if I’m still taking my meds.
        The guy is awesome, I’m just not 100% convinced he ‘s mine…

  4. Thanks for the warning; I was drinking tea but, luckily,swallowed before opening the image and my computer has stayed dry because I would have splurted; WTF! What’s the best bathroom cleaning product to get blood and brain off the tiles and grouting?

  5. What an irresponsible bastard you are ! now your family or someoneelse have to clean this mess, why dont you kill yourself @ nature? at least your useless body would feed a starving animal, or you would die clean with some pills. I bet you were a trouble maker when you were alive and you keep on disturbing people even after your death.

    1. The mess.
      I’ve actually thought similar thoughts while mopping ~ 2L of blood off my living room floor after a break in. “what a dick.” 5 buckets of bleach water later, my apartment smelled like rust and i said fuck it to the forensics finger-printing dust all up on EVERYTHING, forgot to empty the bucket and wet back to the hospital to my comatose boyfriend.
      The next day when i returned home to feet my cats, the house smelled like corpse and the mop and bucket were so saturated with corpse water that i had to throw them out.
      I puked multiple times while emptying the bucket.

  6. What’s fucked up is if that was in the U.S, the homeowners (often family) are responsible for the getting scene cleaned.. I learned this after I was on a suicide call years ago, a 97lbs cancer patient figured he’d had enough and put a 357 against his temple and squeezed.. needless to say his bathroom looked as though you’d gutted a deer, I asked my Cpt. “Who makes sure all this shit gets cleaned up capt?” He said, “ol mans wife”.

    1. I had an uncle that blew his head off and wasn’t found until a week later, worst smell ever. But I’m not sure how it was cleaned up. But that Damn smell was so foul the coroners had to take a breather.

  7. I will say this: no matter how dumb the guy was in life, he sure as hell succeeded in absolutely covering the shower with his blood. I mean, look at that shit! Whatever was blown off was blown to fucking bits and went everywhere! Musta been the perfect weapon, placement before shooting, and that shit just splattered in the perfect way all over that bathtub.

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