Fat Argentinean Woman Jumps from Roof of Two Storey Building

Fat Argentinean Woman Jumps from Roof of Two Storey Building

Fat Argentinean Woman Jumps from Roof of Two Storey Building

In Córdoba, Argentina, a fat woman decided to jump from the roof of a two storey building allegedly after a violent argument with her husband.

A group of passersby attempted to cushion her fall by placing a mattress where they thought she’s going to land, but she missed it and landed beside it. Regardless, the mattress apparently did eventually play some role in saving her life by cushioning her head slam.

She was hospitalized, but so was her husband whose body and face were covered with various injuries.

Props to Best Gore member @zezozosezadfrack for the videos. The vertical filmer of this masterpiece could use a boot up his ass. It’s definitely up there with the biggest money-shot fuck ups we’ve seen. The video does give credibility to the claim that the mattress saved her life:

And the CCTV footage of passersby trying their best to cushion her fall. What’s the deal with vertical Argentineans:

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167 thoughts on “Fat Argentinean Woman Jumps from Roof of Two Storey Building”

    1. Hey, I am from Argentina, why the hate? where are u from? most of us actually have a great relationship with britains, I know a few people that went live to the UK and they were all well received.

  1. If you’re threatening to commit suicide long enough for me to go get a mattress and only jump after I had put it under you for you to land on, then you’ve just wasted my time. Unlike the dumbass who placed the mattress in this video, I’m going to make sure your head hits the sidewalk.

  2. Reminds me when I was a kid, I was jumping on a trampoline with some friends and some obese girl who was a few years older than us decided that it was okay to start a nuclear holocaust. I just remember all of us kids went flying in the air.
    The good thing is that she missed the mattress while they were laying it down.

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