Georgian Border Patrol Agent Attempts Suicide at Tbilisi International Airport

Tbilisi Border Patrol Agent Attempted Suicide by Slashing His Wrists and Legs

Georgian Border Patrol Agent Attempts Suicide at Tbilisi International Airport

According to the backinfo I got, apparently this was a suicide attempt by the border patrol agent who works at the Tbilisi International Airport in Georgia. He survived, but the reason for his apparent suicide attempt is still unknown.

I don’t have any further backinfo at this time. Can’t say I see a whole lot of blood to consider his cuts anything more than slightly deeper than superficial. Most of self-harmers featured on Best Gore slash deeper than this guy. You’re not gonna bleed out easily without slashing an artery, buddy…


Apparently, his wife called him and told him she’s been monkey branching the whole time and riding Chad’s dick behind his back, so the time has come for her to ditch him for Chad and Tyrone. AWALT! Only MGTOW are immune to female nature and their inherent hypergamy. No matter who you are what you do, she will never be satisfied. Remember – a woman is never yours. It’s just your turn. There are two types of married men – cucks who know they are cheated on, and those who haven’t found out yet.

When the “Sexiest Men Alive” (ie. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Johnny Depp) can’t manage to live happily ever after with the girl of their dreams and end up getting divorce raped, then it’s about time Average Joe wakes up, smells the coffee, and swallows the red pill.

Hypergamy is an impulse and innate belief in women that they deserve and are entitled to have better than what they already do, be it man, money, or whatever. Women always want a man with more wealth, better looks, and a higher social standing than they themselves do. As soon as a man raises them to his own level by associating with them, they think they are worthy of better. This is the motivation for their monkey branching.

Thou hath the faculty for reason and self control. Pursuing passion and lust will only serve to enslave thee. Thine body is temporary, virtue is an eternal good.

~Marcus Aurelius

Weak men compete with each other for hypergamous females. Strong men empower one another to build a better society. Wise men pass on his wisdom to other men to do the same.

Props to Best Gore member @mongoos3 for the pics:

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92 thoughts on “Georgian Border Patrol Agent Attempts Suicide at Tbilisi International Airport”

          1. Self Castration? lol?
            Although it is a weird place and time to attempt such a feat.
            He might under the circumstances where many people would see him attempt something that people usually succeed at when alone, as nobody is there to stop the attempt itself.
            Attention Seeker Me Thinks, and nothing more. Nice Red Blood-Flow Though!

      1. Yes, hello. We need ALL the details to make an appropriate judgement about you and your guns.
        1st query = Are you American ?
        2nd query = Are there fleshy viruses (ie. hoomans attached to / or) eating said watermelon at the time of target practice ?

    1. Thats so vv hardcore, you could also make super sure of your attempt, just take your gun down to the copshop yelling alans snackbar

      But if he really wanted to check out rather than cry for help from that nubile little paramedic, he could have easily done it at home in the bathtub with a quart of vodka and toss in the toaster

  1. A few nights ago got in an argument with a street can picker. He pissed me off so much I spent two nights looking for where he was sleeping until I found him that’s when I threw a huge rock on his head while he slept. Would have video taped it and put it up here on bestgore but I don’t want to be sent away for a homeless nigger. I feel so satisfying from it. The black jew deserved it.

  2. C’mon bro, you went about that all wrong. If your girl wants to leave you, stand infront of the bedroom door with a large serrated hunting knife in your hand, smile at her, open your arms and calmly tell her to give you a hug first. The look of fear and confusion on her face will be priceless. 😉

      1. Have to agree there. I’ll never forget my best mates engagement party back in 2011. I caught his fiancée sucking someone else’s dick, and alcohol wasn’t an excuse, because she was 6 months pregnant. I didn’t say a word for obvious reasons, and never will. I suppose every man gets what he deserves.

          1. He didn’t learn from almost identical circumstances a number of years before said incident, so fuck him. Anyway, under Australian law, de facto relationships now have the same legal status as marriage. All you have to do is live with a woman for 3 months, and she can get a court order to take all your shit. Fucked either way.

        1. These fucking guys never do learn. I see them doing the same shit over and over and over and over again and they never ever comprehend that they’re just being used. And if you try and tell them otherwise, they hate you for it. Fuck those guys, they really do deserve it.

      1. I’m pretty sure exposing someone’s nudes without their consent is illegal though. At least where I live. And if and when she finds out, you’d be fucked if she presses charges… but there’s no law against asking for a hug while holding a knife. Lol.

    1. I wanna nuke all these white countries and Israel. Both you whites and Jews are responsible for all the degeneracy in the world. Hoping Iran bombs US soon.

          1. For the five minutes of sex 2-3 times per week it ain’t worth all the headaches of being married to some bitch who wants to run your life. When I’m feeling horny I can rub one off in under 3 minutes and never miss any of the hockey game.

  3. So he was a loyal border patrol agent then? Pshhh…
    You’d think he’d have at least a side chick from those “I’ll let you cross the border without incident, but you gotta do something for me” kinda favors you know.

  4. C+ for effort, could’ve at least attempted the femoral artery.

    Remember that woman who cheated on her husband and he responded with slashing her face in half and amputating her hands? This guy should take note. That’s how the professionals deal with cheating spouses.

  5. Ha to kill yourself over a stupid ugly bitch. Am I supposed to feel bad for him ? I’m sure he will manage to bank another hideous sex toy seeing as there are plenty to go around and he’s average as fuck. I wouldn’t feel bad for a woman in this situation either,I don’t know where all this pity is coming from.

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    2. I’m a ‘young’ old fashioned ‘white woman.’ I just want to say, I agree with you.

      I also want to say, with respect, not all ‘white’ woman are undignified, faithless, degenerates.

      There actually are a few ‘white woman’ which have tremendous self respect.

      (But, saying that, I know EXACTLY what you’re saying and why you believe in what you’re saying)

      I’ve seen it too. It’s what you see that shapes your opinions.

      It’s the world we live in unfortunately. ‘PEOPLE’ in todays world live their lives in a lose, undignified, shallow way. Society is lacking in all things good, honest and just.

      Keep your families ‘close’ and ‘talk’…raise your children with a keen sense of self respect.

      Always let your daughters come to you with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, no matter what.

  8. If all men become MGTOW, how can there be any men to be MGTOW?
    Society wouldn’t exist; no one is fucking, so no one’d exist.
    Seems that Dealing with women is a trade-off of perpetuating existence.
    If more women wouldn’t be entitled cunts and monkey-branching gold diggers, perhaps men would suffer less and be even more productive than they are now despite being ass-raped by female privilege.
    A man’s life could be enhanced for the better of everyone with a truly good female.

  9. To Vince-You make some good points about women and hypergamy.Been divorced 2 times for no good reasons just they decided to leave me.It is a progressive thing for some women just keep looking for a better man get tired of him so piss him off and get his money.It will never change just get worse with the Laws on their side of femanazis.

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