Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun

Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun

Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun

Backinfo from Best Gore member @uzitv:

Kid records himself blowing brains out with gun, video gets uploaded to YouTube titled “1444”. Don’t know what language that is.


In the meantime I acquired a longer version of the video, and it’s also the correct orientation, which now shows clearly that the markings on his t-shirt are in Russian. His name was Gleb Korabljov (Глеб Кораблёв). He was born in September 2001, so at the time of his suicide, he just turned 18. The gun used was apparently a Saiga 12 shotgun.

Thanks a lot for the video, @uzitv:

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510 thoughts on “Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun”

    1. This guy was a perfectionist. See how he repositioned the shotgun until he got it just right? The end result will leave that image in his parent’s minds forever… which is payback for taking away his video games and making him get a job.

  1. que diablos sucede. borraron el video anterior y subieron este nuevo?
    ok.. en fin, este suicidio es asombroso. se puede escuchar como se ahoga con su propia sangre y como gotea por todos lados… excelente video! el mejor video de suicidios disparandose en la cabeza. me intriga saber quien diablos era este idiota y porque razon decidio matarse a si mismo, alguien tiene la traduccion de lo que esta hablando?
    What the hell is going on. deleted the previous video and uploaded this new one?
    ok .. well, this suicide is amazing. You can hear how he drowns with his own blood and how it drips everywhere … excellent video! the best suicide video shooting in the head. I am intrigued to know who the hell this idiot was and why he decided to kill himself, does anyone have the translation of what he is talking about?

    1. His face does not look depressed at all… he doesn’t look like he is mentally suffering.. but who knows… I went thru a severe depression last year.. my faced looked fucked up, I dropped like 20 pounds… and yes, I had suicidal thoughts…

    1. not sure about pain, but for sure the body continu to live for a minute or 2… hardly trying to breath and accelarate the heart rate until it stop.

      (similar to beheading)

      a body dont die instantly if you take out the brain or even the whole head. its an amazing natural thing to see it trying to still survive.

  2. Well. He did a good job. Mom always told him just do your best. He did. That was spectacular.
    Boy. He’s a real airhead now.
    Did he wet his pants? Usually a head shot will do that very quickly.
    Nice how he just relaxed after the ordeal. Must have been traumatic.

  3. geezz. this is one of the most disturbing and goriest video i ve ever seen in this site. i have many questions about this suicide. where the hell did he find this shotgun? or how could he obtain this huge shotgun? what was the reason for his suicide? he was just 18 years old. generally 18 years old boys didn’t commit suicide such a horrific way. mental issues??

    1. I doubt it was anything resembling consciousness.. His brain stem was still intact so just enough to keep the involuntary systems running… I do think about it though.. Is he there in complete darkness.. his eyes and ears don’t work.. Who the fuck knows.. Anyone trying this get your brain stem in the shot too..

  4. This video makes me think of Dead, former member of the band MAYHEM.

    Everything here is so cold
    Everything here is so dark
    I remember it as from a dream
    In the corner of this time

    Diabolic shapes float by
    Out from the dark
    I remember it was here I died
    By following the freezing moon

    It’s night again, night you beautiful
    I please my hunger on living humans
    Night of hunger, follow its call
    Follow the freezing moon

    Darkness is growing, eternity opens
    The cemetery lights up again as in ancient times
    Fallen souls die behind my steps
    By following the freezing moon

  5. From what I have read this young mans name is Gleb Korablev. You have to wonder what could have been so wrong in his life that he felt it was better to just simply die rather than face his problems. Perhaps his parents were getting a divorce? Maybe he accidentally got his girlfriend pregnant and couldn’t handle the pressure? Maybe he had a severe drug addiction? Who knows? He appears to be a young, healthy quite good looking young man and it is sad that he has chosen to end his life. Having said all that this suicide is of the HARDCORE. No cry for help here. He wanted to be gone and he wanted to be gone FAST. He wanted to MAKE SURE he was gone and he did it with this close range shot to the head. There was no way in HELL he was going to survive this shot and he knew it. There is also no hesitation here at all. Very quickly and confidently he pulled the trigger.

  6. This is by far the best suicide I’ve ever seen, it excites me. Could I do this to myself with a normal 12gauge sawed off. I feel like the compressed length makes it easier to do effectively. Finally some fucking hope. I’m in the USA and looking for the quickest most vicious way to go. This dudes brains were on his shoulder. SIGN ME UP. what’s the easiest way to replicate this in the usa

  7. news reports says he killed himself after having watched the film JOKER.
    t’s a graphic scene to see, Gleb Korabljov is the name of the teen boy and he livestreamed it for his followers to watch.

    According to reports, Gleb made reference to The Joker and the final scene where the Joker was supposed to commit suicide on Live TV in the full suicide video.

    Then the high school student went into a long rant, and eventually put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

  8. Long time BestGore fan, joined just because of the awesomeness of this video. It rivals that of the suicide of R. Budd Dyer in terms of that delicious sense of “perfectly healthy human being” to “fucking mess.” But Dwyer was a fat, bald, middle-aged white guy in a tie, and this young boy was handsome and young and obviously really, really wanted to die, but also wanted it on video. I wish he had moved the fucking chair out of the way, but that’s life. Watch this video again and again and focus on different aspects of this beautiful death – watch him take his last breath – watch his right hand clench into a fist and slowly relax, watch him blink twice before the fucking bullet rips the top of his head off, watch the blood sloooooowly come down his left shoulder and then sloooowly come out of his mouth. Watch his entire body gently relax as all the vital organs shut down. It’s really quite beautiful. Bye-bye, young lad, may you find the peace you didn’t know in life. I HEART BESTGORE

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