Flipflop Filipino Commits suicide at Busy Mall in Manila

Flipflop Filipino Commits suicide at Busy Mall in Manila

Just one pic – it shows a flip flop Filipino who succeeded at committing suicide at a busy mall in Manila. not much further information is available at this time, but I think he’s also doing a pointer with his left hand.

Props to Best Gore member @ixxelf for the pic.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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59 thoughts on “Flipflop Filipino Commits suicide at Busy Mall in Manila”

        1. “OK People, move along, nothing to see here”
          “Attention shoppers, for the next 30 min, we’re having a white sale! For 30 minutes only, you can purchase your very own white trash cum dumpster for breeding purposes! “

        1. @sekritajun RIGHT? This is maybe the fourth or fifth article I can remember here on BG of people jumping to their deaths in shopping malls.
          Perhaps they get to frustrated with trying to find the best present for their ungrateful spouses or offspring and they decide enough is enough!

  1. Suicide as a pre-emptive strategy to natural death has always fascinated me, it is kind of like saying to life you can’t fire me I quit.

    Human life is short lived as it is and yet we can still become impatient for the end which begs the question, is life worth living?.

    The above existential questioning is one of the reasons why society swings between leftwing and rightwing ideologies, between liberal and hard-line mentalities and between the ideas of old and new accordingly.

    To put it simply, no matter the current position of socio-economical/political policy the various peoples who live within society will always be positioned as losers and winners depending upon who gains and who loses at any time.

    In the above, when events such as the British “Brexit” happens it is because society has created more losers than winners and therefore democracy(the rule of the majority) rules in favour of those with the largest number which in this case is the losers.

    Human greed as it stands then will always mean that there will be more losers than winners in society, in “democracy”, and that is why the greedy have an invested interest to undermine that rule of numbers which is also why our modern “liberal” types add various values to democracy such as supposed “intelligence” and assumed “morals” in order to separate rule of numbers from it’s logical components and therefore drag the voting gauge from all encompassing to the “chosen” few so that they can attain their dream of a dictatorship dressed in the clothes of democracy that favours them and only them whist pretending to give a damn about everyone else.

    Suicide in the above is a rejection of the game that we call life and all it encompasses, kind of like folding one’s hand before they see the river out of despair at the hand that they have been given.

  2. This reminds me of the young man from China who leaped to his death in a shopping mall after spending several hours shopping with his bride to be. She wanted to visit one more store before leaving however, I assume that the young man had enough and leapt to his death off the 4th or 5th floor balcony in the mall onto venders below and greeted by a marble floor. Anyone else remember this? It happened several years ago.

  3. Okay, I just want to comment. That was a weird way for us to actually comment on this picture, you actually have to fucking tap on it on the thing.i Had to think a little bit. in order to do it you mother fuckers make me think and I have a concussion and it is really painful for me to think you guys have no fucking idea how painful it is for me to think because. um, first of all im embarrassed and. Another thing is it is painful, but people don’t understand these things. A concussion isn’t a pretty thing. You guys want me to show you a picture of my concussion. Well I can’t you know why? Because MRI is fukin stupid stupid and doctors are fucking retarded. That’s kind of what I wanted to say, but at the same time I also want to say this is fucking bullshit people suiciding just to get away from this fucking world. You know what thats fuckin gay be a fucking man and man up to your fucking problems. Now you got to go to fucking hell and deal with a shit load of demons, it’s bad enough as it is, we’re dealing with fucking rats and fucking monkeys and fucking rabbit holes and all kinds of bullshit in this world. I just want to tell you motherfuckers suck my balls, don’t suicide, suck my balls again and fucking swallow my cum. Good a night. Okay, but before you suck my balls and swallow my cum, I just want to continue on with my concussion story. Ok, so I have cognitive thinking problems and psychological problems. Okay, I cannot deal with societies. Fuckin problems right now. u kill yourself for no apparent fucking reason. nobody loves you in this fucking world, but you know what? it’s better than having a fucking live with a father, that fucking hates you and put a life insurance policy on your ass just so you can fucking die and he goes away with all the fuckin money. thats even worse. I won’t suicide myself for that bullshit. You think I will. Suck my mother fuckin ball, stay farm and suck my mother fucking ball world suck my balls world, everybody. Is trying to say that is not worth living. Your all a bunch of fucking pussies I don’t have a fucking mother I dont have a fucking father I have to deal with this fucking shit I would rather have been born an orphan in this fucking piece of shit America or be killed by a fucking citizen killer and go out with dignity than fucking suicide suck my mother fuckin balls

      1. Before we can suck his ball(s) and swallow his cum, he has just one more thing to say. Ugh.
        I almost suicided myself while reading this but I couldn’t stop.

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