Dumbass Chinese Man Pre-Occupied with Cellphone Dies

Dumbass Chinese Man Pre-Occupied with Cellphone Dies

In China, a dumbass worker either wishes for death or has an infatuation with his new cell phone app and cares less for life.

On a sidenote- did you know this classic is no longer available?

Zero-Decibels ®

56 thoughts on “Dumbass Chinese Man Pre-Occupied with Cellphone Dies”

    1. Nooooo. Please I can’t believe it. the first time a truck stops to let a pedestrian cross the road???, and the pedestrian spontaneously slips under his wheels? not all of us have the right to live, especially fuckers eat-cats chinx

      1. This shit doesnt even surprise me anymore. The Chinese are attracted to Heavy Machinery like Moth’s to a flame. It’s a highly effective population control technique. Without it the World would be overrun by them and Cats and Dogs would be extinct

  1. At most time why do most Chinese act this stupid is beyond anyone ?! but I think this one wins hands down by being a dumbass smartphone addict beside willfully or may be blindly walking right in to the harm;s way ; where he wanted himself gone to the other side of the white rainbow .

    For this particular footage , I found the Driver to be nice enough for once ,in giving him the right of way but the moron just had a death wish , the one that the driver couldn’t ignore but fulfill.

  2. At first glance, this video seems like it should be about the guy who died so stupidly, but, IMO, it’s really about the guy in the blue shirt who witnessed it all and kept walking, giving zero fucks.

  3. How the fuck can one be so stupid as to run into a truck so bad that one falls under it? Oh wait. It’s China.

    I swear, all the niggers that get killed by other niggers in America are reincarnated as Chinese people that die doing dumb ass shit like this.

    1. And he did listen because we see in glorious colour, that he does indeed Stick around, even though he’s clearly tired and most probably wanted to go home to a steaming hot dish of Lee How Fook.. Piglesy.

  4. What is really disturbing is zombie that passing like nothing happened. Even worse, he saw what’s going on but didn’t warn the guy about danger at all.
    Humanity and solidarity are dead in China, no doubt about it.

  5. Why has/does BG lose videos? I see some members admirably recovering and re-submitting old deleted ones but that must be a long, time-consuming task.

    Some great old stuff that I can’t explore. It’s disappointing. What happened to cause the loss?

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