Drunk Russian Teenager Slips Out Window During Party

Drunk Russian Teenager Slips Out Window During Party

Drunk Russian Teenager Slips Out Window During Party

This happened in Samara, Russia. A 17 year old man got drunk at a party in an apartment a few storeys up, and when the booze started to get the best of him, he made an irrational chaise of farting around an open window.

His drinking buddy came up to him and tried to talk him out of standing on the ledge, but the teen would not listen and kept putting himself closer and closer to the danger zone until he eventually slipped out of the window and fell.

According to the info I got, the teenager died.

Props to Best Gore member @suicidkiid for the video:

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104 thoughts on “Drunk Russian Teenager Slips Out Window During Party”

          1. @sloth12
            Yeah, well, he just disappeared from the window – that kind of a man he was. This is just ridiculous!
            I, personally, do not give a damn about anyone who doesn’t give a damn about his/her life.

    1. it was 11th storey, not 15 🙂

      And btw, if anyone wonders for some additional info, the guy was going to a football match but luckily for us, all tickets were sold out by the time they got there. So instead, fellas decided to have a small party.

      According to the info I got, this was the 2nd time the guy got on the ledge: at approx. 0:30 in the video you can see another teenager staring from the window. Danila (the guy who took a fall) successfully climbed through the same window into the balcony. Looks like he decided to make his way back, but slipped.

      He seems to be a pretty smart guy who never did anything like that before – Danil was good at college, helped his family, was polite and reliable kid who always informed his parents if he’s going to be late or something like that. At first, his Mom thought this video was a montage because she couldn’t believe her son could willingly do something that retarded.

      A rough translation of the video:

      (song playing, guy in the back singing): …from the window, from the window, you can see… (yes, what an irony).
      – …doesn’t fucking stand. Danil?
      – Hu-ya?
      – There’s nowhere to climb to, let’s go.
      – There IS something to climb to…
      – You are a fucking liar by the way. You haven’t poured me (a drink)! Can you hear me?
      – (muffled response, no idea what he said)
      – You said you’ll get me a large drink and you didn’t!
      – I will, I will…
      – But you haven’t yet!
      – (no response, Danil climbs out of the window)
      – Danil, please don’t.
      – (the guy looking from the nearby window, laughing) Get the fuck out of here, moron!
      – (Danil slips, starts falling)
      – Oh sh…
      – (SPLAT!)

      Btw, nice to meet you guys 🙂

      1. Sunderland: Where did Danil go? It only goes down … there is no balcony. What was he up to? Enclosed: The photo of the episodes is terrible! 🙁 I didn’t see the guy on the other window before, thanks! Where can I find more information about the case? Thanks!

  1. Videos like that light up the day, my mood, and bring immense joy to me. I love to see stupid people die due to an accident. I’m absolutely 100% sure that should he avoid the danger, he would frow up to be a total fucking trash.

    Am I a bad person?

      1. drunk obviously,it’s just a bit off to watch this one since it happened for no reason at all.usually watching drunk people is funny,they bump into things,they fall off chairs etc. but this guy slipped for a split second and died,just proves that fate doesn’t exist

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