Five Bodies Found in a House in Thailand, Three Hanged

Five Bodies Found in a House in Thailand, Three Hanged

I have no idea what happened here. It appears to be some kind of murder suicide involving an entire family. Three members of the family were found hanging and two more bodies were found down stairs. Little in the way of info so the floor is open to speculation as the translation offers little insight.

Translation from Thai:

Scary New Year !!! 21:20 prompted the killing lift, kitchen 5 bodies at number 174. Soi Soi 1, Section 2 Intrapituk Was found hanged three dead bodies on the 2nd floor. The ground floor also found another two bodies have covered a total of five bodies. The jurisdiction of police station Bangyeerua

We apologize for this. That is it.

Scary New Year, indeed.

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    1. @BB- you forgot to apologize 😆
      Anyway, it actually appears to be one of the cleaner, tidier homes we’ve seen of native Thais. Probably couldn’t get the old ones upstairs to hang em (noticed a walker a beside toilet by the bed downstairs).

      1. The elderly couple(?) may have OD’d on medication or were poisoned by the other two. The people upstairs did not have their hands bound. They seen to have affixed the ropes and nooses to the ceiling, simultaneously stood on step stools, put the nooses over their heads and pushed their stools away. Why did this group suicide happen? Who knows? Huge gambling debts, family honour issues?

          1. This case is fascinating. I wish we knew more about it. I’m going to search the interweb and see what I can find. Will report back ASAP.

          2. Ok so it seems the family are : father 63, daughter 16, son 14 and they are the 3 upstairs. The two downstairs are his mother 89, and his estranged wife 61. The house was rented and the landlord called around on new years eve asking for back rent but he was unable to pay and got an eviction notice. The father was a footpath vendor in Bangkok’s China Town but had recently lost his job. The mother and father both had major mental health issues and visited the psychiatrist often at the local hospital. The two downstairs had been strangled or smothered, however all 5 had taken some kind of poison as well. There was a suicide note found, written by either the son or daughter which explained that the family felt inferior and that financial issues made it too difficult to go on.

            Very unfortunate stuff. RIP.

  1. I’ve read in the past that Oriental (not Thai) debts must be paid by the first of the year. I see red Chinese good luck signs taped here and there on the walls.

    Payment of a debt? The hands of the two men look like they died without a struggle. Honor killing of the entire family? Those are my guesses.

    1. What was that?????……honor killing of the entire family. ……hanging myself….or “committed to be suicided. .”.because of a debt..!!!?????
      If this is the case ….who are these people? ???
      because if it was me……
      I’ll be the Fuck out of here……!!!!!! in a nano second !
      sometime. …Some people should just wipe their ass with their pride or honor…WTFIT. ???
      and live another day…..

  2. Those two stools look suspicious, both upturned perfectly. Would / could that happen if they both kicked them away !?, or might they have been shifted by the investigator’s ? , we’ll never know, but that seems suspect to me.

    1. @stomper.

      It does look suspect, I too noticed upturned stools.
      It would be weird for a family to commit suicide together and hanging of all things.

      Somebody would bottle out , you know?

      “Ready guys, on three…. one… two….. three….! Fuck this I’m out a here!

      The usual scenario is dad goes nuts, kills everyone then himself.

      1. There was a family near my oldies, where the mother went to work in the morning at the district hospital (nurse) and came home to the farm in the afternoon and poisoned her two kids ( who were like 5 and 8) and then herself with morphine. The rumors around town were that the husband was violent and the mum couldn’t take it any more but didn’t want to leave the kids with the dad. That was about 5 years ago……

        1. Go for it @SKS. I mentioned only the other day that I know a guy who spent 10 years living in Pattaya and he had no bother whatsoever. Well, apart from when he got home to England and his Thai bride buggered off with his kid !.

          I’d just stay well clear of those western hunting women, no matter how enticing they may appear.

    1. Taking about Asia murder-suicide, there was a Vietnamese man in Edmonton who murdered his wife and seven others before committing suicide. Google that one. Story full of huge debts, wife having another man’s child, in-law hatred – the works! Shame Canadian cops and paramedics are not more like their Thai counterparts. I would be nice if they leaked the photos.

  3. No clenched hands, no tongues hanging out, no eyes open, I am having a hard time believing this to be suicide by hanging.

    Possibly if they were drugged/made unconscious first and then hanged by someone else it might explain the complete lack of muscular convulsion shown.

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