Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun

Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun

Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun

Backinfo from Best Gore member @uzitv:

Kid records himself blowing brains out with gun, video gets uploaded to YouTube titled “1444”. Don’t know what language that is.


In the meantime I acquired a longer version of the video, and it’s also the correct orientation, which now shows clearly that the markings on his t-shirt are in Russian. His name was Gleb Korabljov (Глеб Кораблёв). He was born in September 2001, so at the time of his suicide, he just turned 18. The gun used was apparently a Saiga 12 shotgun.

Thanks a lot for the video, @uzitv:

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510 thoughts on “Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun”

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  2. This is 18 years old Moscow student. In the full video he says
    -No, if you tell the parents too soon I will get you from the “other side”
    -I know you have their number
    -Alright, remember me well
    -How was that? Yeah, right! Nya, bye! (a reference to “famous last words” of Russian girl who commited suicide) Google “ня пока”. Nya is japanese for meow
    Full video!S5oiXKKB!w_PnWOjSM3UMcJF9dZk9NP8gmZwiwdYVXtB8aXtocgE

    1. He achieved death with one shot. It was ugly, split head with brain spillage. He transcended so quickly, no turning back. I envy that exit(no witness on my account) whatever caused him pain, he is free of.
      Live to annoy, live to question your existence…

      1. Do you really think he escaped his pain.
        We as people dont know what really knows what happens .
        What if your killing yourself while super depressed or whatever and when you die your soul doesnt really move on . its stuck in an enternal hell because while it was living it couldn’t heal… Either way . i hope he rest in peace

        1. Interesting to think that but here’s the thing, you wouldn’t be feeling depressed for eternity or any emotions once you are dead because there will be no chemical interaction in the brain that is controlling your emotions. Remember emotions are there as a reactionary tool for life, not death.

  3. You don’t recognize the signs on his t-shirt? It’s obviously Cyrillic, likely Russian and he says paka at the end, which means bye in Russian. The gun he uses is a Taiga, which is a Russian magazine fed shotgun, this one is an older model, likely still from the Soviet era.

  4. Does anyone know if that’s a monet painting? I took a screenshot and I notice the brush stocks go in an anti-clockwise fashion regarding the grass also the skyline really embelishes compound struchers which is monet trademark, if my memory serves me right then this is from monet spring collection which is rare with a price mark of over 250,000 to 500,000 that is of course without blood splash, if they maybe blood contamination then we are talking 50 to 80,000 tops, unless of course the buyer be a public figure like elton John then with a sad background story e.g. The victim in question was thrown out of his house after declaring to be a homosexual then spent numerous weeks vegging until hunger got the better of him so he broke into his papa home wrote a suicide note before playing “rocket man” and blew his brains out, then the picture could fetch one million plus sold with fake suicide note and edited clip with rocket man playing in the background we are talking 10 to 15 million.
    Please contact me if you know the owner so I can pull a few strings?

  5. Holy shit that was disturbing to see! Watching him relax and exhale at the end was sad. I’m not usually a sappy girl but that hurt to watch! It would be a shame to be still living after that… Essentially suffering endless torment.

  6. That was ‘very well done!’

    So sad that he was only 18. I wonder why. Probably a ‘love lost thing.’ When I was 16 I took an overdose of asprin and paracetamol (lol!!!) Thinking that 10 if each would kill me off.

    It didn’t. And instead I had to swallow brown goo which made me sick as a dog. For HOURS.

    All because of a boy…..That I had actually broken up with but then regretted it, and he wouldnt go out with me again. (Served me right)

    Too often kids do these stupid things because of ‘love lost.’

    My boss’ 17 year old took 40 malaria tabs… and sadly died because of a girlfriend breaking up with him.

    The CRAZY Thing is…… he was sat up for 4 hours in hospital TALKING AND REGRETTING taking the tablets… but it was too late. His body had already absorbed a fatal amount. Sadly his family had to watch him die while he cried for his life.

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