Ex-Wife of Former Mayor of Carapicuiba Jumps Topless to Her Death

Ex-Wife of Former Mayor of Carapicuiba Jumps Topless to Her Death

41 year old Erika Ferreira Petrosino, ex-wife of Luis Carlos Neves – former mayor of Carapicuiba, a city in the Sao Paulo state in Brazil, jumped to her death from the 19th floor of a hotel in Alphaville Barueri, also in the state of Sao Paulo. Erika Ferreira and Luis Carlos separated in 2010.

The incident happened on Monday March 26, 2012. On that day, Erika had a lunch with her ex-husband, wrote a suicide letter, climbed topless on a ledge on the 19th floor of the hotel and carried the suicide out by going jump-fall-splat. I’ve also heard that she killed two of their kids before jumping but couldn’t verify.

Her ex-husband was 66 year old (my finger automatically wrote 666 but I deleted the last digit). This sounds like a case of a successful gold digger whose life all of a sudden shattered after a new, younger, hotter gold digger pushed her obsolete, aged ass out of the way. Just my speculation, of course.

Many thanks to iricky for the video:

And a gallery of photos of that poor woman gone splat:

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          3. If you Google “candy the skunk” you’ll also find that she may be a web cam whore….Not that theres anything wrong with that. haha

    1. easy access. guns and jumping is almost a certain death and once committed there is no turning back. she probably ran out of bullets when she offed the kids.
      a few months ago a man jumped to his death in San Francisco. the crowd of people edged him on to do it. after he jumped to his death some of the crowd started laughing. The paper decided not to publish his death because of the crowds reaction the the suicide.

      1. There is actually a vid of it on You tube and some other sites but alls you can see is her walking around on the roof….When she jumps the trees are blocking the cameras view of her hitting the ground…..Your not missing anything.

          1. @dr, hey, mark put the video up, I see what ya mean about the trees bein’ in the way. But you can hear her hit the pavement! It sounds pretty cool ! It sounds like a THUD more than a SPLATTT. LOL. I wonder if the weight has somethin’ to do with that? The things that make ya go hmmmm.

          2. Good observation there lunatic…I have the feeling that if the camera was a lot closer to the actual impact it might have sounded like a splat…Looking at her photo it kind of looks like it was a thud.haha But you know how they say ,the camera adds a few pounds.

      1. arr ac references a bush would have worked just as well you know providing it’s one of those super strength bushes which don’t crumble into nothingness and stab at you just before you smash the floor damn good bushes

  1. well, going out this way is most brutal. i mean what if you actually survive? you be more fucked up and in pain than you ever were. ask me about pain from a hip fracture/dislocation. you don’t want none of dat. well its not the fall dat killed her. it was the sudden STOP.

  2. ha..looks like she?s busting a break dance move after the crack she smoked went to her head. haha.. crack head..ha hmm. Im peewee herman dammit.. haha. im going to go smoke some crack and masturbate in public now. haha

  3. And I can’t tell you
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    But I can tell you
    I don’t think that I can find an easier way
    So if I see you walking hand in hand in hand
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    ~Blind Melon

  4. knowing brazilians, and trust me, im in hell … they will reproduce like rabbits to cover up the one less da silva relative who died.

    She wont be missed, take care…and please, try using a sexier panty for the next suicidal brazilian!

  5. Well, jumping from great heights will certainly get the job done, but I would never choose to die that way. Of course there’s really no way to know for sure, but I would imagine that most people, as soon as they take that step off of the ledge, immediately regret their decision to plunge to their deaths, but of course by that time it’s way too fucking late. Besides, jumping suicide aftermaths are never pretty. Call me vain, but if I ever decide to end it all, I would do so in a way that leaves a decent looking corpse… and no, I will not film it for you fuckers. Sorry. I have my pride, you know. 😉

    P.S. You know what they say about assuming…

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