Drummer of Filipino Band Razorback Brian Velasco Livestreams Own Suicide

Drummer of Filippine Band Razorback Brian Velasco Livestreams Own Suicide

Drummer of Filippine Band Razorback Brian Velasco Livestreams Own Suicide

41 year old Brian Velasco was a drummer in the 90’s Philippine rock band Razorback. On January 16, 2019, Brian committed suicide by jumping from the roof of a tall apartment building and livestreamed his fatal fall on Facebook.

It is not yet clear what pushed the drummer to suicide, but the netizens in the Philippines are calling out depression.

The video of his suicidal fall is below. At the 10 second mark, he says “Pakialagaan nyo na lng si Pochito” in Tagalog. It means: “Take care of Pochito“, in reference to his son. His last words, before taking the dive were “Here I go“.

Props to Best Gore member @detritus25 for the video and translation:

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180 thoughts on “Drummer of Filipino Band Razorback Brian Velasco Livestreams Own Suicide”

    1. what a lucky bastard he is. free of misery, agony, and torment. I would much rather take my own life than be alive in a world where life has the remote control and it can do whatever the hell it wants with you, without you being able to change anything.

        1. Lmao. It is good. Wonder what your taste in music is like? Fyi “Wakasan” means “End It” in english and its message is death meeting your maker and your riches here on earth dont matter cos you cant bring it to the other side.
          Another song of theirs is “Payaso”. “Clown” in english.
          Its message is about hving to put a face or mask on in public for them to see not knowing what the real you or what u really feel like.
          So yeah you saying their music is bad depends on the listener.
          Atleast they go gigs making money while you sits your fat ass in your moms house basement hahaha bye

          1. Steady on @detritus25, it is obvious that @ankun256 was just making a bit of a joke.

            Its is quite normal for people to mock each-others tastes in music, sports, dress sense etc.

            It is also normal (i have come to learn) that people who begin or follow an insult with stuff like “hahaha bye”, “PMSL”, “LMFAO”, “ROFL”, etc,… are NEVER actually laughing, but are very obviously triggered, and steaming with anger.

          2. Yeah, I was kinda joking. Half serious. I love metal made by the glorious white people – Norwegians, Americans, British.

            Brown metal… not so much. And if you didn’t catch it, I’m trolling you again.

            Only half trolling though…

    1. Because he had thecamera / phone in his hand, no way if would have continued working after fall, but you can retreive data off of it and what was livestreamed stays livestreamed, my comment isbreally about the persective , ive never seen a suicide filmed like that before, it was sensational, note to any would be jumpers out there, looks like theres a new sherriff in town, and his name is JUMP WITH THE FONE, its fucking awsome

    2. Livestreamed videos always get cut off so soon because when you livestream on facebook, youtube, instagram, etc…, there will always be like a 10 to 20 second delay, so as you livestream now, the viewers are watching you now but only see the footage that’s been recorded 10 to 20 seconds earlier.
      A video explaining “Can a Camera Stream its own Destruction?”

      1. suicide isn’t simple.
        you have to be pushed to it as a last resort – to a point where it feels like it’s the only option left, at least I believe.
        tbh I live in the UK and obtaining a handgun or any gun is quite difficult here and I’m too much of a pussy to hang myself or rev my motorcycle in the garage, but I would most likely kill myself with a handgun if I owned one. Easy to think about but when it comes down to actually doing it, fuck knows.

        This guy is an inspiration. He has balls. He jumped off without hesitation

        1. Re: Replies being turned off.
          My bad! I don’t think your replies are turned off. From what I am seeing with our convo, they don’t put the ‘reply’ button onto responses. There is only a reply button on your first comment in a thread. I guess you have to keep clicking THAT to continue the thread.
          I’m THINKING that’s how it might work, but I am not the brightest bulb when it comes to internet knowledge LOL!
          BTW, yes that IS my real profile picture, and NO FILTERS or PHOTOSHOPPING! The light was just hitting my skin in a great way for that pic. Too bad I have a resting bitch face in the picture. But I still use it for profiles because it is so clear.
          So, there you have it! LOL

    1. I agree, I wanted to kill myself for years until I finally found something that’s worth living for. Now I feel like an idiot even considering killing myself but there are moments where the depressions just take over and drive you to something you would regret later (or in his case can’t regret no more). I’m still depressed but at least I have a goal to achieve now, there is always sunny weather after a storm you just have to pull through it. One way or another you’ll get over any sadness, just can’t let it take over.

        1. @greaser To be honest, BG is a stress reliever for me, so you’re not even that wrong.

          @carly69 Well, now I know that there’s always a way out, especially for people like me living in a developed country. That means there always is something out there for me, I might think differently if I had to live in a third world country, in that case suicide would be the only option because I can’t imagine living a mediocre or poor lifestyle.

          1. @killthrill I do feel your pain…The turd world is a shithole alright. I believe suicide or eutha…euthinis whatever should always be an option. i wonder why these liberals who seem to advocate everything except white heterosexualism don’t put that forward in parliament/congres? religion/politics just seem to want to keep people suffering no matter what. ” If you want a vision of the future Winston, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever” If you think this is not coming to the 1st world, it is and it is possible unless we fight for our freedom and even then…

      1. @srbijabgd No That’s religion talking. Who said you go to hell? Some people have evn told me you just get trapped here until you’re allowed to enter heaven. I think it’s all bollox.
        @rebea yep, even a nigger has the right to top himself. After all, did we choose this world? Who asked us of we wanted this? so if we didn’t have a choice to enter who has the right to tell us we must stay.

        1. Brother, it doesn’t matter what you and i believe, only countable thing in this case is truth.
          -It is in logics of things that hell exist. Why? Because Soul is definitely immortal. Where do you think your soul will want to go after you find yourself out of body? Brother, you soul will going up instinctively but it will be claimed while you going up, where light is, to your Creator.
          -On that road, there are legions of demonic entities that claim your soul by deeds here while angelic beings defends and protecting yourself.

          Don’t you see war for our souls already here???

  1. @aspect For grieving families and friends who are often surprised by the act of suicide… it NEVER seems like it was the answer to anything. But they often have not noticed the journey that has been taken to get to that point. Suicide is very rarely ever done on a whim or as a reaction to a single incident or feeling. It is a long, long cumulative process.

    @nou “Suicide isn’t simple. You have to be pushed to it as a last resort – to a point where it feels like it’s the only option left, at least I believe.”
    You are correct. Your belief is the right belief.

    It is a point that someone reaches which is a part of a long process where other avenues or options in Life are found to be blocked, un-navigable, U-Turns, cul-de-sacs or dead-ends. It is not simple and it is not taken lightly… though once someone has come to that conclusion and face suicide as their only option… they might “lighten-up” and feel that they can shed some of their load.
    I knew someone who “lightened up” for a few days, then smiled and waved at me as he left work. Twenty minutes later he was under the Virgin London-Edinburgh Express Pendolino. He’d been chronically depressed for many years, once he’d followed every wrong turn and dead-end he saw an exit, lightened-up and took it.
    Problem solved… for him. It’s just everyone else (friends and family) that feels bad… for the suicide his bad feelings and the dread and aching soul he wakes up with every day is gone and now freed from Earthly torment.

  2. Well done sir bravo that’s dedication, you stated your case, said your peace, shout out to your son, held camera all the way down. But it’s vertical like your jump so I can go no higher than a 9/10. Maybe if you retried it one more ti……oh bugger

  3. no dude, theyre censoring your racist material. there are lots of place with death videos—but your fucking stupid choice to show porn ads (yeah, i know, theyre easy to score) and publish hate speech has put you in a really shitty spot in terms of search engine positioning. Write like a professional about these things we are all here for.

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