Explosives Unexpectedly Detonate During FSA Sing Along

Explosives Unexpectedly Detonate During FSA Sing Along

After a long day of killing civilians and filming their executions for propaganda purposes, the Saudi Wahhabi sponsored Fake Syrian Army terrorists of the Ahwaz Brigade gathered round for a sing along but shit hit the fan. Small load of explosives their sponsors provide them with so they can terrorize civilians unexpectedly detonated, killing a few of them useless child-murderers, sending the rest running, ultimately terminating their stupid sing along which was disgraceful anyway.

I love it when explosives terrorists intend to use to kill civilians with end up only killing the terrorists. Cheers to more sing-alongs like this one, you worthless pieces of terrorist shit:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I’d expect nothing less on Dune-Coon Karaoke Night. I hear this is how the Persian niggers do New Years and birthday parties year-round.

    Are you sure these Ruban-Heads were NOT trying to make it onto Saudi Arabia’s funniest home Videos? Because the majority of those fuckin’ videos have ALREADY ended up on this site. Thanks to the creators for bringing Saudi Arabia’s Funniest Home Videos to Best gore for the world to see!

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