Emotionless Female Live Streams Self-Hanging in Philippines

Emotionless Female Live Streams Self-Hanging in Philippines

A silent but deadly hanging in Philippines is broadcast live on Facebook. After fooling around with a death tourniquet, female drops and hangs by neck. The attention whore wriggles her body to tighten the stranglehold. Her efforts don’t go without being noticed and receives a thumbs up by viewer.


Apparently, Rodrigo Duterte, President of Philippines could be the man behind the thumbs up, as he likes to watch people dying – but don’t we all?!

Congratulations are in order to Best Gore veteran contributor @african-angel for reaching a milestone! Keep the videos coming:

115 thoughts on “Emotionless Female Live Streams Self-Hanging in Philippines”

    1. Yeah, I thought it was very weird too. Also, in the ending of the video when her arms start to move in unnatural ways is super creepy! Always thought death by hanging was one of the quickest ways of dying but turns out it’s not, after all. She must have felt all of it…

      1. The move of her arms are spasms and not unusual
        If the rope is nice and short hanging can take a time.
        My ex-husband did it just before the divorce, now five years ago.
        He made me a proud widow instead of being a divorced gal

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of the Filipino people so I really don’t give a fuck.
    It’s the same when a border jumping spawning like a rabbit slob Mestizo jumps our borders..
    let them suffer and burn in a pit of doom and death. I won’t care.
    Fuck them all we need more face peels.

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        This really complicates the pronunciation of words. When playing cards, it’s damn near impossible to translate. That’s why they came up with abbreviations to make it easier for us folks of mostly European origin. For example, the deuce of trumps is pronounced as a raspberry.

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  3. Did her white sugar daddy from UK or USA decide he wanted to purchase a chink wife from a different asian country than shithole phillipines? Probably thats the case. Sucky Sucky loooong time didn’t work for her, cuz she’s a mud skin.

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