Fat Argentinean Woman Jumps from Roof of Two Storey Building

Fat Argentinean Woman Jumps from Roof of Two Storey Building

Fat Argentinean Woman Jumps from Roof of Two Storey Building

In Córdoba, Argentina, a fat woman decided to jump from the roof of a two storey building allegedly after a violent argument with her husband.

A group of passersby attempted to cushion her fall by placing a mattress where they thought she’s going to land, but she missed it and landed beside it. Regardless, the mattress apparently did eventually play some role in saving her life by cushioning her head slam.

She was hospitalized, but so was her husband whose body and face were covered with various injuries.

Props to Best Gore member @zezozosezadfrack for the videos. The vertical filmer of this masterpiece could use a boot up his ass. It’s definitely up there with the biggest money-shot fuck ups we’ve seen. The video does give credibility to the claim that the mattress saved her life:

And the CCTV footage of passersby trying their best to cushion her fall. What’s the deal with vertical Argentineans:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Hate when someone has a decent and close angle for once yet at the key moment of impact turns total pussy and points the camera away.

      If you’re already going to record the jump, the roly-poly air-roll in descent, and the body plastered to the pavement after, what the fuck are you doing bailing on us at the moment of metaphoric (or in my case literal) orgasm? It’s like watching a porno and then as you see the guy pull out you look away and only look back in time to see him wiping his yellow cum-smear on the girl’s ham loaf ass.

      Go ahead and satisfy my base carnal urges. Show the bitch doing the ultimate ‘stick the landing.’ Sticking it right to the curb.

      1. Yellow cum smear? Fuck me mate, you sound like you’ve had the clap that many times that it’s now an applause! Who in the fuck has yellow cum? And I suppose you have thick white jizz that exits your nose when you blow it too. That is actually really fucking gross and you should seek medical attention, and maybe even consider euthanasia……..

        1. I won’t argue with someone who’s clearly a major connoisseur of ejaculate; obviously from color, viscosity, right down to flavor and consistency, you know your cum from all kinds of sources. Is it a gargle and spit thing like wine snobbing, or can you do a rapid-fire bukkake scratch n’ sniff kind of test?

  1. There is always a crowd with these jumpers, I think they just want the attention and wait for enough people to watch. And why, do people always scream in terror, as if it is there significant other or close relative jumping? That I can understand. But if not, it’s laughable to me. You DON’T know that person, so why are you freaking out? It’s bizarre to me, fucking bizarre. I don’t know you, but I’m going to SCREEEEAAAAMMMM!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    Shut the FUCK up

    1. In this case, possibly an exhibitionist…

      First, she dismounts off one hard object, does cartwheels then, lands on another hard object.

      I can’t wait to see her naked, and see what kind of Head she performs on that mattress.

  2. Fuck those people with their mattress. Fucking party poppers.

    I was hoping she’d leave a crater full of her greasy, burst, rubbery fat guts. No such luck. The Doctor is disappointed.

  3. The landwhale should have jumped from a higher building so she could actually splatter on all the white knight cucks below. If you’re going to kill yourself, make it messy and make sure the normies are sprayed with pieces of you.

    It’s a shame she survived… Oh well, she’s a foid, back to tutorial island.

      1. Mr. Spock.
        Jumpers are fkt up, whatever in life has brought them to seek the end in such a manner is a tragedy but.
        You wanna take the high dive, then choose a Fucking cliff, smash on the rocks, gulls can feast, an the tide can take the remains into the water.
        Not making their last act in this life one of ultimately attention seeking..!

        Hypothetically. You could have been walking past and that selfish CUNT landed on You…

        1. @jxk777
          Your solution is indeed an amusingly thoughful, noble, selfless and practical one. Yes, feed the birds, have a nice view of the countryside, and do not traumatize anyone.

          The problems is the remains washing into the sea, it’s like dumping litter on the street, I think the jumper should let someone know where they are.

          1. Yes, Mr. Spock.
            Overlooked that, tho the waters have been used as a toilet by the herd for what..?
            Practically since the FV are here. Not saying I agree with that but. Is it not similar to the biblical Earth, ash, dust thing..?
            Only using the above as a correlate type of.
            Also some of the BIG fishes are mammals and almost exclusively they have buried at sea, is there any difference..? Megatonage whale decomposing as opposed to iddy biddy fleshy virus. Hum.
            The sea/ocean life needs food as well. Then again the waters are teeming with food and prey for them already one could say.
            My thoughts were, like maybe that is a more natural, organic disposal.

            Perhaps, this is ONLY a suggestion with me tongue pressed firmly in the cheek (of MY mouth).
            (So easy here to lay oneself open for a salvo).

            I’ve often thought of opening a Suicide Shop.
            BIG bold sign above a blacked out window:
            SUICIDE SHOP.
            small underscored lettering.
            We Cater For all of Life’s Finality.
            Once inside however, after paying the nominal entrance fee. Floors, walls and ceiling are like a medieval dungeon with any and every device/means to shed the mortal coil creatively.
            You get the picture.

            Then once the prospective customer(s) enter, BANG the music starts, pumping out a beaten up version of the M.A.S.H Theme. Clowns appear clowning. Champagne, Cocaine & Sausages are offered to the suicidal. Real party atmosphere going on.

            Striptease, bearded person’s without genitalia, Dog Boy. Cat Woman. Horse Dickman. Cavernous Cunt Chicko. The Conjoined Sextuplets (made that up). With breasts for ears and hands. (with regular breasts as well, another pair are located on their backs). See then when they dance you’ve tits everywhere.
            You know, REAL freak show looking, like the really old freak show movie. Be great to get the cast of said film but. Sadly their ALL deceased. (Checked already).
            Then one ushers the client(s) to the END Room. To discuss the when, where and why the FUCK not..!?!

            Options include; tho are not exclusively limited to, offering to make Wills with a mention.
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            MEN: free prostate examination.
            WOMEN: Free anal with Horse Dickman.
            Then you tell them of your out of hours collection service. Also that they don’t have to go it all alone, that you can provide chaperones, and record the event for BG posterity and family.
            At this point the client(s) have doubts, their in good humor now and say things like; why the party..? To which you reply; that’s to remind you what FUN Life can be. Why the entrance fee..? To which you retort, someone has to pay for YOUR party..!
            Then to cover all bases you explain that IF they really want to do this on their own with no drama for anyone else, you provide flares which on the point of impact release skyward to alert the ‘clean up crew’ who then collect the mess the jumper(s) have left.

            Would this do you think be more environmentally friendly..?

            Because one cannot cater for the impulsive like Miss FAT (Don’t cry for me) Argentina. Who if there had not been an audience would have climbed back indoors thru the window for sure…

    1. @Hamburger Bob, maybe the whole argument with hubby was to with her being 480.
      “Does my bum look big in this?”
      “Well yeah….kinda….but you are 480”
      “How dare you! Here take that! (slap) and that (thwack). Wash your mouth with soap and water”
      “Just joking. You look hot, baby”
      “No, I’m going to kill myself now!”

  4. Why would you even record if you’re not gonna fucking record the part where she jumps? Fucking moron. Also, I wonder if she survived. She seems to be holding her hip towards the end like ‘oiiii I can feel the empanadas pushing against my spleen!’

        1. Well I live in London. They do have Beefeaters outside the Tower. All traditional pomp and ceremony. Haven’t been there for years but it’s now very touristy. They’ve never killed anyone inside there for years.

  5. Think of the damage to the pavement, kerb and the tarmac on the road. She has no concept of personal responsibility.
    The local take-away could have liposuctioned the fat outta just ONE of her legs and run their deep-fat friers for a year.
    She used to love going to the beach but passing Whale Boats kept shooting harpoons at her.

  6. That fucken cameraperson %h*&$%x Ya-Cockrrrroaaaching-Cunt-Ya! How can you do this to us???
    To Miss (what would’ve/could’ve been) the best, and probably be the most Epic face-plant, and break neck live action, that we’ve d ever in our lives? You Need To Fly-Off A 40 Story Building Man 🙁 PRICK

      1. Me too .. I was surfing when I was young, and paddled out ‘wide’ away from all the other surfers.
        I was sitting on the board waiting. Next minute, a shiny black fin popped up about 3 meters away out of nowhere. It was just a dolphin! But I shit myself.. I thought I was ‘alone’ out there, and I was not .. Hmmm …. Could have been alot worse, me thinks (don’t go out ‘wide’)
        Another time I fell off the back of the motor boat into the harbor. It was black as fuck and I couldn’t see shit. Not knowing what is underneath you is a total bitch. I got back on board faster than a rabbit gets fuck’d
        (you knew that!)

        1. Murky water has freaked me out ever since I was a child living in Florida. I lived on the campus of the Florida Gators. They didn’t get that name for nothing. The lakes we would swim in had a bunch of big fucking alligators in them. Even now, when I’m swimming in water that I know nothing can eat me in, I’m still uneasy.

          1. Yeah, and even night time swimming in a pool can be a cunt because we have poisonous spiders in Oz like the Sydney Funnelweb, which can be on the bottom, but are alive and have air trapped in a ‘pocket’ around them.
            And in the Oceans, we’ve still got the deadly sea-snake which has a very short fuse if it thinks you tried to harm it with your flippers etc. and it will go after you like a cunt!
            Then we’ve got the Irikanji jellyfish, small as your fingernail but the most toxic thing on the planet almost, morphine doesn’t even dull the pain of these stings
            Then .. the deadly stonefish, which doesn’t try to swim away, just sits on the bottom and sticks it’s spines up for protection. It is the only fish ever that does not try to escape!
            It is also the fastest moving fish ever when it lunges forward to bite it’s prey
            And .. the sea-snail cone thingy which shoots out poison dart (in either direction)
            And .. the deadly Portugese Man-0-War jelly
            And .. Deadly bull-sharks & white pointers
            And .. Mudcrabs strong enough to take your finger off
            Coral and barnacles which will cut you open like a knife, then infect you
            And .. the deadly small blue ring octopus, which gets trapped in the intertidal zone of rock pools, so little kids can find it and pick it up. The toxin attacks your CNS so you can’t breathe and you die!
            And … The Deadly stingray* – Only if you try to ‘ride’ on it’s back, Steve !!

            Other than this, Oz swimming is pretty safe

  7. Fat people are always fallin into an over shit…about 6 mos ago I had a fatty get out of her car next to my truck…like an invisible wind blew her into my side mirror…fat fuck just about ripped it off…..anyway that has to be about the most
    un athletic jump/fall/stumble I have seen to date.

      1. I like to watch the fatties when the battery goes low on them things…they’ll thrust themselves back and forth so it’ll go another 2 inches…comes a time a fat ass just needs to walk.

          1. Of course! Though The fork is more likely to be a shovel. How else does one become the size of a light Cessna? It takes years and years of imbibing Decadent desserts to gain a trophy gut.

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