Girl Jumps In Front of a Train at Station Rotterdam Zuid

Girl Jumps In Front of a Train at Station Rotterdam Zuid

This is a single picture somebody sneakily took with a Blackberry after a young girl committed suicide by jumping in front of a train at the Station Rotterdam Zuid (Rotterdam South Station) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It happened on June 21, 2012. Suicide by train – that always does it.

Many thanks to Me88 for the photo.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. Along with Wolves and Full moons ‘ey Razor?

            My fear is more abstract then most… It is a feeling more than something corporeal.

            My fear is of being alone my whole life… Their, I am revealing my innermost secret to you all now.

            And I am scared shitless of feeling guilt. It is the worst feeling in the world.

          2. In some ways being on your own is great. I enjoy not having any commitments (relationship wise). I can go out on a night and do whatever the fuck I wanted.

          3. @raze…why do long fingers scare you hun? Actually long fingers on a guy is good! If certain parts of him fail then a good big hand can take over. Lol

  1. I Live next to this Station! the street was full of police, ambulance and more.. i wanted to take some pics for Bestgore but i wasn’t allowed to do so.
    but wow damn, this just happened when i was there.

          1. Yeah @tiggy, they go back to lurking, it’s like”I said something”, then they go back and hide. But sometimes I don’t answer back but that’s just sometimes because of my mood. But I/we always come back. Them…..the “lurkers” just disappear. Lurkers, don’t go, WE want to HEAR from you. @tiggy, am I wrong?

  2. i would never commit train suicide, because you look so awful afterwards. I don’t mind pictures of my remains to be seen by the SOB, but i’d choose for the sky burial, that is more classy.

        1. I’ve read about that it started when the japs use to dump their elderly out in that jungle. I read about an old bridge that has hundreds of reported suicides including animals that when crossing just hurl themselves off. Shit like that is wacky.

  3. Why do people jump in front of train s why don’t they ever just lay down on the tracks, some trains don’t even travel that fast anyways so why jump in front of it why not just lay down close your eyes and feel the vibrations of the train racing towards you that would be pretty brutal

  4. I actually noticed this picture because I saw someone on my Facebook timeline who was apparently very angry about the fact that this photo was posted on Facebook by someone.

  5. In a third world country they’ll just scrape the bits off the track and let the trains through, after all , she jumped in front of the train. In the Netherlands everything will be delayed and disrupted forever, months of expensive investigations and they will come to the same conclusion: she jumped in front of the train.

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