Drama Queen Commits Suicide at Shooting Range

Drama Queen Commits Suicide at Shooting Range

Drama Queen Commits Suicide at Shooting Range

At a shooting range, a drama queen wearing a facemask like he really fell for the coronacircus hoax, pretends to have interest in acquiring shooting skills. The staff don’t wear any masks, but hey… if you’re gonna kill yourself, might as well do it looking like a tool.

The drama queen goes through discharging a few rounds, and has the target brought in to inspect how good his aim was from up close.

But then he jumps over to the other side, prompting the gun happy instructor to quickly draw his weapon. An ex-cop perhaps, as it’s typical cop behavior to dispatch a suicidal person before he could rob them off the joy of killing him?

The female staff reacts in a whole different way and goes to talk to the guy instead. She tries to use her privilege to argue the guy out of taking his life, but the guy seems determined to go through with his plan. And he does.

The woman remains calm, as if this was not her first suicide at the range. Her body language says: OK boys, let’s get the mop and pail. We got to clean the mess up before we take the supper break.

Some of the previous cases of suicide at shooting ranges HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE.

Props to Best Gore members @nikish and @natural-selection-2 for the video. It’s like for every one person the COVID-19 kills, the measures to prevent the spread force four to kill themselves:

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139 thoughts on “Drama Queen Commits Suicide at Shooting Range”

    1. Maybe the voices in his head told him to wait a moment.
      Or he just gave away the place where he stored his suicide notes.
      Or he maybe hoped that the fat guy shoots him so he don’t have to do it himself.


    2. I would have drawn on this shady motherfucker too.

      Anyone that acts that way is either trying to kill themselves or more likely you. You never know when some random sandnigger will decide to go apeshit for allah.

        1. He should’ve shot the bastard. That dopey bitch’s nurturing side came out, she was the only one who went towards him, imagine that, going towards a nutter with a loaded gun in his hand. I just wish he’s have shot her first.

          1. @mydreamlover

            Chaos aka the donut boy puts the L in loser.

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          2. Making assumptions just shows your stupidity. If you only knew who I was you’d be begging for an autograph and asking me to fuck your gf…if you had one.

        1. It’s honestly sad I mean y’all are calling people snowflakes for showing humanity towards someone who was obviously going through more than just a tough time. The majority of people on here who are here to be racist and homophobic is astounding but it makes sense because y’all know if you were to act that way in public someone would beat your pussy asses into the ground without a second thought. @mydemonlover thank you for being a decent person and I’m sorry all these stupid hicks are bullying you for it. they ain’t got a hope in the world.

          1. @chillphil
            “Someone would beat your assess into the ground”

            Ok. Majority of BG members know that. And people that tend to engage in public violence, unless they’re in a third world country, usually go to jail.

            You can’t win either way.

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    1. Actually those skinny jeans were useful, skinny jeans are tight and stretchy so they would’ve comfortably caught and contained the shit he took in them just before he died. Its why antifa wears them, they don’t want to shit down their pant leg and make a mess. The way he moved and acted it looked like he was trying to push a load into them just before he jumped the counter.

      1. Anqueefa wears them extra tight. Giving the fact that they don’t need balls, they just simply die, shrink, dry and fall off or turn into dust as a result of wearing those faggings… sorry, leggings for “men” long term.

        1. Watching them push a firm turd into those tight pants never gets old. A few friends of mine wear skinny pants and half do it for fetish reasons. Trust me, the guy was trying to shit his pants on purpose before he killed himself.

          1. LMAO! No wonder why he was squatting like that before he pulled the trigger. That bitch interrupted him, he died frustrated with no happy ending.

        2. Lol, it’s already pretty hard and frustrating to shit in skinny jeans much less while everyone watches. Seriously though it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he was trying shit his pants, its a actual kink for a number of people. I hope i die with a log of shit in my tights to freak out the people who have to deal with my corpse.

  2. I noticed he’s wearing womens skinny jeans because of how tight they fit all over except the ankle, a few male friends of mine wear skinny jeans and one sometimes wears womens skinny jeans because they fit better. I’m certain the guy is wearing womens super skinny jeans.

      1. He wanted to comply with the establishments rules of wearing that bullshit on his face so he wouldn’t get kicked out and therefore fulfill his desire to kill himself, not without making a little attention whore scene beforehand.

  3. Drama stupid , no drama queen..
    I wonder where is this factory where
    Those stupid fucks are made , and what kind a trash they recycled for…
    At least nature wipes them out as a protection for majority…

  4. of course.
    gotta get him outta there before he shits himself
    the average lane doesn’t exactly have a window.
    all that shit and urine smell will get up in the ventilation system for future weeks of less than pleasureful scents.

    1. I’m certain those skinny jeans caught and contained the turd comfortably. I think he was pushing a shit into his pants before he jumped the barrier. Might as well shit yourself and enjoy it one last time before death.

  5. We see so many of these, I’ve always wondered why it’s so common?

    I suspect it’s folks who’ve decided to do the deed, but don’t own their own guns. A shooting range provides a cheap and easy opportunity to get a gun in their hand.

    1. He has no feelings at all obviously. I usually try to filter out his bullshit but sometimes it is Hard….but he is a MAN right. And a MAN NEEDS TO SHOW HIS FEELINGS GAAAAAHHHHH NO WEAKNESS GAAAAAHHHHH.. PUSSY POWER FEMALE PRIVILEGE… And there is this dumbass spewing his fucking bullshit over the internet and complains like the little dumb bitch he is… Just the way it goes

  6. If you think wearing a mask makes you look like a tool, I’d rather look like a tool than a dumbass. Your rights of wearing no face cover obviously goes further than someone else LIVING. Don’t be a fucking moron and wear the fucking mask.

  7. I love how in the description of the video he says “falling for the covid hoax hes wearing a mask even though his intentions are to kill himself anyway. If your goin to kill yourself midas well go out like a tool…” Hahahaha
    Too bad not all the people falling for this covid bullshit think to just kill themselves like this guy… Maybe if their government and the media told them to they would???

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