Drunk Man Jumps from Bridge to Swim, Surfaces as Stiff Corpse Next Day

Drunk Man Jumps from Bridge to Swim, Surfaces as Stiff Corpse Next Day

In the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, a yet unidentified man jumped from the bridge Sergio Motta, located between the state’s capital of Cuiabá and Várzea Grande.

According to the local fire department, the event took place o Thursday, September 1, 2016.

The man was on the bridge with three other people, one filming the jump. They all just watched him disappear into the water, without asking for help or trying to save him.

Fire Department’s lieutenant Janisley Teodoro confirmed the man was found about 100 meters from the bridge the following day. The suspicion is that the group was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Here’s the video of him merrily taking the leap:

And the video of him resurfacing as a stiff corpse after the swim:

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49 thoughts on “Drunk Man Jumps from Bridge to Swim, Surfaces as Stiff Corpse Next Day”

          1. @trust-me Yes, they’re probably from the North of the country. In my region I would say we sound like Russian or Romanian

    1. I think the things they were saying afterwards went something like this:

      “Shit! He had the car keys! Now how in the fuck are we getting home?”
      “Yeah, man, he still owes me $37 for beer money, too.”
      “Fuck! I was supposed to get his sister’s phone number too. His sister is HOT, and Pablo told me he’d hook me up with her. She has two kids, though, from two different fathers.”
      “Really? What are their names?”
      “The kids’ names?”
      “No, you stupid fuck, the guys that fucked his sister!”
      “Oh, shit, man, I dunno. I think one of them was that Rodriguez from across the way.” “Oh, you mean that guy who’s dad is in prison?”
      “Yeah, him.”
      “Hey, does anyone have a cell signal? I’m trying to text my girlfriend.”
      “I have a signal. Just two bars, though. But you can’t use my phone. Last time you stuck it down your pants and took a pic of your nasty balls and texted it to my mom.” “So? She texted back, right? She wanted to know whose balls they were, right? Did you tell them they were mine?”

  1. That was the most anticlimactic death ever filmed. I take my hat off to you, sir.

    I thought you were going to hit solid rock in shallow water, or drown, get torn apart by all those baby crocodiles people have flushed down the toilet over the years, or get shot five times in mid-air by a flock of stray bullets from Caruaru. Good riddance, and thanks for eliminating yourself from the human gene pool.

  2. Did he knock himself out from his head hitting the surface of the water then drowned?

    With friends like that you don’t need enemies.

    Juxtapose: Reminded me of the man who jumped into a boiling hot spring in Yosemite, not thinking, to save A DOG. He boiled to death.

    1. You’re really too generous, his jump was pathetic, it had no creativity at all, he hit the water with a belly flop and had way too much splash. It was just downright sloppy. Heck, if he was gonna buy the farm, he could have went out better than that! I mean, I’m struggling to give him a 5. All around bad form.

  3. Even at way lesser heights people die..it has something to do with smoking and alcohol, remember that video with the two russian friends that both died seconds after landing the jump ? They both swam a very short distance then their lungs gave out . That jump was only about 100 feet or so.

  4. Here in Chicago a bunch of people regularly die from falling or jumping into the lake, even during the hot months. I think it has something to do with the body going into shock as soon as it enters the water.

      1. I agree with you on that. He fell towards the water wrong. Gravity pretty much pulled his top forward making him unbalanced. Pretty much impact to face and neck breaking from head being whipped back. We got jump spots at beaches or waterfalls on island and has fucked up on jumps to kinda know what happened. Landed just like him one time from only 35ft. Slipped off the jump spot haha.

  5. he probly got his head whipped back either breaking his neck or knocking him self out. not a smart thing those guys were beer buddys and the jumper had them as long as he bought beer probly, sad to think they didnt try to get down there to save the guy or call for help. friends like that he dont need an enemy.

  6. This appears to be less traumatic because theres no signs of struggle but the unconscious mind still experiences suffering even if it cant scream in discomfort or recall the experience later when they recover. The worst case scenario is to be stuck in a medically induced coma suffering each second without being able to communicate it, with doctors preserving your vital functions and telling your family youre not in any pain.

    The impact is tremendous. The body goes from roughly 75 to 80 mph to nearly zero in a nanosecond. The physics of inertia being what they are, internal organs tend to keep going. The force of impact causes them to tear loose. Autopsy reports typically indicate that the jumpers have lacerated aortas, livers, spleens and hearts. Ribs are often broken, and the impact shoves them into the heart or lungs. Jumpers have broken sternums, clavicles, pelvises and necks. Skull fractures are common.
    Which means you die one of two ways, or a combination of both. One, you hit the water and the impact kills you. Sometimes the jumper is knocked unconscious. Other times, the jumper survives for a time. The person can be seen flailing about in the water, trying to stay afloat, only to succumb to the extensive internal bleeding. Death can take seconds or minutes. Two, you drown. You hit the water going fast, and your body plunges in deep. Conscious or otherwise, you breathe in water and asphyxiate.

    This guy died on impact from what I can tell. His internal organs were lacerated…most likely his heart was punctured or his aorta was separated from his heart…..instant heart attack. Thus, if anyone cares, I doubt this guy suffered much. Also, there was NO chance of saving him so his “friends” made only two mistakes.
    1) Not trying to talk him out of it.
    2) Not reporting the jump to authorities so his body didn’t have to get picked at by the creepy crawlies.

    1. Excellence in reporting, sir–gracias! It baffles me how you see go-pro videos of jumpers in places like Jamaica taking plunges seemingly higher than this and those result in no injuries at all, let alone fatalities. What differentiating circumstances cause you to die in one jump and not the other? This jump didn’t appear to me, at least on the surface initially, to be lethal…shows the ignorance of a lay person on the topic! This would certainly NOT be my chosen method of offing myself! That documentary about the Golden Gate jumpers absolutely fascinated the hell outta me! Balls of steele, my friends!

  8. They call that dive a Brazilian flip flop. It is accomplished by stupidly diving into a body of water.

    This guy reminds me of that flip flopper who electrocuted himself on a power line trying to get a better view of the president.

  9. –Whhheewww, I think he knocked him self out on the surface tension. i.e. he “dived” into the water wrong. Dive in a way to break the surface of the water.. ither hands or feet, body tucked and held tight. He just fukkin flopped basically.

  10. This gave me flash backs! Seeing this reminded me of that video years ago when several russian boys jumped to their deaths. Two teens smoking a cig trying to act cool. first one jumped off a bridge wailing his arms seemed to land ok, tried swimming and just stopped dead in his tracks, after seeing this his friend jumped in after him to save him and he didn’t make it either after landing in the water. Sad very sad indeed.

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