Father Commits Murder Suicide by Hugging Son and Jumping from Building

Father Commits Murder Suicide by Hugging Son and Jumping from Building

On the morning of August 29, 2016, 41 year old Carlos Ti On Martins Kon, who worked as a motorcycle courier, committed murder suicide by taking his son up in his arms, climbing a building, and jumping to both their deaths. The tragic incident happened in Barra Funda, North Zone of Sรฃo Paulo, Brazil.

According to police, Kon hugged his 4 year old son Bryan and threw himself from the top of a building called Fรณrum Trabalhista Ruy Barbosa. The bodies were found in the lobby of the building.

Kon had a note in his pocket with family phone number and the confirmation that the child was his son. The note also said, “sometimes suicide is right in front of you and you do not see it.” The motorcycle courier reportedly called a friend to say goodbye before jumping.

On impact, Kon suffered a broken right arm, and his left arm was amputated. The child had a skull fracture. The two died on the spot.

Kon’s brother said the man was unemployed and going through financial problems, but was too attached to the child.

Bryan was the fruit of his second marriage. The motorcycle courier had a troubled relationship with his ex-wife, according to family members.

Kon had no hearing in the Labour Forum on Monday, making the police believe that the murder and suicide were premeditated.

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    1. Ha Ha Ha! Love your avatar. Excellent choice with your name. I wish I’d thought of that. Now I need to troll this site and find me a good one, too. There shouldn’t be a problem with finding belly scars. Hmm, perhaps I should figure out how to take a picture of my own belly scars and use it. Nah, no one wants to see all that crap! Here I go trolling for a new avatar! Wish me luck.

        1. Yeah, I was a nurse, too. CICU for years. Loved it. Then to the ER for a while and then, took the plunge and worked in a very large jail. Old nurses don’t retire, they just make those around them do their own ememas. I’m still trying to find a good avatar.

      1. This crap really pisses me off. He’s damned and determined to kill himself so he offs his kid, too? Grr. If he were still alive I’d slap the shit out of him then slap him for shitting. BTW, you can still say what I said! I don’t mind at all. I am new at this posting stuff so actually I thought some folks might just be a bit perturbed by my response.

      1. @craycray I couldn’t agree more! I came from a very lower middle class upbringing where love was plentiful and money was not. I busted my ass working full time and going to school at night for my undergrad degree, attained employment wherein my company paid for my graduate degree, and I achieved my goals–it’s all the more rewarding because I did it on my own. Now I go to schools in the community to share my story because, sadly, the world is full of children with poverty-ridden households who worry how to feed themselves, many times without a supportive family. How can they plan for college or even think about higher education when they’re struggling in their own homes. My thoughts are that if I can reach just one child who hears me when I say we are not destined to our current circumstances and conquering adversity is a tangible reality, I feel my time is well spent. It’s not much, but I do try to give back and I believe positivity acts as a contagion to those around us. May this tiny soul and his tortured father rest in peace…in pieces too in this case (sorry not sorry!–couldn’t stop myself! Ha!).

  1. what a greedy man this is the stupidest thing ive seen. the kids mother didnt mind? if he didnt die his family would kill him. finance trouble can change like the wind up down. so its a shame for a father to do, the boy wasnt asked.

  2. Fucking tragic. I honestly live my life as judgment free as possible–I’ve adopted a “live and let live” mentality so long as you impose not a burden to those around you. I feel the same way about suicide. It’s so easy for us to call people who end their lives cowardly and whatnot, but we have no idea the darkened torture and fractured state of mind of those who are resolved to hopelessness. Furthermore, it always baffles me to hear someone claim they “took the coward’s way out”–I cannot imagine the balls it must take to smother out your own flame. Death terrifies me, though I believe we simply burn out and fade away to nothingness. The way I see it, we have no concept of existence before we were born, yet we know it existed. Sadly, I believe that’s exactly what happens when you leave this world. May this man find peace in death he so obviously struggled to find in this space and this time. Goodnight my BestGorian brethren–may we see the sun again tomorrow.

    1. Fuck this shit. Fine, take your own life – but don’t go hugging your child and taking them with you. This twat is only going one place and that place doesn’t have pearly white gates waiting for him.

  3. I used to love reading the sick distorted comments in Best Gore….now it’s just a bunch of whiny bitches. BG should have a “no women allowed” policy. Who wants to hear a bunch of skanks whimpering about how unfair life/death is? I came to see dead fucks and laugh at them.

      1. Your on BG looking at corpses for entertainment- calling me a weirdo. Ha! Your the type of woman that would probably alienate your ex from his child given the same circumstances. It is usually the woman manipulating the fucked up sexist system who is to blame for these horrific outcomes. Now run along and whine elsewhere…Like I said, BG was so much better without annoying bitches.

    1. You know, there are some people here who aren’t a sick fuck like you, so shut up and let them comment whatever they want. People have the right to complain about the reality of the fact. And the fact that you say you came to laugh at dead people (like that’d be any funny) it makes me think you’re either an attention whore or simply retarded…there’s absolutely nothing laughable.

      1. I’ve been a gorehound since you were just a twinkle in your mama’s eye, so hypocrite as you are claiming: people can post what ever the fuck they want. I am posting what-ever-the-fuck I want, but you are whining about it. In effect your self defeating your own statement and trolling like a Christian. It is boring to state the obvious rebuttal of sympathy for death, instead embrace it. It is beginning to sound like church in here. I miss the old days of reading sickness, racism, sexism and other inappropriateness from the real BG folks. Stick your 3rd grade Tampax comments up your ass and stay with a more family friendly site you son of a whore.

          1. Jesus man I am sorry. That is why I promised myself not to post while drinking anymore. I take my whole rant back then, and I owe you a drink Whitey!

      1. Nah I just think he’s not very punctual and forgot the Brazilian Olympics were over a week ago. He climbed up and was fully expecting a gold medal for his swan high dive – his son, likely being far smarter and of better character, informed dear ‘ol pop of his mistake and, infuriated, the guy said “I’ll show YOU gold, kid!”

  4. Peevish Prick! kill ya cell not your fucking kids. Spineless Ratboy!!! i bet it was over something trivial as well like his brides left him and he can’t go on anymore with out her. ๐Ÿ™ aw Diddums, you weak minded faggot!”

  5. I hope he was still alive when his arm ripped off. Sounds more like what commonly goes on, the spouse does something to the child to get back at the other parent. Pure selfishness. I don’t understand why people jump, that’s a long way to decide you just screwed up.

  6. Just like an abortion. Let the kid decide if he wants to live. The father’s life was fucked up, not the poor child’s.
    Mushy rant aside…hot damn that must’ve been one hell of an impact for the landing to cause amputation! Too bad there was not video. I bet it would’ve been epic.

    1. That building is huge. I don’t know what it is used for, but it seems like they would have surveillance cameras inside that would catch it. It will probably look like the video of Deborah Formal’s suicide though.

  7. This man is a massive cunt. That little boy had his whole life ahead of him. Which could have been second Tuesday of October, Brazil…ya know. Still, the shitbitch should have taken his own ass out and left the little one out of it. Children being used as pawns and pillows pisses me off.

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