Girl Survives Suicide Attempt Executed by Slicing Her Forearms Lengthwise

Girl Survives Suicide Attempt Executed by Slicing Her Forearms Lengthwise

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @BloodRazor, who attempted suicide by slicing her forearms lengthwise with a scalpel, but survived to tell the tale:

Hi there,

I want to share with you my own content of a bloody painful session. I was a girl of 19 years of age at that time. This is my story.

I suffer form depression. On February 12 I attempted suicide by cutting my arms and principal veins. I also took a pill to make me numb. As you can see, I survived and I’m feeling pretty good after that. I’m also taking psychiatric treatment and psychological counseling.

The primary reason for my attempted suicide was that after suffering all my life from violence in the family, the divorce of my parents and my self deception, my boyfriend cheated on me and I decided to end it with my life cause I felt that I was not important for anybody.

It started with the idea of hurting myself and cutting myself, until I made the decision… but I failed… now I’m better and I’m fighting my depression.

As an advice for everyone who’s thinking about committing suicide, I realized it’s better to cut right in the neck.

Thank you for surviving the suicide attempt, @BloodRazo. If you didn’t, we wouldn’t have gotten all these pictures to learn from. Oh, and maybe putting an end to fucking Chads may help too. Hang in there and stay strong:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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170 thoughts on “Girl Survives Suicide Attempt Executed by Slicing Her Forearms Lengthwise”

    1. What my good brother @gentlenatureman says is incredibly true, as studies have shown that working with animals, is one of the most rewarding, and caring experience that anyone can get. And the best part is that, “you actually get paid” lol, for helping animals in need of love, and understanding. Another great part of this job, is that not one day will go by where you will not feel the unconditional love from one of life’s greatest gifts. Gods own Beautiful, sincere, and never judging, animals.

        1. People like her crave attention that is why when they get rejected they quick into “killing themselves” A true depressed person just dose it no matter what is going on in their life…..IE Chris Cornell & Chester from Linken Park

        2. Well said..
          Rather than being a genuine attempt to end her life, I’m sensing a desperate teenager trying to appear left Field by slicing herself And then taking x amount of photos so She can show off to other attention seekers.

          Pitiful cunt

          1. You guys get on my fucking nerves. Thank God for this site because now I know human beings all over the world don’t amount to shit.. That’s includes you numb nut mfs too..

      1. Agree with both fellas here. People who interact with animals have healthier blood pressure, less anxiety and generally even live longer. Once you began helping animals, not only will you know their unconditional love as Dre mentioned but if you get very low again and you will probably, let’s be realistic. When you get low, remember those animals are counting on you and look forward to your presence every day; it might help pull you through dark times.

        1. Yeah I agree I have a animals they make everything better in any situation, I got mine from paws for vets I love my service dog.

          But something is off with this posting, I have a strange feeling something is not right here. Maybe like some attention seeking (I really feel bad saying it, cause I almost did myself in, and I care for her in this situation) but I do feel it look, she has 11 pictures almost of the same thing, I feel like she is showing them off like she wants sympathy and or attention or both which she definitely does, But after reading this in her letter it kind of feels a miss!! Maybe not do genuine!!

          “As an advice for everyone who’s thinking about committing suicide, I realized it’s better to cut right in the neck”

          Who says this after surviving and then at that giving advice to cut your neck if your thinking about killing yourself…………WTF

          Don’t you feel something is awry????

      1. Why would you do that to yourself….????.
        Do it to someone else if you can’t help it……
        And then go rescue the animals……..!!!!
        For morality sake……
        Listen to “hurt” by nine inch nails…

    1. Attention seeking?? Most likely.
      For those that don’t know killing yourself is not an easy thing to do.
      Don’t believe me??
      Try killing yourself and see if you are successful
      If you are, you were meant to die in that moment. If you’re not, then you weren’t meant to die at that moment.
      Is as simple as that.
      This girl @bloodrazor was not meant to die at her attempt.
      Although she was/is an emotional wreck she’s just not magnetized sufficiently to experience death.

      1. There is no “meant to die”. Either you have an iq higher than a bendy straw, and you can successfully off yourself, or you don’t, and you end up having to try again.
        This situation is neither. This is attention seeking at its finest.

  1. I always thought cutting your self on arm would make a lot of blood loss. Sometimes, only what a person needs is a hug, especially if a hot girl

    Plus, cutting into ones neck seems more painful… Lol thanks for the advice; even though you didn’t adhere to it

  2. Depression. I hope you arent actually depressed more than a psuedo-wanting. I find most people that are really depressed try to hide it and their acts of self harm. They dont actually like being depressed or others seeing that they are depressed. They actually want everyone to think they are fine and happy and have maybe 1 or 2 individuals that they even talk about their problems with. If you are depressed i hope the worst is over for you and you are able to work through your feelings and your lack of will. Even if you dont feel like getting up and doing something, do it anyways. Enjoy Life by forcing yourself into things you actually enjoy doing. Dont take up bullshit hobbies that others think are good for you…instead take up hobbies that you really like even if others dont think theyre good (like smoking weed or wtf ever u do to have fun) recovery from depression is more important than anything else. Even if you are doing everything right in life but are still depressed it is all for nothing. Remember it could take years. Finally, depression can be because your fear of the future or your anger from past wrongs. My advice be angry…be fuckin pissed off (try to control anger tho)! Just dont ever be afraid dont be a victim….cuz atleast anger might lead you to want to prove a point. Prove your point…have fun…fuck everyone that gets in way of your recovery. Good luck!

    1. I agree that those who are extremely depressed are exceptional actors. They are great, they are strong, life is just bowl of friggin cherries. Letting people know they are weak is unacceptable. But what do I know? Life is great, right?

    1. Of course she did it the right way. So that you and others could see that she did it the right way and therefore she is “serious and skilled in her knowledge and attempt at suicide”. These scars appear to be much of an artform and trophy to some. Look at the picture with the hospital bands on…all thats left to do is attach a little quote or poem and the amount of pain the picture is supposed to emanate will be achieved. I hope im right and that you really aren’t depressed because depression isnt fun or cool or artistic. Its a fucking shithole darkness that just aghhhhhhhhhh diff gjfrdurh of rerjvdrnhdynxsybboirdvji AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Or some other unexplainable madness anger ticking timebomb lookin 4 a place to explode dyjbfduinvxttbndtubdr ftjicrgbgargvuinjt aaaaggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    2. I wouldn’t agree with that..the expression is “slit wrists” for a reason not “slit forearms” these look superficial…probably not very life threatening. We all rememeber BG memeber katie and her wicked forarm cuts made infamous on here.

    1. Well her parents divorced and her boyfriend cheated on her, then her childhood was so good……shit sounds like 50% of everyone I know

      She does needs assistance 24 hours a day to help her cope and get thru those obstacles in life! I donno but I think the Bible might help

      1. The Bible does help. Just be prepared to be pissed off and confront and be told how much of a piece of shit you are. Everyone likes to relate to the good qualities about themselves that are mentioned in the Bible. But when they start reading about the other qualities that are described in a more deplorable light that they know deep down they possess….they try to overlook those and allocate those messages to be for a different person….because to confront those qualities as being a flaw in their character can piss a person off. But, thats the first step…acknowledging your shitty ways and trying to fix them. Just dont try and fix every single thing about yourself as that can lead to self condemnation and even more depression. Realize any major change takes time and there are steps….especially to the pursuit of righteousness.

    2. Having a reason to be depressed would be like a blessing to some people. Then, you would know why you were down. When there is no reason, it is emotional torture. Theoretically, everything should be fine but they kind of just don’t really care about living. I don’t think the Bible would help very much. For years, theologians haven’t been able to agree on an interpretation of the Bible. Having a person who doesn’t even want to wash their hair try to decipher a confusing book with many different translations seems pretty daunting. I’d start them on some light-hearted reading. Maybe after they started showering again and felt like getting out of bed, we might discuss deeper subjects.

          1. “Excuse me ma’am care for a good tit sucking and fondling of the breasts, (feels breasts) mmm, why yes quite nice, (blows on both nipples) and a good day to you ma’am”

  3. I’m glad she survived her ordeal, and is seeking treatment I wish her all the best to you and your future endeavors!!! Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve actually almost shot myself after returning from Afghanistan (3rd deployment) it was hard to function, and I became an alcoholic just to numb my thoughts and I used it to freaking get to sleep at night. My reasons for wanting to harm myself was due to internal fighting in my head good and bad! I at that time was mentally weak. My reasons are I killed a few people in which I could have done differently it was a choice I had to make and part of me feels I made the wrong one! I feel like I decided their fate! I’ve also had some gun great fire fights where i killed and feel like it is all good no issues putting them down. But I at the same time lost good friends, and felt I should have gone with them!! I’ve had to get over all of those thoughts and live each day for me and my family ….day by day but I’ve gotten stronger and learned to cope. I have been in the hospital and my family helped me and the Army has stayed with me, which I’m still in active duty. So there is always something to live for you just gotta find it for you.

    I must say that your attempt at helping someone sucks really bad like really bad telling them to do it in the neck!!! Really! By reading your last thought is not good!!! It makes me think you would do it again but in the neck, because of what you said. Here are your words:

    “As an advice for everyone who’s thinking about committing suicide, I realized it’s better to cut right in the neck.”

    Your advice might be enough so they do use the neck and you sound like you have regrets for failing at your attempts so my advice is get your ass back in the hospital like tonight!!!

    Good luck

    1. Sucks to go through it…especially because everyone says: ” i understand……….but……..” and after that you realize they dont understand because when you understand how dark and hopeless it can get you realize there is no fixing it and no advice helps but rather getting through it and living with it. It doesnt get any easier…u just get stronger. And people that know that most of the time just listen and help you talk it out very rarely interjecting or trying to give advice. They just listen and let you know they’re there for you when you need them. They dont give you time because time itself will decide how long. Those are the people a depressed person needs…not a person that gives advice…but a person who just shuts the fuck up and listens sincerely and supports them with love without getting annoyed about hearing the same old story over and over again.

        1. I don’t think if these were a stranger, the comments would be deleted. But a B-G member bothered to share. If all the comments are cruel, it might make other members not contribute private gore. Actual members who share care more about the site than “regular” people who don’t visit.

          1. itsplaster:
            It’s nice to see someone on here who actually thinks with some common sense and intelligence. I don’t necessarily agree, but I still respect what you said.
            I just think of you’re willing to share your private life with the world (especially BG), be prepared to be taken down a few notches. Especially when it’s not a true attempt at suicide.

            This website has deleted my friend’s comments on more occasions than I can count, and then took his ability to comment away. He never said anything half as bad as a lot of racist and fucked up comments I see on a regular basis.
            So while I could see it being a good thing to protect someone from hate and disrespect, once you give yourself to the internet you lose the option.

  4. The only slit I want to look at is between your legs and from what I understand, it bleeds on its own, no need to slice it.

    By the way, this is not gore. This is a person with mental issues and I hope she gets help.

    And if she doesn’t get help, then we’ll see her here again.

  5. Thank you for sharing @BloodRazo You hang on in there and do what you need to make you happy, choose what makes you smile and avoid things that bring you down.
    I wrote a whole page to say stuff but it was about my struggles and contributions to thinking of suicide so decided against posting it all. Life is shit but you can help yourself, find happiness and pleasure in achieving small short term goals that lead towards your bigger target? Mine is now to travel.
    Take Care, do it for you

    1. Very true. Small short term goals are like checkpoints to your longterm goal. You can and get the chance to celebrate each one. Also if you fail 1 short term goal you dont have to start at the very beginning of your longterm goal….you only go back to the last completed short term goal in the path to your longterm goal.

  6. that stinging feeling when she first made the slice must’ve been like two or three second then the rush of adrenaline came to her when she thought about going to the hospital or not ,suicide is comtemplative

  7. Coming to BG when depressed can be good therapy. Just take one look at the miserable bum fuck situations people find themselves in being videographed in glorious sound & colour for all us ghouls to be making smartarse remarks to add to the general inhumanity. Hell if I wasn’t depressed when I came here ~ I’m fucking flat as a pancake with humanity when I leave.

  8. I know how this sounds but read, research and remember this well:

    Any thought that contain negativity comes from demonic entities.
    Any positive thought that appear in mind coming from Angels.

    Suicide is not a solution.
    When you as soul(which you are), separate from dead body(vehicle’ for this world), you want to go up, naturally.
    On that road you have evil entities known as Demons and Good ones, Angels.
    Believe me, i am not bigot, they are real just like we are.
    Both sides fighting for each soul if person was about 50:50 in this life(good/bad deeds).

    Do not give advice’s about suicide because suiciders going down into hell pits without any chance(weighting of good or/and bad deeds). Person who kill itself belong to demons, by default.

    Heaven and Hell are the real places and this is not bigotry. I personally experienced 2 demonic attacks 1996/7 that changed me deeply. It happened soon after i torn Bible.

    There is no “Depression” as illness. You’re under influence of demon that revoking it in you.
    It is same with: Overeating, smoking, drug and/or porn addiction.

    Remember, any evil thought(in your case, thoughts about desperation) that appear on your mind is proposal. Demonic entities are allow to influence our free will but only sometimes are allow to scare guts in you as warning from God.
    Once the good forces leave a person that steeped deep into evil, he suddenly die this way or another.

    You got another chance. Be smart.

    Wish you all good and forgive me, i am not better than you.

    1. well said, dude. she was indeed possessed by the cutting demon. glad to see someone else speaking the truth on here for once. demons have specific jobs and some are more sadistic than others. alcohol (spirits) leads to a very destructive possession. so if you do decide to drink. do it in the glory of god and never get drunk.

    2. @srbijabgd you have lost your fucking mind. Demons are obviously a FICTIONAL, man made entity(as are angels).

      Too bad you’ll never know how wrong you are. After you die and your existence stops all together, your faith will no longer exist. Neither will your stupid fictional stories of personal demon attacks.

      1. Before planet earth as we know it and before man this was the world of angels and demons.
        Before physical there is spiritual.
        And death is really not dead if you think about it. Because death is not limited to physical aspects.
        We’re all spiritual beings having a human (physical) experience
        and not human beings having spiritual experiences.
        So after physical death there’s still the rest of you to continue into the process of life after life or death after death which is the real death, which no one has ever experience it yet. But will soon.
        And hell is not real yet…
        Planet earth will become hell once physical death reigns supreme and zombies like in the walking dead will be a real occurrence.
        Most people alive or that have ever lived will become zombies or experience this hellish reality.
        Real life after life will only be experienced by a chosen few.
        3 out of 10 peole throughout existence will be the chosen ones.
        “Chronicles of Merlin Veneno.”
        Philosophy of hell in the making p.3.

    1. Actually a vertical incision is more likely to result in death. A transverse incision means that vasospasm is more likely and the bleeding will stop. Also there are no “big” veins in the wrist that severing will result in bleeding out. The cephalic and basilic veins are not big enough to bleed out from

        1. No. That’s why I didn’t say a horizontal slice won’t cause death, I said a proper vertical one is more likely to. Maybe actually read my comment. It’s my job to operate on people with hand trauma so I can guarantee that I have seen more unsuccessful attempts of self arm on the wrist than anyone on this website. And any argument about anatomy and physiology will result in me embarrassing you so maybe just keep quiet in the future.

  9. hi @BloodRazor,

    am glad that you survive after what you have been through.

    (there must been have an angel watching over you).

    don’t hurt yourself anymore because you are more than this (believe me).

    well said Mark ”Hang in there and stay strong”

    all the best for you !



  10. Hi. 1- Best way 2 kill yourself is by jumping from at least 4 floors. 2- Try 2 live a while in an Eastern Europe country with 230USD/mth: after that u will love life as hell in your country.

  11. I don’t quite know how to say this without coming off completely ignorant, so apologies if I seem that way, but after general observation I have to ask.. why take pictures of the incident if your aim here was to genuinely kill yourself? It would seem to me that with the pictures being in your possession and your possession only, then surely you had some form of future intent/use for them and therefore your goal wasn’t really to die in the first place?

  12. anybody suffering depression needs to get hold of magic mushrooms/lsd/dmt. it is being proven by countless experts as the greatest combatant of mental illness and in some cases is actually re-wiring parts of the brain that were showing damage. sound frequency cures disease as every living creature has its own resonate frequency and disease is an imbalance of this- (research it) and psilocybin heals the brain and lights up neural pathways that are not firing correctly or enough.

  13. Hmm, looks like suicide wasnt exactly her true intention. The cuts would need to start from the wrist down, and needed to be deeper… Secondly, i dont think she would even care to take pictures of it, as nothing would matter when you’re dead. Also, no, its actually way harder to do it in the neck. πŸ˜€

  14. Whether or not it was a cry for help, is irrelevant in my opinion, the fact that she did it, that in of itself is not normal. A “cry for help” is exactly that, they need help. Its good to see that people know that something as simple as getting a dog, can make all the difference though. Its hard to be depressed when you have a dog.

          1. N guess what…they love it. You get all the love n respect of the dog adoption folk, but you pay pennies on the dollar!!! And now for just 3.99 i will teach you through my very own “Lure with a Wiener n Keep’er” video… to get your bery own dog!!!! Dont waste time act now, and you wont have pictures of a cut arm and dirty fingernails!!!

  15. Nope. No suicide attempt.
    My friend tried it. He sliced the opposite direction. Over and over and over so he has multiple scars on each wrist.
    He tells people he was working on a car and the radiator fan blades hit him.

    1. That’s actually exactly the right direction smart guy. Read what she said, she caught the major veins. You cut across it can be easily repaired, cauterized. You cut lengthwise with the arm you shred the major blood vessels the length of the lacerations. When you cut the wrists flopping over the wrists can staunch the bleeding. Notice her wounds. They don’t include the wrists or the crotch of the elbow. If she passed out and her wrists or arms bent, the way she made the cuts she’d still continue bleeding out.

      Your friend is the one who didn’t want to do it. She said she even took a pill to numb herself making it easier.

  16. Cmon child, those are minor flesh wounds, itΒ΄s so obvious that you really donΒ΄t want to die, surely you have a shitty life but still you want to live, you have hope of a better future.
    From my experience i only can tell you this, you must rely in yourself, for you you are the most important person on the world, 99% of people on the planet will try to mock you, use you and discard you.

  17. As a kid i was over some railway embankments and saw this big rock slightly move being intrigued i investigated only to find it was a huge tortoise i lifted the great thing up and carried it home as a pet, we already had a smaller normal size tortoise, happiness all round ☺

  18. Can’t take it, never could
    Time to end it, wish you would
    Friends and family, they’re all gone
    Life for you is just a con
    Dig yourself a hole in the ground
    Push up daisies six feet down
    Take a dirt nap, buy the farm
    Inject a bubble in your aim

    Kill yourself, kill yourself!
    Why don’t you kill yourself?
    Don’t rely on no one else
    End it all & kill yourself!
    Kill yourself, kill yourself!
    Why don’t you kill yourself?
    Don’t rely on no one else
    End it all & kill yourself now!

    Life is just a one way ticket
    Everyone must go around
    Here’s bucket go and kick it
    Slit your wrists without a sound
    When you go don’t make a big deal
    No dramatics, don’t overplay
    Cause don’t you know that we’ll all feel
    Better once you’re gone away


    You’re a loser!
    There’s nothing left for you!
    A worthless loser!
    At everything you do!

  19. @bloodrazor
    I will not spout the usual platitudes that are generally spoken to survivors of depression and attempted suicide. I will however say that I understand where the pain comes from and how unfortunate it is that the sharp burning of a blade can make that emotional pain a little more to tolerable.

    Please stay safe and please don’t be afraid to lean on a supportive person in your life.

  20. you didn’t want to die. this is you displaying the pain you were feeling on the inside , outside. tragic it got to this level but hopefully you have turned a corner and have better days

  21. Sweetheart, the White Race needs you…. There are too few of us already.. What you don’t know is that things change with time.. often to the better…. give life a chance to let that happen

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