Facial Trauma from a Self-Inflicted Wound

Facial Trauma from a Self-Inflicted Wound

These photos look like piss because whoever handled them, thought applying way too much saturation would make them look cool. If I were to guess, it was a person with a Macintosh computer cause it’s got to be someone retarded enough to butcher photos and think he’d enhanced them. The photos are from the University of Arizona medical center – I don’t know about you, but this does have a ring of a place where a complete shitstain of a retard with a Mac would enroll and act like he’s a jock of the universe for having a fucking Mac. Cause spending money for a jumbo jet but getting a paper plane sure makes you look cool… Fucking Apple retards!

So this fellow was admitted to the University of Arizona Medical Center with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the face. The report did not specify whether the wound was self inflicted due to a failed suicide or whether he was just a gun toting idiot who failed to exercise proper gun safety while handling a loaded firearm. If it was in fact a failed suicide, than that dude really has some homework to do cause he failed so bad it’s embarrassing.

Props to anz for the pics:

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          1. @FD- Does the term ‘droogie’ have any reference to ‘A Clockwork Orange?’ Used to describe a violent gang member?

            I think they used that term anyways, I am 99% sure.

    1. @thedre – My thoughts exactly. A slug would have done nicely or even buckshot. Flechettes are a bit of overkill, but that would have sufficed as well. If you’re going to do suicide by shotgun, never use birdshot.

          1. Hahahaha It’s too late for this shit. I have no idea why I’m sitting alone looking at pictures of peoples’ fucked faces believing that Superman’s dick is to blame for the bloody aftermath.

          1. Hermil won a scolarship for advanced garaduate studies, research, and blabla in a top-10 US university, america fuck yeah.
            PD i didnt knew you could wake people up posting in facebook, what the fuck, people is riggin their fuckin computers to the alarm clock or something? just turn off these things when you go to sleep, freak!

          2. Congratulation Boss.

            Poor American women… They have no idea of the sheer calibre of Sexual Predator is about to wash up on the shores of Yankland.

          3. Yes, an early welcome to the USA Tulio. If you are light complected and have an accent women will be throwing panties at you all the time. For some reason American girls go hog wild for accents.

          4. we’ll see. In any case, it can’t be worse than Banana Republic’s retarded female population. Regarding build, I dunno if 6’2-6’3 (fuck this feet inches system) and about 180+ pounds counts as light complexion there., in any xase VA does not sounds like an obese plagued state…

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