Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun

Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun

Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun

Backinfo from Best Gore member @uzitv:

Kid records himself blowing brains out with gun, video gets uploaded to YouTube titled “1444”. Don’t know what language that is.


In the meantime I acquired a longer version of the video, and it’s also the correct orientation, which now shows clearly that the markings on his t-shirt are in Russian. His name was Gleb Korabljov (Глеб Кораблёв). He was born in September 2001, so at the time of his suicide, he just turned 18. The gun used was apparently a Saiga 12 shotgun.

Thanks a lot for the video, @uzitv:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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510 thoughts on “Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun”

          1. Wow! Only 18 and shooting and blowing your head like that. His life must’ve sucked so bad. At 18 I was in high school dating girls. Life was just beginning to look and feel much better.
            Oh well. I guess people must have reason to do what they do.

          2. @Irishgirlgem
            You liked eh My B G Sister, lol,???
            I Figure that if you are going to do it, and it’s not simply A Cry For Help,,, Then Ya Might As Well do it right, no? Ha, ha!

            I, or, We,,, (i should say), have seen so many people On The Pages of Best-Gore Throughout The Years That Failed & Fail Miserably, At Trying To end it all By Blowing Their Heads-Off. And Because they flinched at the very last second, only half of their Faces-Gots Blown-Off, Not really wanting to die.

            And i say that they flinched cause then,,, instead of giving themselves A Second Shot To end it all, and rid themselves of what must be an incredibly painful ordeal, and this time make-it count,,, and Do it Quickly, and do it right!

            But nope, lol, cause they simply sit there (wherever they may be at the time) with half of there whole face hanging-on by a thread, waiting for an Ambulance, and thinking to themselves W.T.F. Did i just do for fucks-sake???

            And if you think you had problems then, and before you attempted to commit suicide,,, then what kind of life and problems do you think you’ll now have Having To Suck Pea-Soup Through A Straw, For The Rest Of Your Life. Fucking Dumb-Asses, & Fools, lol.

            So this Guy Did Not Fuck-Around Whatsoever and did-it right by going all in, as as us guys say,,,he went Balls-Deep My B G Sister,,, Balls-Deep, lol. 🙂

          3. Hi could u please put on the hitlist record someone For a Girl called R. For being molested as a child by her Father: Aron or Aaron Geel! Please 🙂 and hi Thedre how are you doing my Man 😉

          1. @AntonioCastro
            If You Happen to be related to Fidel & Raoul Castro,,, Then Me Loves-You My Good B G
            Brother. And since you are fairly new here as must Add (No-Gayness) when i say that
            Me Loves-Ya. lol. 🙂

      1. Yes, selfish cunt !
        His muck went all over that oil painting.
        All over the loveseat thingy.
        Over the walls.
        Plus, that T-Shirt will need at least 2 washes.
        Blood comes out of cotton well, but only when it’s fresh.

        This is what happens when rich Mom and Dad have a son who is a long hair rock singer wannabe, but life doesn’t turn out as good as it did for Jon ‘Wog-Boy’ Bon JOvi (Bongiovi) so he took ‘A walk on the wild side’.
        Short walk, too !

          1. I think it may have been Terry Hobbs, but who knows. Damien was a smart kid, but those other 2 were not. Miskelly was borderline retarded and just so happened to be the one they got a confession from. They couldn’t have left a scene so devoid of evidence.
            Whoever DID do it though deserves a slow torturous death.

          1. @coffindodger, I am in agreement with you, niggas don’t make good slaves. However, niggers are even more worthless, there is more labor involved in whipping them so that they will work, than what they actually produce.

            On top of that, niggers smell bad. I would rather huff a week old pile of dog shit, than a sweaty nigger. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a racist, some of my best friends are black.

            @hopingfornemesis, is it true that the simians in Australia are even more incestuous, violent and destructive than the variety on the north half of the equator?

          2. Sadly the people I believe you are referring too have a very high rate of violence ,murder ,rape and incest . It is mostly due to alcohol and petrol- sniffing though so there is hope if that link is broken it may cease.

            It is unlikely though as the modern generation of Aboriginals have gone off the “Anglo “way of life so have no skills to live in the modern world. Their parents faced much more racism but paradoxically survived in the modern world better!

            I never felt that an educated Back smelled bad but maybe different. I am ctually found a scientific basis for it. SubSaharans have more apocrine glands than White Man and we have more than Yellow Man;So more “smell”. Apocrine glands are of course in the groinand armpits and help us sweart to keep the body cool.

            Hot climate ,lots of sweating needed. Strangely ,Asians think Europeans are smelly yet I smell MSG or bamboo on them all the time?

          3. @hopingfornemesis
            I became quite friendly with a psychiatric nurse in the nineties , she was malaysian chinese (or Chinese-Malaysian?, ANYWAY, from Malaysia but ethnically Chinese).
            She said that western/white people, to her (and her chinese peers) smelled of dairy products.
            She smelled of cooked dogmeat and lychees – but i didnt tell her that! 😉

          1. Did you have to kill them three times though? Seems excessive. How were the homosexual orgies? Who am I kidding? I’m sure they were awesome. What else would one do after worshiping the devil?

          1. Me too, Jaded, I can’t help thinking Echols was the Satanic leader, and got his 2 mates to help him kill those kids as a Satanic sacrifice.
            I, mean, they were tied with their shoelaces in a hog tie, but all the ‘knots’ were tied different, AND
            Echols and the other 2 could never really come up with an alibi as to where they were at the time of the murders ..

            However.. that Terry Hobbs also seems like a guilty, guilty cunt, however, he would have had to have someone with him I think to kill 3 kids, I dunno..
            What do you think ? …

          2. Goddamn right I find this upsetting, @firstinline. This asshole couldn’t even be bothered to take down the painting that was behind him. Disrespectful cuntbag probably splattered brain matter all over it.

          1. @badanddy edit: killed those kids.. the 3 boys. Yes I agree… Hobbs has always been more suspicious to me than ANYONE else but after a few years of ‘maturing’ I started thinking to myself how much Echols has turned himself into some sort of faggot celebrity of fake magik bullshit. Also the motherfucker hangs out with all those other asshole celebrities like Pearl Jam guy and Edward Scissorshitfuckinghands. All of those asshole cunts are suspicious as fuck to me.

            I don’t trust any of them. Fucking hollywood whorehole sluts who can eat thousands of stray cartel bullets while being mocked and called puta madres, that’s how I feel about those cum slut bitch fucks.

            Also, I don’t like Echols. The other two boys were just semi-down syndrome so I excuse them for trying to fit in while the bully cunt kid Damien Omen 666 wannabee bitch told them what to do. He thought he was “so cool” and still does. I think that cocksucker played the system.

            Look at how John Mark Byers flipped a total bitch on the entire case. All of a sudden he’s suckin’ Damien’s dick.

            The whole thing smells like Arkansas fish out in some field next to some rotting corpses.

          2. @datsfuxed I realize now that I’m sober that I made the typo.. of course I know it was 3 boys murdered in the most vicious of blood. Hobbs and Echols are both suspicious as fuck to me ..

            At first I only suspected Hobbs (and yes I’m FAIRLY well versed with this case regardless of my previous writing mistake) but as I ‘matured’ Damien fuckface Echols started to try and become celebrity status which created serious doubt in my mind for whatever reason..

            I feel like Hobbs and Echols are both strange dudes but that’s fuckin’ Arkansas especially back in the 90’s. They may have both raped those boys as cohorts in unison to the filthy act and probably sold vials of blood and semen mixtures to Pearl Jam and that wannabee pirate guy in Hollykunt. I wouldn’t be surprised if Henry Rollins didn’t get sent a gift package with some sort of hex casted upon bones or some other strange shit cloaked as a candle or a vinyl LP. Faggots like Echols are into fucking around like that I think.

            All of them are fucking gonna face the deadly vicious bite of hate in the afterlife if such a thing exists.

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      But really your dick is about
      As impressive as a tick …

      Fuck off, Slick !! ….

      1. That wasn’t even a full couch. Looks like one of those gay ‘loveseats’. I’m sure it was his rich parents house though or something. Unless he was a young dude who just happened to be into old school deco and collecting art. There’s probably quite a few poor bastards on here that wished they had a rich mommy and daddy to fall back on.

      2. You might say he was selfish. I say he’s a faggity russian emo that gave us a badass video. The selfish ones dont record it to share with the world. Anyways, fuck that selfish bastard. Mom will have to buy a throw rug to cover that brain stain.

    2. Well .. thanks for showing us the ‘full’ fucking video ..
      But ..
      We still can’t work out what this Slavic Cunt is saying, can we ??
      I think he said “Always give it your best fuckin’ shot .. ”
      He is a Damien Echolls lookalike, and I’m glad he’s dead !
      His parents should be as happy as a pig in fuckin’ MUD !!!

      Fuck him !!

      1. Sure dont my good man. Can you send it to my insta if its not to long? Its ackward_fuck.head awkward is spelled wrong to piss off grammer nazis. As fuck wits would say “dont at me bro” lol. This would be a good starting point for my collection of great suicides!

      1. Cant people get creative anymore? Like let em kill themselves how they please. Let them figure out the amount of suffering they deserve. If i was ever to kill myself which will probably happen from an accidental overdose. I would probabaly cut some deep cuts between my rig cage and poor salt, pepper,lemon,and garlic powder into it all mixed together in a special blend of pain and agony that would suit my life well. You see. I am a former vicodin addict looking to relapse who currently is selling drugs(mostly to minors but thats besides the point) i steal money from my parents, disrespect my father, im an athiest, and just an overall dick to be around. I feel like people wouldnt miss me either. I think my gf would move on within a week bc she doesnt open up about shit and barely shows any affection even tho she wants to fuck me but doesnt have the courage to say it. But this isnt a rant fuck my problems. Anyway im just a general dick to most people. Mainly cunts but half my teachers too. So yeah. This is an overall summary of who i am and what ive done. Oh yeah, ive also stabbed someone, shot people with a point metal bb from a gas powered pellet gun very silent vut deadly. Doesnt go deep but if you hit the right spot your out cold for the rest of time. Fun days. Fun fuckin days. I would go back if i could but theres always gonna be one thing stopping me be it weed,money, girls, or drugs in General.

    3. But look at the collected look on his face. He obviously didnt want a single chance to survive this. He got a mag-fed shotgun and was probably loaded with slugs fot the extra power stuck it straight at the center of his brain and fired. No fuck up. Perfect shot. From the looks of it his eye lids are intact but not the eyes they appear to have both gone to one side right next to eachother like a pair of balls but with. And dont even get me started on the blood gushing down his very white shirt! By god, this might be the best suicide ive seen. Not the goriest but the most well thought out and planned. Wouldn’t you agree my good man?

        1. The head Jew has a monopoly and charges usurious rates on everything that isn’t nailed down. I come quickly, which means it’s asses and elbows with the angels – what a sadist.

          This explains all the violent deaths in the health and wealth ministry.

      1. Good point, Nem, he was partly conscious.
        It took away the ‘top’ part of his brain, but left intact the lower, and the ‘primitive’ part of the brain (reptilian part) that still controls breathing and heart function.
        So yes, the cunt was still very much ‘alive’ after the head-shot !!
        Fuck him !!
        And the donkey he rode in on !!

          1. Yes, good point Nem, his house seemed quite ‘posh’ and he seemed quite handsome and came out okay, so why the need for this Tomato Paste Fest ??
            Boggles the mind.
            Maybe he watched too much Judge Judy and Dr Phil ??

          2. Clinical depression… some sort of mental wiring fucked up in the poor dudes head. No other reason I can think of.

          3. Suddenly, an entire fucking brain falls out of a guys ear. It actually happened so fast that I had to see the video 3 times. Simultaneously, my Android almost died. Please pray for Pete. Thanks.

          4. Hahah! @pumapaula. I haven’t seen a Batman movie since The Aussie was in it as the Joker. I didn’t like the way it was portrayed. Too realistic . I like realism but not in Batman if that makes sense.

            I bet Ledger was raped as a kid. I hear that his parents let him fly over to Hollywood as a minor to find fame and fortune! What fucken idiots! I’d shoot them. Of course noone said anything about them in Australia -when it was exposed-’cause they are all in awe of Hollywood and The American Dream. Fuck off !

          5. I’m beginning to think the batman movies are cursed. Heath Ledger, mass shooting and now this. After this incident they are placing armed security for Joker movie viewings because it’s supposedly a disturbing movie. Its only disturbing for the Disturbed with guns.

          1. It has been proven, that when citizens can’t legally own guns, that crime rates go down. Just look at London and Paris. It is almost impossible to legally carry a handgun in Chicago and the local laws have done wonders to combat gun violence.

        1. This:
          “Tityos was the son of Elara; his father was Zeus. Zeus hid Elara from his wife, Hera, by placing her deep beneath the earth.[1] Tityos grew so large that he split his mother’s womb, and he was carried to term by Gaia, the Earth. Once grown, Tityos attempted to rape Leto at the behest of Hera. He was slain by Leto’s protective children Artemis and Apollo.[2] As punishment, he was stretched out in Tartarusand tortured by two vultures who fed on his liver, which grew back every night. This punishment is comparable to that of the TitanPrometheus.”

          1. @vileness

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          2. Jonny i liked the bit where you raped my mum in the bum. it turned me on no end. Can you make more poems like that because my cock went rock hard on that one. i can just imagine you fucking my mum up her bumhole Jonny. Then making me join in. Awesome.

        1. @hopingfornemesis

          “Suicide is Painless”

          Yeah, good song from the 60s. The original MASH movie with Don Sutherland as Hawke-eye.
          People don’t realize the original movie, based off a novel, was meant to be a ‘scathing’ attack on the Vietnam war, by showing the ‘insanity’ of having young 30 something USA doctors, working in a hot, sticky jungle country they’d never have gone to, arranging romantic candle & wine dates with each other while doing open heart surgery on a 17 y/o kid from Ohio, fresh outta school, who’s just had his arms/legs blown off. The ‘comedy’ series that followed is sickening, and misses the WHOLE POINT of the novel in the 1st place.

          1. I agree with you and you are right. They did choose a Korean War setting so as to not piss off too many people in the Vietnam War era.

            Yet ,I disagree with you ,the Series did get its anti war message across but did it in a comedic and deeper level than outright decrying of war. I reckon they did it to get around the censors etc

            We both agree that an antiwar message was its aim and that it was a laudable one at that. The rest is simply our interpretation and critique of the series.
            @badanddy sutherland was also wonderful as a tankdriver in Dirty Dozen?

      1. lol “who fucked his life” nobody did, he’s pussy little peckerwood who can’t take life so he blew his bitch ass head off like every pigskin deserves. Peckerwoods are either killing themselves or killing innocent people at random, whites are a shitty species that deserve all the shit they get. I love those videos of one cracker getting his head stomped in by a pack pf nigs lol And all faggots like you can do is stay in the house cause you’re scared of nigs.

          1. Bad Jonny I will always be BETTER than you . I enjoy many nice holidays each year counting my shekels, making the dirty unclean brung me my drinks as I lounge in the sun. I doubt you have even left your trailer park. I can smell your poverty from my computer. He He. …..

    1. I’m asking myself that as well, searching I’ve found some possibilities.
      He was either Bosnian or Serbian
      If we translate “Fire” (like firing a gun) to these two languages both came like “Vatra” or “Ватра”.
      I don’t know what to think but it seems that this guy was from Serbia.
      Just some thoughts tho…

  1. Okay kids .. now watch closely .. I’m only gonna show you this Once !!!
    At least now he doesn’t have to watch reality TV shows like ‘Survivor’ anymore ..
    Nice oil painting in the background too ..

    Fuck him .. At least he gave life ‘a shot’ !!

    1. THE FIRST TIME I RAPED by bad jonny

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      God bless Evolution ..

      1. You should take these to the forums, open up a new thread ‘absolute fucking garbage pointless poetry for total fucking queer cunts’ it’ll go down a storm with the BG inside crew

        1. And .. you should suck my mutha fucking dick !!
          If you don’t like to read Bad Jonny’s awesome poems, then .. don’t.
          You can always scroll down !
          And .. BG doesn’t have to post ’em if they don’t wanna, do they, cunt-face ?
          You discrace
          You Mole
          You ape !
          Filthy Cunt-rag !!

          1. You need to stop this shit…

            Otherwise before you know it, every cunt – will think they’re a poet.

    2. This cunt has watched too much “American Idol Labotomy”

      Q: What’s worse than a red-neck’s brain?

      A: Half a redneck’s brain.

      No more headaches .. Think of all the money he will save on ‘Asprin’ now …

      Apparently he was 86’d at the bar .. but wanted just ‘one more shot ‘ ..

      Fuck him …

      1. Yeah, I love that one .. Beefed up nigger boy tries for backflip only to land right on his golliwog head, and .. went to the gym in the sky..
        Fuck him (think of how much he’ll save on gym membership) ~!!!

        1. yeah but i’ll never see it again. Guess we’ll just have to talk about it, i like your rendition.
          he was all glowing in the light of show off and he went to do his back flip and slipped cos he still had his socks on. Then THUD! that gollywog nut hit the floor and twisted his nigger neck.
          i reckon your muscles are bigger than his now and you din’t have to workout

          1. HaHa … Brilliant .. I fucking love it !!
            Best poem so far !
            Full of love and hope !!
            Fuck the niggers, I wish we had a big ‘delete’ key for every nigger ever born ..

    1. What ! You mean islam is wrong? I wish i had a muslim bitch all trussed up for me, doing all the housework, giving me sex whenever i want it instead of having to wank over porn.
      Actually NAH !… I’d only get fed up with the bitch and have to start mutilating her fanny

      1. @hanabi-2

        Nope. I was left-leaning and voted labour (British working class party) most of my life. That is until the labour party decided to take a shit on all the working class British people and instead morphed into the party for middle class and wealthy libtards.

        Modern politics has switched in that regard. It used to be the middle class and wealthy who voted conservative and the working class who voted labour but now it is vice versa and that is because politics has switched wherein the modern day left is so extreme and out of touch from reality that everyone who was/is working class and within the left now finds themselves placed on the right by default.

        To conclude. I am pro-survival and I will vote for whatever party pushes for my survival within my own country of birth and as a working class straight white male that party is unfortunately not to be found within the modern day first world left.

          1. That’s not close to conservative you stupid bitch lol nobody likes conservatives to the point that you loser pecker-woods are desperate to find peers and you are actively being silenced on social media platforms and nobody gives a fuck to help you, you have to come here to say what’s on your mind, the back of the internet where hardly anyone comes lol you dumb fat cracker. Conservatives also tried using the government to force twitter and facebook to stop censoring them(like the real scumbags that conservatives are, trying to use government to force their peckerwood hand) and of course they failed.

          2. cucklaid311 media fear conservatives and do whatever they can to silence them yet people is slowly realizing that conservatives have been telling the truth all this time,can’t wait for Trumps landslide victory this 2020 i wish we could get rid of all beaners and niggers once and for all :3 only white lives matter <3

      1. Oh, Nem
        On the subject of 70s series MASH, alot of people don’t realize that the ENTIRE format was ripped off and used by JewBoy Jerrycan Seinfeld:

        Jerry = Hawke eye
        George = Radar
        Elaine = Hotlips
        Kramer = Klinger

        Trust a Jew to not come up with something original, but still manage to make a Trillion dollars off of it !! ..

        1. Haha. Admittedly I did like that jewsitcom but I have not seen it that way in the past. Now that you mention it I can see the parallels.

          I also noted that two main characters have Italian/Greekish sur/names to make it more broadbased and “palatable” . Ie Cosmo and Costanza also had stereotypical Italian family intensity .The same with Italoamerican “Joey”. Hah

          You and I should teach the “Philosophy of Tropes in American sitcoms” at Tertiary level. Let’s kick those ” Women studies” courses to the kerb!

  2. A little late to advise him the importance of recoil control and awareness of what’s beyond your target (The Bob Gross portrait is safe).

    ‘Let’s have some fun’ [Bob Gross]

  3. Whats that gurgeling sound after the shot? Sounds like his bowels sent a last goodbye to the world.

    Shitty way to blow out your lights. Never to the side of the head, put that thing in your mouth. Well, thats always a good advice anyway.

  4. What is one thinking before purposely ending their own lives. Was it over a woman, or a complete lack of women? His mind must have been all over the place- the end table, the door, the carpet…

    1. Fuckin doubt it was due to lack of bitches. Going by the kid’s looks he had no trouble getting a female just didn’t know how to handle it when the usual mind games started. His father probably didn’t tell him about the contract.
      First you win her over with the flowers etc then after three weeks she starts playing the mind games so you find another bitch just so she knows she’s not the only game in town and make her jealous. repeat every so often.
      but this shit happens sometimes when you have a father who doesn’t bother and you have no bro to pass on the bro science.
      It’s like this Steve, we, not me, but at some point in the distant past we had what you call a rite of passage. That’s when you let go of the mother by force and shown how to become a man. I’m guessing that all went out the window when dad’s stopped being able to tell their son’s to cut their hair.

      1. Some of that seems eerily specific. Lol!

        But, in the larger scheme of things, you’re right- parents have lost their control over the children when their developing minds need it the most. Things like ill-conceived laws, drugs, an overall dumbed down society, etc. could make a well-meaning parent lose hope… along with the kids.

        And one important factor that is not politically correct to mention- is the flooding of outsiders into these first-world countries which have been turning youngsters into strangers in their own lands. Kids are losing their sense of identity, community, religion.

        To listen to their parents, grandparents talk of the ‘good old days’ will only reinforce the sense of hopelessness for their own future. They must think, ‘What the hell happened between then and now?’ Maybe then they will start becoming aware of whom the enemies really are in this world.

        And become proactive, rather than a statistic like this boy.

  5. So I can’t fully make out all of the lettering on his t-shirt, but from what I can make out, I can definitely tell that it’s Cyrillic Alphabet! Even though there are around 50 DIFFERENT Languages that use some variation of the CYRILLIC ALPHABET, I’m leaning towards Russian, Belarusian, or Ukrainian on this one!
    As for what he said prior to pulling the trigger. I repeated the video at least a few dozen times in an attempt to make out the first part of what he said. This is what I was able to get, though I may very well be completely wrong!
    “Да, быстро…Не… ПОКА!!!” «—{Russian Cyrillic Alphabet}
    “Da, bystro…Ne…POKA!!!”«—{Transliterated/Romanization Of Russian}
    “Yes, Quickly…No…BYE!!!” «—
    {Translation: Russian To English}

    Hope that helps out!

    1. He said: “Niger, if you tell my parents quickly, I’ll get you from the other world. I know you have their number (i.e phone number)… Okay… Should not remember dashingly about me… As it was said?.. Yes, exactly… No. BYE!!!”

      1. P.S. He spoke Russian. This happened in Moscow. Someone says that Gleb was worried about a bad relationship with classmates. Someone associates a wild act with the fact that the deceased was a role-player. There is no more information yet.

        I hope this information was useful to you and everyone.
        Greetings from Crimea, Ukraine!

    1. Someone has to mix the right proportion of shit together, bottle it, and call it Gore-B-Gone. Have that Flex Seal guy promote it. He’s so cool, he can sell ya dog doo.

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