Explosives Unexpectedly Detonate During FSA Sing Along

Explosives Unexpectedly Detonate During FSA Sing Along

After a long day of killing civilians and filming their executions for propaganda purposes, the Saudi Wahhabi sponsored Fake Syrian Army terrorists of the Ahwaz Brigade gathered round for a sing along but shit hit the fan. Small load of explosives their sponsors provide them with so they can terrorize civilians unexpectedly detonated, killing a few of them useless child-murderers, sending the rest running, ultimately terminating their stupid sing along which was disgraceful anyway.

I love it when explosives terrorists intend to use to kill civilians with end up only killing the terrorists. Cheers to more sing-alongs like this one, you worthless pieces of terrorist shit:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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119 thoughts on “Explosives Unexpectedly Detonate During FSA Sing Along”

    1. I laughed to the point of tears. The singing was absolutely terrible. However, it just warms the cockles of my heart to see such a worthy collection of human debris get their just desserts. Bravo! Bravo! Too bad the whole lot didn’t get violently disassembled.

          1. hahahhah, fuckin towel heads, couldnt have happened to a nicer bunch of camel jockey’s, i just wish it would have shown a little after math, some missing body parts would have been nice

      1. Remember, you can’t stop sending your troops to die, because you need their mineral resources. BTW, without terrorists (created, trained and sponsored by yourselves) probably you wouldn’t have the same life style you love!!! Next time think about before insulting them, and thank a terrorist. God Bless Middle Est!!!

        1. That is total bollocks @Cloud.

          The only reason we here in the West support your little games is because of one thing… Control.

          The politicians can’t stand looking like they are doing nothing because of problems overseas.

          They have to be seen wasting our money in the most ‘Liberal’ ways imaginable.

          Just to appease the middle classes.

          Your ‘resources’ argument is a crock of shit.

          Did you realise that their is enough oil in CANADA to last the West for the next 150 years?

          1. Canada has more natural resources than every other country in the world combined. The oil deposit we recently found in Saskatchewan alone makes the Alberta oil sands look like the oil stain under that shit box parked in your dirt driveway Cloud. Although I’m pretty sure your joking unless you really are a shit heap. BTW you spelled East wrong and why would God bless them instead of allah if you really did support the terrorists?

    1. I think you are right.

      The explosion would have killed every fucker and destroyed the camera.

      The explosion itself could not be recorded on a shitty home video camera like that.

      The shock wave would have at the very least destroyed the microphone.

        1. Oh please. Of course it was fake. The fake bomb blew up right under the camera, and everything about the blast went up only tipping the camera over ever so jently’. It was like a smoke bomb. Not much of a fire blast.

      1. If they were using a high-explosive or very well-contained/sealed low-explosive, you’d be correct.

        But if they weren’t using their favorite PETN explosives or similar… maybe it was black powder or similar… you’d get a big boom that would be marginally survivable, as in this video.

        We’ll never know for sure, but whatever happened, it looks like it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys. 😉

  1. REALLY fucking awsome poetic justice…lesson learned today..do NOT EVER TRY to sing songs of joy when you’ve murdered people or you’ll die a horrible death!..they’ll consider each one of them killed by the blast as the lucky ones,,,none of them fucks are lucky in my opinion!

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