Cop Kills Friend Accidentally, Commits Suicide Without A Second Thought

Cop Kills Friend Accidentally, Commits Suicide Without A Second Thought

The CCTV and aftermath footage takes place on October 24, 2018.

In the town of Goiânia, state of Goiás, Brazil, officer Flávio Faria de Oliveira (31) allegedly shoots his friend, Matheus Oliveira Castro (20) on accident. Flávio and Matheus reportedly both spend the whole afternoon together drinking alcohol.

Inside his vehicle, officer Flávio talks to some friends before planning on going home. While holding a gun in his hands, the weapon discharges accidentally and kills his friend Matheus, whom is on the bike, instantly. Checking on the well-being of his friend, Flávio sees Matheus dead on the ground, completely dead. After realizing what he has done without a second thought or moment to spare, he returns the favor by firing a bullet through his own brain.

My hat goes off to the guy for at least punishing himself without any hesitation. Being a cop in Brazil, he knew death is much more pleasant than living life in prison.

Props to Best Gore member @void33 for picture and video:

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          1. Lol @ The Dre! Sick as always, but it’s part of your charm.
            Happy New Year fellow BG connesieurs!
            I am going to 2nd the suggestion that the 2 were lovers. He shot his piece of ass dead so he offed himself. Makes sense to me. Stupid, but it is the most logical assumption.

          2. @Gaboon Viper
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  1. Exactly @seraphimserenata,

    A Cop Inside is a tortured, raped anally for weeks on end made to swallow male cum for weeks on end until he begs to even be beheaded slowly with a plastic butter knife instead

  2. I take my hat off for him…props for being honourable till the end.

    On a serious note …why did all the gay- looking fellows run at the shot? Can one accidentally shoot many people? I call wrong! It was a lover’s tiff and he shot him in drunken anger which is why all the pussy boys ran away. They weren’t sure if they would be next.Look at the photos,too good-looking.

    1. Good point Nemesis.

      However if I had killed my cop buddy by accident, I would NEVER commit suicide.
      I’d just live with it. Maybe go to Confession. THE END.
      And then I’d just carry on living life to the full.

        1. Well there’s no easy options, Nemesis. Even if I did that stuff, I would still be wracked with guilt for the rest of my life. Even when asleep I’d be tortured by my subconscious.
          But anything is better than suicide.

          1. Oh of course. I certainly would be wracked with guilt . I know a train -driver who chopped up two suicides and he still can’t get over it. It was TOTALLY out of his control. I get exactly what you mean.

  3. He wasn’t thinking properly those shoes were on to tight shoulda had flip flops on, Add another death to the alcohol charts and leave the marijuana one nice and clear, just how i like my bongs and dab rigs/nectar collector…

      1. Hmmmm, imagine if he had been more careful with that pistol?
        There is a reason I hate guns, and this is one of them.
        If you hold a gun, make sure the safety is on, and it is not pointed at a living thing.
        Common sense, really.

        Now, if this guy had been more careful, he wouldn’t have shot his friend and himself and he would be chilling out in the New Year, like all of us. Instead right now, he is physically six foot under, and spiritually in another world. Bon chance with that.

  4. I bet they were out all night “drinking”. Drinking cumshakes. We all know that killing is legal there, why would he even worry? Don’t the courts have their back like here in america?

  5. I love how everyone just carried on about their day with one, then two recently deceased bodies flopped on the ground and hanging out a car door.

    On another note, that seemingly tall female walking across the screen at the beginning in the foreground was potentially quite the stunner.


  6. You take off your hat for this asshole? Dude, his mistreatment of firearms costs life of an innocent person, this shit is not forgivable. Mishandling firearms is the same as murder. He deserves to suffer the consequences. He deserves torture and pain. Yet he takes the easy way out and you applaud him?

    This motherfucker’s corpse should be butt and mouth raped, piss and shat on, and thrown away for the pigs to eat. He should be forever remembered as a stupid worthless motherfucker who killed his own friend not because of an accident, but because of his own stupidity.

    1. What if your stupid drunk friend accidentally killed you? Would you wish him that? Despite been a cop 😛 Karma won’t grant you that and religion, not only forbids suicide above all else, it also exhume you from guilt. The worse punishment would be to raise his kids… easy way out indeed.

      1. First – I don’t have friends that are capable of such act. I judge people very strictly. Second – even if my best friend accidentally killed me, I would wish the worst suffering imaginable upon him, because accidental or not doesn’t matter. A murder has the same weight whether it was performed deliberately of not, and there’s no greater crime than taking of life.

        1. It’s only “murder” if it’s premeditated.
          But it’s clear that you already know everything.
          You’re so intelligent, even the people you choose as friends aren’t capable of making mistakes while intoxicated.
          You must be omnipotent.

          1. What I actually meant – a planned cold-blooded murder, and a murder made out of neglecting basic safety measures (do not point guns at people you don’t want to shoot, do not drive while tired, e.t.c) has the same weight and should be punished the same.

            I am not capable of making grave mistakes like that while intoxicated, neither are people I choose my friends. One occurrence of pointing an unarmed gun at me or someone I care for, and this person immediately disappears from my life.

            I’m not omnipotent or over-intelligent. But if everyone were rock solid with following THE MOST FUCKING BASIC of safety rules, we would not have incidents like that.

    1. I noticed the same action after a sword beheading. The body falls forward from the way they’re kneeling, but the legs do seem to push off somehow. It’s definitely strange.

  7. are we sure these two weren’t banging?? the eyebrows on the dead dude are a little suspect. and to kill himself immediately after? that’s a total romeo and juliet move there. idk. either way, awesome video.

  8. Damn, Brazil looks like a very dangerous place to live, lots of trigger happy nutjobs and faggots around there, they must love death cause it’s always around, the grim reaper is fucking some bitches waiting for more brazilian niggas cunts to come down his house.
    way to go faggot, way to end it forever.

  9. After a few days of dwelling on this one, I just can’t believe that he killed himself that quickly without having planned it ahead of time.

    I can understand being upset if you accidentally kill your best friend, but this just doesn’t add up.

    1. If I remember right in Brazil a life sentence is only 8 years. It’s a harsh prison and it’s a sure bet with this guy being a cop, his life sentence will actually be a life sentence. So maybe knowing that, he decided to kill himself.

      1. I agree that it’s a possibility. But even then, it seems like he’d have spent a little time considering the situation. It’s only natural.
        I dunno.
        It just feels planned to me for whatever reason.

      2. I agree that it’s a possibility. But even then, it seems like he’d have spent a little time considering the situation. It’s only natural.
        I dunno.
        It just feels planned to me for whatever reason.

  10. Interesting position he ended up in. He leans in the car and shoots himself but somehow ends up positioning himself between his door. I wonder if that was pure accident or if he had any conscious thoughts after shooting himself?

    1. With the way that hat popped up like a cork gun, I have strong doubts anything went though his mind other than that bullet.

      I speculated elsewhere on the thread that perhaps it’s the same reaction you see in the legs of those beheaded with a sword. Even though they fall forward from their position, the legs seem to push off somehow as well.

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