Estiben Schweinsteiger Shows Off His Scar

Estiben Schweinsteiger Shows Off His Scar

You shouldn’t need a gay alert warning cause you should know by now that it was the femoral artery where Estiben Schweinsteiger stabbed himself in live on ooVoo webcam. Naturally, it would be on his inner thigh, very close to pelvic area where the scar would form once the wound has healed. And it looks like it’s healing well. It’s been a little over a month since the show, which is just about right for a significant cut to heal, but I bet it’s still very sensitive there.

Estiben Schweinsteiger told Best Gore in an interview that he had a girlfriend. I don’t suppose there was much intimate action going on after the cutting and there likely still is little sex life happening between them. Good to see it’s healing and he’s doing OK, though. Might as well live it up. Good on you, Estiben Schweinsteiger. His name is Robert Paulson!

As before, many thanks to Best Gore member playboy666 for this.

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74 thoughts on “Estiben Schweinsteiger Shows Off His Scar”

  1. I only have one really noteworthy scar on my body, and it’s over twenty-years-old now. It’s kind of hard to explain, though. I got it when I was a kid from climbing, like a monkey (or maybe like a spider…), in a door frame in my childhood home. At the time, I was just tall enough to puts my hands, and feet, out far enough to scale myself up to the top of the frame, and then I’d let myself drop down to the floor. On one of these frames the door handle was a hooked-knob that had the pointy-end facing up. I climbed up there, and then dropped down right onto that hook with my left buttcheek. It tore my ass right open. Emergency room. Stitches. Police questioning my parents about ABUSE. It got me 18 stitches… I think. I can’t remember, but anyway, when I sit on the toilet just right, I can still feel that scar, and I’m almost thirty-years-old now. Weird. Anyway, yeah. That’s my scar story.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story @future, I kinda know what your talkin’ about cause I got a knife stab in the ass, that shit hurt for weeks. But I don’t lie so I gotta say I deserved it.

    2. nice one. women like scars, i’ve heard. i got a big one from the removing of my appendix and another one on my right thigh from a knife in a bar fight. that one still itches from time to time.

        1. Got a nice scar in my face, starting just over my right eyebrow and ending underneath my right eye… when I was about 9 I slipped on a diving board and smashed my face right into the edge of it (it was one of the solid ones). Since I was nine, there is no pic of it, and now you can barely see it, becausenit has shrinked a lot since then. I almost lost my eye though. I’ll try to post a pic anyhow, even though it doesn’t look as impressive as the day I got it 🙂

      1. I prefer being circumcised Loonie…

        Don’t you?

        I am always clean down there. No odour. Plus due to the fact that it isn’t as sensitive as an un-circumcised cock. I can last longer in the sack.

        Although I am naturally circumcised. No scar for me.

          1. *Laughs*

            I couldn’t have put it better Oddy.

            We should start a union between other naturally foreskin-less males.

            We were what Nietzche was going on about when he referred to ‘SuperMen’.

          2. @Trooper hahaha well I’m not married and I’m 30 😉
            Nah, sorry to burst your bubble but I don’t sleep around.

        1. I’m not circumcised my self and proud of being natural and still having an important part of my Dick.

          Although I refuse to go down on any chick isn’t cut, those nasty labias-minoria always stinky up the place. All girls should be cut, its more natural that way.

          1. I sometimes wonder what it would be like having a foreskin…

            Sometimes if I am having a ‘quick’ wank. Or a ‘quickie’. It takes me for-fucking-ever. I miss not being more sensitive down there then.

            Often I have just thrown I the towel because I get so turned off I can’t ever finish.

            Something which should have taken 15-30 minutes would stretch into hours.

          2. Hey Tom, and my ladies, Tom that will not last forever so start learning to spooge three to four times in a row, chicks love it, mostly.
            My ladies, all you need to turn any man into Tom is give them pain killers, When I take 20mg of oxy I cant bust, but I want to, so I never stop, it takes hours sometimes, and because you feel no pain, well it becomes a mission.

          3. Because I will be stuck in the sack for a long time. I have been forced to become a ‘considerate’ lover.

            I might become a Snackbar… Just so I can marry a load of fit women.

            And beat them when they don’t make me a sammich!


            I was joking about that last part… Or was I?

            @Glenn. I have found that if I touch the booze… Even a drop. I kiss goodbye to ‘busting a nut’ for at least 24 hours. In the off chance I do. I barely even feel it.

            Not worth it really.

          4. @tom & glen

            hey wait…that getting busted in the nose over a sammich sounds really familiar…hmm..wonder why that would be…tommy???

            actually i must admit…men going on forever can actually be a pain in the patooey…there is a certain length of time before the i just say…ok..can we get on with it…im raw…lolol…niiiice…dont you love me sharing?? I guess thats how we learn to make a man get to that point quicker…hehe…i havent had the pleasure of using that technique in a while…i best get sharpened up on things..i may be losing my skills!! BAH!

          5. @Ali.

            My days of casual domestic violence are over!

            Oooh. Rawness!

            I guess of you keep things… Interesting. It is a real edge to carry on. And carry on. Like a Duracell bunny (Not a life size comparison).

    1. This….

      1/ That’s armpit hair not pubic hair

      2/ That muscle to the right is his shoulder muscle not his buttock

      3/ That’s his arm NOT a thigh

      4/ Distinct lack of bulge from sexual organs

      5/ His left hand can not hold his right thigh in such a way….try it yourself!

        1. @Trooper, you have me a welcome that the gnomes wouldn’t let me thank you for, so…. Thank you. 🙂

          As for our curly-haired friend, I don’t know if it’s real or not, I’m just saying it’s entirely possible to photograph oneself this way.

          1. No problems @Author.

            This site is unique in it’s content and it’s members.

            We do things differently here. It has gotten to the point where I feel that searching this site is more of a requirement.

            I agree. It is possible.

            Just I think it a bit strange he should only post the single photo in a dodgy position.

            I am still sceptical on this one.

      1. @Dogs of War

        Obviously you never watched the original video or you would KNOW he sliced his groin area.
        Get your info right before commenting or expect to get slaughtered by SOB’s like me.
        What you DON’T know could fill a warehouse (or 2).

        1. @Fiend.

          Even though your comment was not directed towards me. I feel the need to respond.

          I can go on and on, on so many levels how much I disagree with your comment.

          But I would rather direct you back to those pages where our Brazilian friend claimed to have ‘attempted suicide’.

          You will find a large percentage of SOBs find his ‘story’ just that… A ‘story’.

          I still hold that view.

          That it is too fishy.

          1. @Trooper

            I agree that if Estiben’s original plan was to commit suicide he was a bit of a pussy about getting the job done.

            However, D.O.G. is still wrong and a little too lofty for my taste – laying out point by point and numbering them – give me a large effing break.

          2. Hey… @Trooper

            You aren’t saying I should follow the SOB herd are ya?!…
            “You will find a large percentage of SOBs find his ?story? just that? A ?story?.”

            I have never followed any herd.

            True story or not Estiben is on Best Gore and we’re not (yet).

          3. I didn’t believe him at first, it still could be fake, we asked and he showed us, so, being the man I am,
            I apologize Robert for doubting your a dumass, but at least you have a cool scar!

          4. Next time finish the job dude, people think that its attention that suicides want when they fail, so quit giving us a bad rap.

        2. @fiend…..i have watched that video over and over again and personally i cant see a fucking thing……it very well could have been a well played out hoax and he is squirting red paint from somewhere…..the video is way to small and you cant even see him cutting himself

          1. @Razor

            Having experiencing arterial blood spray myself I think the blood in the video looks pretty real.
            But… we all view things differently.

            Cheers sweetie!

          2. @Razor

            Having just watched the original video again there is no doubt in my mind it is real and so is the arterial blood spray – you can see it coming right out of his groin area.
            Full size the screen and look again.

          3. Me again @Razor…

            This may be a case where size does matter.
            I have a 24 inch screen so when I full size the Estiben video I can see the squirting blood quite clearly… he has already cut himself when the video begins.
            Perhaps you are watching on a lap-top which yes, would make it difficult to see much.
            Anyways, my vote is that it is real.

  2. Of course this is his leg o.0
    Compare size of hand and the leg. That would be some strange arm for his weight. Look at anatomy pics and you’ll see that this is the exact position of the artery.

  3. Why are we still talking about this fake curly haired 4chan douche bag…unless he tries to kill himself again and succeeds..I really don’t care to ever see or hear of him on this site again, on to the next one

  4. I have too many scars to mention, but I will say the longest (worst?) had 24 stitches on the back of my calf, plus two stitches (in two spots) around the front of my leg, a dirty dog ran up behind me when I was 12 and savaged my leg! The scar is approx. a half inch wide by 4 inches long! It doesn’t tan in summer and is a very noticeable scar, I have had 5 lots of stitches at other times, NONE from operations! I can’t believe I’m still here really, I got hit by a car travelling at 70km an hour once, but I did not get any stitches from that accident. Though my skin was smeared along the car from the friction! My dad peeled it off, it looked like a snake skin.

  5. Wow you guys have awesome stories. Sadly, I don’t have cool stories with my scars, despite the fact that my left arm is covered in cuts and burn marks from my high school days. I do have a scar on my eyebrow though, from having a piercing ripped out. Probably the coolest one haha.

  6. Where to start with my scar stories….. I guess at the beginning. When I was just a toddler I had an oh so kind and loving parental figure nearly cut off my ring finger. Went half way through the bone. Had to be rushed to the hospital and specialists called in to reattach my dangling finger. Specialists because it really isn’t easy reattaching a young child’s finger. Ended up with 7 stitches and to this day my finger is disfigured where it was almost severed. There’s a fading fairly round scar over my heart from where my brother tried to stab me with a screw driver when I was 8. Luckily instead of hitting my organs he mostly hit my sternum. Most of the scars on my face have faded, I’m down to only about 12 crosshatching my cheeks. Scar on my ankle from it being pressed against a 60 watt bulb that had been on for a few hours. A nasty puckered scar on my calf from being impaled. Another 5 stitches on my neck from a knife. ‘Nother 3 stitches on my thigh from another impalement. Couple other scars on my chest from cigarette ashes. Few more scars here and there but luckily by the time I was about 10 people stopped buying the bullshit stories that I was just playing too rough and my mom was getting black eyes from doing laundry. Following the childhood in domestic violence I inevitably feel into psychosis and the last time I had to be placed in psychiatric care they stopped counting the self inflicted wounds at about 300. Used to have cuts from one wrist up my shoulder, across my chest, down the other arm, and to the other wrist. I called it my cutters jacket. I’ve also been in a few bad relationships so I have another stab wound on my thigh and a lovely grey scar on my forearm from being jabbed with a pencil.

    Once I get a camera I’ll post some pics of the scaring.

  7. i still got a scar on my leg from when i was 9 i was riding my bike really fast and we had these really big speed bumps and me and my friends liked to go really fast and ride over em made us fly so high =) but one day i guess i was going too fast or something because i flew right off my bike and the bike crashed on top of me the chain holder thingy stuck right into my leg and went all the way up to my knee. wish i couldve tooken a picture because it was pretty sick i could see all the muscle tissues

  8. Only have 2 scars worth mentioning. A 10cm from a back surgery no stitches, dude used the staples so I have the scar and a shit-ton of “holes” from the staples on each side, idk how many staples. I plan on getting covered with a tattoo this year and 2nd one didn’t take many stitches.. I had a studs on my nipples and one got ripped about 3/4 of the way, the ER cut some flesh out and stitched me up. So I have left nipple slightly smaller than the right one. You can’t really tell unless u compare sizes. Then I have the eyebrow stud ripped out also, and quite a few small ones from when I was younger.

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