Girl Jumps to Her Death from 5th Floor of Apartment Building in Bandung, Indonesia

Aftermath of Apparent Suicide Pact in Bandung, Indonesia

Video from Bandung in Indonesia shows a girl jumping to her death from the 5th floor of her apartment building. Her sister had jumped a couple minutes earlier so there were cameras ready. It would appear that the sisters jumped in a premeditated suicide pact.

The incident happened on Monday July 24, 2017 at the Apartment Gateway located on Jalan Ahmad Yani Number 699 in Bandung. Both girls reportedly wore nightgowns for the jump.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

Couple of pics:

A few more videos of the same suicide:

This video starts with a bird’s eye view of the suicide, filmed by an Allahu Akbar calling women. The second half of the video contains a ground level footage of what proceeded the jump, but cuts off before the jump:

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256 thoughts on “Girl Jumps to Her Death from 5th Floor of Apartment Building in Bandung, Indonesia”

    1. Loaded topic, suicide. Euthanasia gets more support when physical suffering becomes unbearable but a mental illness gets downgraded. It’s the same. On one hand you can call a suicide cowardice and selfish but on the other hand it takes a lotta guts to put your neck in that noose. I guess suicides are especially sad because it’s self-inflicted.

    2. I wonder if they flipped a coin to decide who would jump first?
      Also…what are the chances that they were all paid up on their rent? Sad that the real victims here are still amongst the living.

    1. Oh right…..and when did you go there and see ? I reckon ‘Murica is a fuckin shit hole. How do you like that cum breath ??? (I know you’re from shithole ‘Murica because you’s are the only ones that ever say shit like that….come on tell me I’m wrong?)

          1. @depsy What i find interesting about those numbers is that there is no country that women comit suicide more than men out of the top 25.

            i dont know wtf it means but its interesting.

          2. @jmcr that actually didn’t surprise me as I feel men are under far more societal, personal pressure and I would think women would be more likely to seek treatment for their woes. what did surprise me is when I web searched gender discrepancy and discovered women have far more attempts than men. who is to say if it’s attempt at attention seeking, but they fail. men choose far more lethal methods as opposed to women with not enough pills

      1. I’m Belgian, doofus. I did work in Indonesia from 1998 til 2002 and trust me, it doesn’t matter where you go in Indonesia, it’s always noisy, crowded and smelly. And I never liked Indonesians because I never got a chance to. They’re friendly when they think you’re rich, that’s it. Got stabbed twice over there, and got robbed more than I care to remember. If you like Indonesia so much, though, why don’t you move there, Dutchy?

    1. True, as it makes you wonder of what could possibly have gone wrong to them two, in order to make them do something so crazy. Molested by their Father for years ?? or something similar maybe?? Tragic for sure, especially for the remaining Family members, if any!

    2. I 100% agree with you.The sad thing is that a suicide has become a norm for so many people all over the world nowadays.Was it like that before social media?Maybe it was and the stories just did not spread so fast?I don’t know.Sad and unnecessary.RIP.

      1. It most certainly was. You just didn’t hear it so often because internet didn’t exist back then, so the only sources are rumors and TV really. Now everything is connected and much easier to spread, hence why we know so much is happening to the world.

  1. I actually respect people taking their own lives; because at least they’re making a decision — not teetering on the thin red line of endless depression their whole existence.
    The only beef I have with them is that they almost always do it in ways that traumatise or inconvenience others.

  2. Quite neat landings, opposed to the other falls we’ve seen. Anyone remember the woman who threw her cats and kids
    out first? That’s the last time I remember seeing a group suicide jump.

      1. Yeah they were, watching that one cat take forever to die was interesting , not to mention how long it took the idiot ‘professionals’ to find the kid she threw out there.

        They probably got done braiding each others hair and said “yup, nothing left to do now so….”

      1. The woman that threw the 2 cats did it from too low. Cats need to fall from over 7 stories to land “right.” She threw them from exactly 7 stories. Although one of hers still did land good and he just ran off. The other cat landed all fucked up and I assume died. Ideally, cats should fall from between 10 – 20 stories to be okay. Feline High Rise Syndrome. Happens all the time. No wonder crazy old cultures think cats are magic.

          1. I hate cats, i’m a dog person, so fuck ’em.
            With that being said, the owner shouldn’t threw ’em, but hey, since she also threw her kids with ’em i believe so whatever, 2 more cats wouldn’t even make it any worse at that point.

    1. Russia right, I think a cat or the baby might have survived maybe, was there snow??
      To many motherfuckers throwing them out of high places

      What about 9/11 when people above the fire began jumping from 110 floors up!!!

      Sad really I think if I worked that high I’ll buy a parachute and leave it in my desk by bitchesssssssssss

      Bai bai baiii

  3. Humankind has been the most destructive force on the planet. Why were we put here just to fuck everything up? We are slipping fast, we will inevitably destroy each other

  4. Wow, that noise her body made when she hit the floor was fascinating, you could hear a good amount of bones break in one go. I wonder what went through her head when she was up there, her sister jumped, so she couldn’t turn back now, it would haunt her forever.

      1. Thanks BellaZombe.

        NO clue why he is so bitter about life and want to attack.

        Yeah, fuck those trolls. I mean i am troll too sometimes. But just for the laughter and giggles. Nothing serious. lol

        have a good day! πŸ˜€

  5. And I know, baby, just how you feel.
    You’ve got to roll with the punches to get to what’s real
    Oh can’t you see me standing here,
    I’ve got my back against the record machine
    I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen.
    Oh can’t you see what I mean?
    Might as well jump. Jump!
    Might as well jump.
    Go ahead, jump. Jump!
    Go ahead, jump.

  6. If I was the second sister looking down at my dead sister on the ground many floors below……
    I’d probably think: “Screw this pact. I did it to please my sister, but I’m too chicken to jump anyway.
    I’ll just carry on living the rest of my natural life working, going on holidays, getting married, loads of sex, kids, fun all over, and live to ripe old age. I’m not jumping, I’m going back inside. Haha!”

    But that’s me.
    The second sister must have felt a tremendous sense of obligation to jump just because her sister did, even if she changed her mind at the last minute.

          1. I don’t want to make the climb to top of post to review structural integrity of scene but perhaps you are correct. very considerate of them considering they were headed that way

  7. Shouldn’t the title be, more correctly, “:Girls jump to their deaths …”, even though we only see one in the act. Anyway, if anyone decides on a double suicide like this, always hold hands, and “One, Two, Three, Jump!” Together at the same time … you can never tell if the second jumper will chicken out, and then the first jumper will be cheated out of the pact. I guess you could turn into a ghost, and haunt the second jumper, but good luck with that!

  8. If and when the day comes when I no longer posess the ability to achieve an orgasm I will take a bath with my tub filled to the rim and a 50lb weight tied around my neck.
    Of course I will stream it for your enjoyment.

    1. I’ve already accepted the fact that it takes me less than five minutes to cum and up to twenty minutes to take a piss.
      I figure my prostate is about the size of a grapefruit and my brain has lost the ability to pace myself during sex.
      I really don’t want to see anymore birthdays.

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